Why YOU need a Modded Xbox 360 in 2018 – The History, Custom Dashboards, Emulators, and More ! | MVG

Why YOU need a Modded Xbox 360 in 2018 – The History, Custom Dashboards, Emulators, and More ! | MVG

Ever owned or considered picking up a modded Xbox 360 ? In this video i revisit the console, talk about the history of modding, show you emulators and homebrew, and all the reasons why you may want to consider a modded Xbox 360 in 2018 !

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if you follow my channel you know we've given the original Xbox a lot of attention over the past few months and deservedly so if you haven't figured it out yet it's my favorite console ever but what about the successor the old mighty Xbox 360 that system is a very capable homebrew in emulation scene as well and we are going to start exploring this system closer many people may not be aware that you can actually modern Xbox 360 now it wasn't as easy as the original Xbox there were two main methods to modern Xbox 360 and without any type of soft modding capabilities meant it was harder for the average person to mod their Xbox 360s coupled with the red ring of death issues it's fair to say that the community is probably only about 1/4 of the size of the original Xbox community but only a modern Xbox 360 can be pretty awesome as long as you stay off Xbox Live you can play games from any region play homebrew emulators run Linux and do much more and in this video we're going to talk about why you need a modded xbox 360 in 2018 the Xbox 360 was released in 2006 and Microsoft really learned a lot about the security around the original Xbox and made certain it was significantly harder to exploit the Machine Microsoft added the hypervisor and had one job to provide security around the Xbox 360 the simple rule about the hypervisor is nothing is going to get past it unless the hypervisor says so coupled with a fusers electronic fuses that can be blown programmatically without any way of replacing them its purpose is to detect any tampering and remove the ability to ever downgrade a dashboard or kernel firmware but as we know hackers found ways to exploit the system over time early attempts came in the form of the King Kong shader exploit a method to execute unsigned code from a bug found in the hypervisor there was also another angle by flashing a custom firmware on the DVD drive allowed the booting of backup copies but this did not allow any way to run unsigned code or Linux Microsoft became aware of this exploit and took steps to check for this on Xbox Live and promptly started to ban consoles so after about three years or so people wondered if the Xbox 360 was indeed hack proof but then sometime in 2009 the first JTAG or SMC exploit was released so in 2009 the very first exploit was released known as the SMC or JTAG hack now this was a very simple hack to perform it only really needed the use of two diodes to be soldered on to your Xbox 360s motherboard now the problem with the SMC or the JTAG hack was it only worked with systems with firmware 7371 or lower in other words only fat consoles were supported with the JTAG hack now history has shown us that over time all older fat model Xbox 360s are going to incorporate the red ring of death issue and slowly die a painful death unless you have a Jasper Xbox 360 it's inevitable that your Xbox 360 is probably going to stop working at some point so coupled with the red ring of death issue and the fact that Microsoft was able to patch the JTAG exploit in subsequent firmware revisions this meant that only a small user base was able to experience the JTAG or SMC hack on the original xbox 360 now in 2011 the second and more popular exploit known as the reset glitch hack or RGH was discovered and this essentially is a very simple modification to do as well and what you're actually doing with the RG age is you're sending small electrical pulses to the CPUs reset line in order to glitch the Xbox 360 to run unsigned code over the years I've owned a few JTAG consoles but sadly they've all died so in around 2012 I performed the reset glitch hack on this Xbox limb that I use for my modern system so let's talk about what makes them modern Xbox 360 with owning in 2018 when you modify your Xbox 360 you have the ability to install a custom dashboard there are a few different options here but I prefer freestyle – for the most complete experience freestyle – has a fairly simple to use interface and has the usual set of options a custom dashboard has including an FTP server file manager the ability to adjust your fan speeds freestyle – is also skinnable and has the ability to download covers and title updates for each game you decide to play and more sadly freestyle – is no longer in active development and unfortunately no source code was released for it I've always had a problem with not being able to make backup copies of games that you actually own so with a custom dashboard you can easily rip your game to your xbox360 hard drive with freestyle – simply select the copy DVD option and follow the on-screen instructions now keep in mind because games are larger ripping them to your hard drive may take some time and you'll end up with a fully playable backup without the need to keep the original disc inserted as a DRM protection measure one of the main reasons for modding your Xbox 360 is that it opens up the ability to play games from any region if you are into shooters you probably know who cave is they released much of their later titles exclusively to the Xbox 360 and in some instances game titles were region-locked to Japan only but there are other region lock games out there as well so in order to play these games you need a Japan region xbox360 or if you have a modded console you can enjoy region free gaming without any lockouts at all the Xbox 360 has backward compatibility with the original Xbox around 50% of titles are supported at varying levels of performance and you can use a hacked update of the emulator that runs many more games ranging from poorly to almost perfectly if you have a modern Xbox overall I'd say it's a 70 and a 75% success rate now I made a video on this very topic in a lot more detail a couple of months ago so check it out if you want more info on how to run hack backward compatibility files on your Xbox 360 so let's be real the main reason you probably want to moderate Xbox 360 is to play emulators in homebrew now because the original Xbox was x86 based it was such a great console to port software to the Xbox 360 