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Come check out what I eat in a day with healthy vegan recipes perfect for Spring! This video shows how to make a healthy berry smoothie recipe, as well as some amazing collard wraps and a root vegetable salad from Purple Carrot. Excited to hear what you think!





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Disclaimer: I partnered with Purple Carrot on today’s video. I was compensated to create the recipes, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting me and the companies that make this channel possible!

(upbeat music) – Hi friends, welcome back to another What I Eat In A Day video. Today's video is just kind
of a standard work from home day for me but I actually have a meal delivery service. So that is going to be what
I make for definitely lunch, because I already snuck
a peek at the recipe. So I'm definitely making
one of them for lunch and I might also being
making one of them for dinner I'm not quite sure yet. So yeah, this is just
kind of like a standard eating day for me. I worked out in the morning. I had a little snack before I worked out, got home, made breakfast and I'm just gonna bring
you guys along for the day. So without further ado,
let's go ahead and dive in. So I started my day
with a cup of herbal tea and I keep all of my herbal
tea in these cool boxes that I got from the container store and the tea that I had
today was Healthy Fasting. It has no reason for fasting, I just really love the taste of this tea. I love pretty much all Yogi
teas, they're my favorite and then I also had half of a protein bar because I was gonna go for a workout and a full protein bar is
usually a little bit too much for me and I had a
chocolate mint square bar. They are like my favorite. I love chocolate mint anything and these ones are really good. So, that was my pre workout snack. Alright so I am showered,
back from my workout ready to get this day going. And I'm gonna make breakfast and my mocha. I think I'm not gonna film my mocha today because I've literally put mocha in like every single
What I Eat In A Day video and it hasn't changed. So if you are new to this channel and you have not watched
one of these videos before I will link my most recent one
down in the description box for you and that will show
you how to make my mocha latte because I don't wanna take up all the time on this video. But I am going to be making a smoothie. I'm gonna be doing things a
little bit different today. It's not gonna be a smoothie bowl. Just gonna be like a regular smoothie. It's gonna be veggie packed, it's gonna have berries,
protein, all this good stuff and I can never resist using toppings. So I'm probably gonna like
dump a ton of toppings on top and make it look really messy but I love smoothies. I just, I know I share them in every video but like they're honestly
my favorite breakfast. So hopefully it still
gives you guys inspiration for new combinations or new
ways to sneak in veggies into your morning meal. So let's get started with our smoothie. So the smoothie today
started with about a cup of spinach, that was all I had. And then I added in a
whole chopped up zucchini as well as a scoop of
vanilla protein powder. And then I did about a half cup or so of frozen cauliflower as well
as some frozen blackberries and frozen blueberries. And then the liquid is
the liquid I always use. I used a combination of coconut water as well as just regular water and then I just blended
this up in my Vitamix until it was smooth and creamy and then I just poured it into a glass and of course, like I said I was going to, I did toppings. So the toppings I did today were granola, flaked coconut, some creamy
peanut butter and chia seeds. And the peanut butter I
used is from Brad's Organic. It's really, really creamy and drippy which is how I get that drippiness and then the granola is
my banana-bread granola which if you haven't tried it
yet, you absolutely should. It's a fan favorite, everybody loves it and it is clustery, oil
free, it's delicious. So check it out. I kind of like this view. I've never used this. I have you guys like propped
up in my little spice cabinet. This is kind of awesome. Okay so I am going to get started on lunch and I mentioned in the intro that I am going to be using
a meal delivery service. I am excited to be
partnering with Purple Carrot in today's video. I have talked about Purple Carrot before on the channel but they are
a vegan meal delivery service that has absolutely delicious recipes and this week's sound so good. So I'm gonna like walk you
through the little pamphlet that you get that shows
the different recipes. We are going to be making a tofu, curried tofu collard wraps I
think is what they're called which is like my ultimate lunch. Like spice, flavor, rice, tofu. Greens, mm, love it. So I'm really excited about
that and then I'm not sure if I'm gonna make another one for dinner. I might, I don't know. We might go out to dinner,
haven't decided yet. Either way, I will check
back in with you guys when I make dinner obviously. But for now, let's make lunch and I'm excited about this recipe also because I know it's going
to be meal prep friendly. So I will have lunch
for the rest of the week which is awesome. So let's go ahead and dive
into our collard wraps. Super excited to be getting
