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Xbox All Access: What do you get?

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Xbox All Access is here so what do you get with it?

Xbox All access:



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hey guys thundery here and I first of all want to apologize for not having a lot of videos on this channel but we've got something new and interesting for you I'm talking about the Xbox All Access now the rumors running around saying the Xbox is coming up with this subscription service for you to get an Xbox one and combine services it's finally here and you can get it which is pretty interesting because right before PAX West which I'll be heading to so stay tuned for videos from there but what is Xbox all-access what do you get so it's a subscription service as I mentioned and it combines both either get an Xbox one S or Xbox one x one of the two consoles there with a couple of combined services now this is just be slightly cheaper than you getting all the services services separately so let's see and that's gonna break down what we have with this so all access is for a limited time only in stores meaning Microsoft stores and what you get is over 100 games through Xbox game you can pass online multiplayer through Xbox Live all for 24 months no upfront costs and a choice between one of the two Xbox consoles so the breakdown is starting off with the Xbox one s you get Xbox one s console 24 months of Xbox game past and of course 24 months of Xbox Live Gold now this is 0% APR so you don't paying any money in terms of interest rates for 24 months and no upfront costs you save 20% of Xbox all access payments pretty much and it this is powered by Dell preferred accounts so basically you're gonna use the dough financing service to actually find us this console now all that together will give you a total amount of two years at five hundred and twenty eight dollars one hundred thirty one dollars that's how much you save with the Xbox one is if you're getting this console now if you move over to the Xbox one X here you're getting of course the expert 1x 24 months of Xbox game past and of course Xbox Live for 24 months 0% APR for 24 months doesn't state in Bheema upfront cost here oh it does sorry it says no upfront costs there is no indication whether you're saving 20% on Xbox access yes so it looks like that is just reserved for the 1s users but it's also still powered by Dell preferred accounts and again both of them are in stores and with this you are saving roughly about $43 because your total cost of Xbox one Xbox one X all accesses 816 if you had forty-three dollars on top of that if you're buying it separately you're paying roughly about 850 $59 so there is some savings here there's more savings on the Xbox one s now it's pretty simple and it's pretty easy you can go visit your grandpa soft store choose your console and then apply and you're good to go or you can not find out find a store here online I wish you could do this online this would be nice now what do I think about this service I think this is I think this is a nice way for Microsoft to basically go ahead and you know bundle services for people for Xbox because of course they a lot of things that allow you to enjoy the Xbox console right well now Xbox game pass is actually pretty nice because they a lot of console games are there like Gears of War halo you know sea of thieves and much more first party games and some third party games as well so it's a nice thing it's a nice offering a nice package is this for everyone maybe if you like the Xbox one on you going ok if I were just gonna be paying monthly and you think about it monthly cost it's only $21 for monthly comes backs which one that's or $34 for the Xbox sorry Xbox one s is $21.99 Xbox one X is $34.99 so there are some savings there I paid monthly it might be something you want to do and hey if you don't finish it up you do have to return the console but if you go through the two month cycle to your cycle sorry the console is all yours and probably by then they will be in you xbox and this leads me to some of the things I've talked about in the weekly which is our weekly show on Saturday about how Microsoft is moving to subscription services do you see them do this with Windows Office and things like that and this is something you're looking at the Xbox here as well and it makes sense especially if they're going to say streaming box type console or and also separate a more powerful console so that you can different services that people go even if the Xbox cost like 900 you're going okay I'm just gonna pay 30 bucks a month for this and I hold myself an Xbox so makes a lot of sense anyway guys what do you think let me know if you have any questions any comments definitely and leave them down below otherwise don't forget to subscribe to the channel please hit the notification icon get notified our latest videos I promise to put up more videos constantly on this channel this is funny you saying thank you and always enjoy your entertainment