emulation scene however was not as prevalent but that doesn't mean it wasn't as good the biggest problem with emulators on the Xbox 360 was due to the PowerPC architecture it meant there were significant performance implications and those who ported code to the Xbox 360 myself included found out pretty quickly that things didn't run very well at all without significant optimization and remember how I mentioned that the hypervisor was the all-seeing Almighty gatekeeper of code well it made it almost impossible to allocate a block of memory and mark it as executable something that's crucial to building an emulator with a dynamic Ori compiler or Dinaric it's fair to say that the emulation on the Xbox 360 had a very slow start but once it got going we really saw some good emulator ports the original Xbox introduced pixel shaders but these were static and they were baked into the code the Xbox 360 and DirectX 9 really takes shaders to the next level pixel shaders were used in many different filters for emulation without any performance hits on the CPU and once developers came to terms with the multi-threaded architecture of the Xbox 360s processor that's when we saw emulators really start to shine let's take a look at a couple of my favorite emulators for the xbox360 and how well they run Genesis 360 is a Sega genesis/mega drive emulator that was ported pretty early on and supports pal ntsc and plays very well it even supports the Sega SVP chip so Virtua racing will run but sadly this emulator does not support Sega CD and 32x games [Applause] FBA next is a port of final burn alpha to the xbox360 I port of this emulator back in 2012 and it's a fully loaded arcade emulator that plays in many different arcade formats it even supports PC engine and Sega Megadrive hardware but I would recommend you stick to dedicated emulators for both however the real reason to use this emulator is for the excellent emulation of Capcom CPS 1c ps2 and CBS 3 Hardware OGS PGM hardware is also included and has support for later cave shooters such as s galuda katsuie and dodonpachi FBA next also supports pixel shaders and arcade sticks as well as Neo Geo CD and six lock multislot Neo Geo emulation as well it's a very awesome emulator and one worth checking out SNES 360 is a port of Ness 90 x2 the Xbox 360 while it is not as complete as some of the Xbox original SNES emulators it does maintain a high level of compatibility supports all custom chips has saved States and everything else you would expect for a Super NES emulator on the Xbox 360 I potted MAME 0.72 to the xbox360 the reason this was the last revision of mein that had the DCs sound hacks which significantly slowed down emulation of Midway games such as Mortal Kombat 2 & 3 and other games such as NBA Jam MAME 0.72 on the Xbox 360 is a great arcade emulator if you combine this with FBA next then you have a very large list of arcade games to play I shouldn't mention there is no safe state support in Maine 0.72 on the Xbox 360 but it does support pixel shaders and runs at a very good framerate as you can see [Applause] earlier I talked about backward compatibility with original Xbox games but did you know you can also run with some success original Xbox emulators in homebrew one of my go-to ziz the x68000 emulator for the original Xbox considering the price of acquiring such a unit emulation is a good way to get familiar with the games and system before you take the plunge it runs very well under backward compatibility emulation with the hacked emulator and this is one emulator that I use frequently so what about Nintendo 64 emulation after all it runs on the original Xbox with 64 megabytes of RAM on a 733 megahertz processor surely the Xbox 360 can run a fantastic Nintendo 64 emulation experience right well kinda move in 360 is a port of the open source movement emulator for the Xbox 360 it's compiled with a lip Zenon which is the environment that targets the Xbox 360 version of Linux which is known as L libs enon is a open source and completely free native development environment for the Xbox 360 zel comes standard with most RGH and JTAG firmwares and a simple press of the eject button when you power on your Xbox 360 will boot to zel movement 360 runs pretty well but it's clear that lives in on itself sadly is not complete and it has an effect on the emulator movement 360 runs at a good framerate it uses their dynamic ori compiler and there are some stutters and slowdown at times but it's clear that the emulator is not finished first of all there's no way to adjust the aspect ratio to it's correct for three dimensions game compatibility is lower than where it should be for example the two games I tried to rock to and Conker's Bad Fur Day did not load there's also a very noticeable graphics tearing this is very distracting at times and it's a byproduct of libsyn on not having a proper double buffer or vsync implementation but still even with all this the staple games such as Mario 64 Mario Kart 1080 snowboarding Zelda Ocarina of Time Super Smash Brothers and more all seem to run pretty well movement 360 is also open source on github so maybe we'll see some updates too in the future and finally this isn't a comprehensive list there are other very good emulators that run on the xbox360 if you have any personal favorites let me know in the comments below and in conclusion while the modding scene on the xbox360 had its problems getting started once developers got to grips with the hardware some of the best homebrew and emulators were developed for the system and if you haven't discovered the fun and awesomeness of a modern Xbox 360 then maybe you should think about checking one out in 2018 that's all for this video guys I hope you enjoyed it once again let me know in the comments below as always don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll catch you guys in the next video bye for now

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  1. FreeStyleDash is still continued under "AUROA" name. You can find it at RealModScene website. Aurora is much better then last FSD verson and is still in active developement. Thank's to AUROA you can play online games via system link without need for any other hardware such as PC. I'm surprised you're not aware of that dashboard. btw, there is a very good version of RetroArch for Xbox360 with support for best shaders for 2D games. For shader support you need "retroarch-360-v0.9.8.4". It's bit older, but works better.

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