another Purple Carrot and sharing it with you guys. That's Trevy's medicine. So let's look inside and see what's on tap for this week's order. So they do have the extras section that you can order which are
breakfasts and lunch options. For dinner they have
all of these delicious sounding options and the ones that I chose were the curried tofu collard wraps. I also chose the roasted root spring salad and the southern-style corn fritters. So again, everything is
vegan which is awesome. So I can't wait to dive in. One of the things that I
love about Purple Carrot is that it gives you
everything that you need as well as the cook time and the calorie, like all the nutrition breakdown. But it also gives you the
step by step instructions so you know exactly like
how to maximize your time and what steps you need
to take so that it doesn't take as long to cook and then I also love that
everything is pre-portioned for exactly how much you need. For each, for the whole
recipe, meaning each serving. So I'm going to make these
curried tofu collard wraps for lunch and everything I need is in this bag which is just so awesome. So the first step is to cook
the rice in cooking oil. You'll just add the serving
of rice that they provide you in the box. Add in some water, bring it to a boil, cover it and cook like
you would normal rice. While the rice is cooking you can get all your veggies prepped. So we're gonna grate some
carrot and then we're also going to cube up some tofu. And if you guys have not
yet tried Purple Carrot as you're kind of watching
me chop up this tofu, I wanna say that you can
get $30 off your first box by clicking the link that
is in the description box. So make sure to take advantage of that because it's a great
deal, it's a great offer and these meals, like
you can see are so good. So I highly, highly recommend it. And again that's just linked down in the description box for you. So once you have your tofu all cubed up we're going to just have that. We have our chopped up
ginger, grated carrot and our scallion. And we're just gonna
start making the tofu. So you're gonna add some oil into a pan, add in the ginger and then I also added in some grated garlic. You also wanna add in the scallions and you're just gonna
give those a quick saute until everything is kind
of like golden brown. It takes about a minute or so. Then you're gonna add in the curry paste. Give that a quick stir, because I wasn't using a non-stick pan I had to deglaze it a little bit with some water which is
just a good trick in general. So I deglazed it with some water, made sure everything was
like nice and combined and then you're gonna
add in the coconut milk so it's full fat coconut
milk and it's awesome, so good, love me some
full fat coconut milk as well as the cubed up tofu. And then basically just
let the coconut milk melt because it will be probably solid because it's kept in the fridge and then once it melts it will be nice and saucy and it will coat up on that tofu and oh my gosh, my house
was smelling so good. Once you're almost about done you're gonna add in some chopped cashews which I actually was
surprised that were in there but I loved. It added like a little crunchiness which was just so good. And I swear you guys, this was actually one of my favorite
meals that I've ever had from Purple Carrot, it
was absolutely delicious. So the final step while this
is simmering away and cooking is to prepare our collard wrap. So the first thing you're gonna wanna do is thinly slice off that stem. This helps you roll it a lot easier, so you basically just cut down that edge of the stem and then
I just cut off the end and my trick to actually
make them really pliable is to gently steam them quickly. So I just have a small saucepan
with a little bit of water. I bring it to heat and then I basically just dip
the collard wrap in the water and it gets softer and
it makes it much easier for you to bend and roll. So you can just let them cool down and then once they're
cool you can use them as your wraps. So you can see here,
it's all nice and pliable and bendy and also easier
to digest which is great. And for preparation-wise you are gonna add just some of that rice on
there and then you'll top it with some of your creamy
coconut curry tofu. Oh my gosh, so good. And then finish it off
with some of the carrots, any extra scallions you have. And we'll finish it off with
a little bit of lime juice and then you're basically
just gonna roll it up like a little burrito. You'll fold in the sides and
then tuck the other sides under and roll it up. And you can either eat it like this but I wanted you to see the inside of it so I decided to cut it in half. Just so you can see what
it's like on the inside and it is so pretty, it's so good. It's like, I could eat
this every day of my life. I loved it, so again you guys, highly recommend Purple Carrot. Like you can see, the meals are delicious and I'm talking about
them all in this video but check out the link that
is in the description box to get that special deal. I'm back, it's dinner time. You're still in this spot because I think this
is a great little spot to place you while I talk about
what recipe I'm gonna make. Turns out Matt had a work thing after work so he is not home for dinner tonight which means I am going
to have salad for dinner because that is like one
of my favorite things and the salad that I got
from Purple Carrot this week looks so good. It is the roasted root spring salad. It has roasted vegetables, lentils, frizay, or frize, which I
never personally buy or eat. But I like it. It's kind of like crunchy and then it's in a creamy horseradish dressing which sounds really interesting. So we start by cooking lentils, then we're gonna roast up some vegetables, then we prepare the salad,
make the dressing and serve it. Sounds easy enough right? So let's go ahead and get started. Alright so the first step
for the salad is to cook up our lentils, you're gonna
just add your lentils into a pot. Add in your water, bring it to a boil, cover it and then let the lentils cook for about 25ish minutes. While they're cooking you
can prep up your vegetables so you're just gonna thinly slice up the carrots that are in the box and you're gonna cube up the potato. Add those onto a baking sheet and then you will drizzle
them with some oil. You could use olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, whatever you like. I used some olive oil. Sprinkle it with sea salt and pepper and then there is some seasoning packet that you get with this recipe
that goes on the potato. So you just sprinkle that
on and then give everything a good toss to make sure it's all coated in the salt and the pepper and the herbs and the potatoes and then
we're gonna just pop these in the oven for about,
mine took about 30 minutes at 425 because they
were very large carrots. So just pop them in the oven
and let them do their thing. While those are roasting
and everything else is cooking you can get
part of the salad together. So just chop up your frize
and then you're gonna thinly slice up your radish. I use a mandolin slicer for radish, it's like the easiest thing
to do ever and I love it and then I also made the dressing. So the dressing starts with
some chive cashew cheese as the base which is so delicious. So you add that in there. You also squeeze in some
lemon and you add in some horseradish from the box and then just give it a quick stir and it's gonna be pretty thick. So I actually added in
a little bit of water and a little extra lemon
juice but it depends on the consistency that you want. If you wanted it more cheesy, like thick and kind of goat cheesy,
you could leave it thick and that would be totally fine. So here's the texture that I went for. It was still kind of thick
but it was really good. And then here are the roasted vegetables which of course are gorgeous
and beautiful and colorful and crispy and delicious. And then it's time to make up the salad. So the salad actually starts
with the lentils on the bottom and you just add the
lentils onto your bowl or your plate and then I wanted to make it look kind of pretty so I
just like spread them out and made them like an
even layer on the bottom. Top that with the frize and radish mixture that you toss in a bowl and then you're gonna top that with
the roasted vegetables. So your potatoes and your roasted carrots and whenever I film stuff like this it's quite messy but you guys get the idea and then you can just
finish everything off with a few dollops of
that delicious dressing. The dressing was out of this world good, like oh my gosh I loved it so much. So get a good, generous
drizzle of the dressing onto that salad and then I finished everything off with just a
quick crack of fresh pepper 'cause I just love pepper on it and this was enough for two meals. Thankfully I had enough for
myself for lunch the next day because this was an
awesome meal prep recipe. I just left the dressing
off and I let everything just cool like that before I assembled it and it was absolutely delicious. And here is that gorgeous salad. It was filling, it was flavorful. I loved the crispiness from the potatoes, I loved the freshness from the radish. I really enjoyed this meal a lot. This was probably my
favorite box of Purple Carrot that I've ever gotten. So if you guys again are not
yet part of their community and you wanna get a box,
check out the description box because I have that special offer for you and you will not regret it. And that's pretty much it my friends. I hope you enjoyed today's video. Don't forget to click the link that is in the description box below to get that special discount
on your Purple Carrot box. I personally love Purple Carrot, I think their meals are awesome. They're really easy to make and of course they're all plant-based which is awesome because I know a lot of this
community is plant-based. So if you guys are like the type of person that just sometimes feels
stressed about dinnertime, you want meal prep friendly recipes, you don't feel like going
to the grocery store, definitely check them out because
you won't be disappointed. As always I also just wanna thank you guys for tuning in to today's video. I've linked my entire What
I Eat In A Day playlist down below, I don't know
even how many videos we've shot at this point. These are one of my
favorites to film because A, I know you guys love them but like I also just like filming them
because it kind of gives you like a sneak peak behind
my day even though a lot of my day starts the same but still. Yeah so thank you guys for tuning in. If you did like it,
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fabulous rest of your day and I'll see you in the
next video, bye guys. (calm music) (Alyssa vocalizes)