Top 10 Disturbing Call of Duty Zombies

Top 10 Disturbing Call of Duty Zombies

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Top 10 Disturbing Call of Duty Zombies
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We’re going to need more than a few shotguns for these guys. Let’s take look at the most disturbing zombies from across the Call of Duty franchise considering their looks, behavior, and overall presence. Enjoy our picks for the Top 10 Disturbing Call of Duty Zombies!

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List Entries and Rank:
10) Meistermeuchler – “Call of Duty: WW2” (2017)
9) Skating Divas – “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” (2016)
8) Oozers – “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” (2014)
7) Cosmic Silverback – “Call of Duty: Black Ops” (2010)
6) Panzermorder – “Call of Duty: WW2” (2017)
5) Jumping Jacks – “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” (2012)
4) Space Monkeys – “Call of Duty: Black Ops” (2010) & “Black Ops III” (2015)
3, 2 & 1: ?

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we're going to need more than a few shotguns for these guys welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten disturbing call of duty zombies before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list we're looking at the most disturbing zombies from across the Call of Duty franchise considering their looks behavior and overall presence oh yeah there's still John's fallen number 10 Meister Mueller Call of Duty World War 2 oh look everyone it's a Mueller only it's more grotesque and looks like it came crawling straight from hell these forearm beasts are covered in spikes bolts and other metal parts you'd think they'd come out of a lost Doom game and is that long thing supposed to be its tongue to make life more difficult my Sturm you colors come in different varieties if only we could use Hanks Jeep to turn them all into roadkill unfortunately they're not the only creatures of body horror to grace the Call of Duty franchise number nine skating divas call of duty infinite warfare we love skating skating can be fun you know what isn't fun seeing a zombie in rollerskates the skating divas may have a groovy taste in music but that does not make up for their terrible fashion sense I mean look at all of that decayed skin it's like seeing your grandpa in a speedo and a sports bra at least the disco music makes them noticeable and we can easily avoid an explosive afro Phil death sorry guys the 70s called and they don't want you back go back to your graves number eight losers call of duty advanced warfare don't get us wrong we love our zombies with a little bit of gross nough stew them you know the usual exposed brains hanging guts and dangling jaws as for the users please excuse us while we go vomit out our insides the acid leaking out of users makes these zombies the most disgusting zombies on this list and the black spots that cover their body definitely add to the gross factor if we ever live long enough to witness the impending zombie apocalypse we pray to God there won't be anything like the users seriously let us die with some dignity and cleanliness please number seven cosmics silverback call of duty black ops this big ape has certainly seen better days the cosmic silverback was once sent into space by the Soviet Union only to come back as one of the most terrifying monkey zombies we've ever seen players can go up against him in the dead ops arcade and hot damn our first go-around almost made us wet our pants the vicious roars and one-hit kills make the cosmic silverback a frightening force to be reckoned with just wait till you get a load of his brother he's a cybernetic silverback number 6 Panzer Mordor call of duty world war 2 some of the best boss battles we've had in gaming were going up against larger-than-life creatures they were epic they were intense and most of all they were fun as for the Panzer Mordor what in the living hell is this tony burk monstrosity holy crap if there was ever a living definition of body horror it is this this creature is just a pure amalgamation of human remains and metal and it's more disgusting to look at than the users the freaking users we like playing zombies and all but the final reich map is off the table for us all aboard the nope train next stop that city number 5 jumping jacks aka leapers or minions call of duty black ops 2 many of the zombies on this list frighten us to the brim really we can't help unloading a full clip when going up against just one of these dudes you know when it comes to the jumping jacks though we go into full panic mode my which sharp teeth you have they may not be the most lethal of the bunch but jumping jacks are terrifying and how they move around a single one can be taken out easily but in hordes they are some serious nightmare fuel number 4 space monkeys call of duty black ops and black ops 3 you know there's a reason some of us don't like playing the Ascension map in the 1st and 3rd blackops games it's not the eerie setting that gets us it's those damn space monkeys this is a zombified animal we're dealing with and they're smart they're melee attacks are fierce they can throw back grenades and they know how to attack the perk machines it's like they know how the game works on top of that they explode shortly after getting killed so these tiny buggers put a lot of stress on us part of us would rather deal with the hellhounds number 3 George a Romero call of duty black ops are you blind man if there was ever a more obvious definition of irony this certainly takes the cake or in this case brains the late horror icon George Romero was famous for pioneering zombie movies and in the first blackops game he becomes one during production of his latest film starring Danny Trejo Michael Rooker Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robert Englund Romero is taken by a real zombie and soon becomes infected and boy does the man have a temper it's almost terrifying to see him go into a fit of rage charging at the player we love you Romero but damn you can be terrifying number 2 clown zombies Call of Duty infinite warfare just when we thought things couldn't get any worse Infinity Ward goes and makes our worst nightmares come true if you have a phobia of zombies we really hope you're not afraid of clowns otherwise you're gonna have a bad time in infinite warfare clown zombies are no laughing matter they'll charge at you faster than falling in a dunk tank and they're as explosive as a bottle of seltzer water so when they're arriving in hordes clown zombies will quickly become the bane of your existence number one corpse eater Call of Duty World War two okay we have no problems with zombies eating humans aside from you know the killing part of it but we've never seen a zombie so hell-bent on eating other zombies ladies and gentlemen may we present the corpse eater also known as the void sizzler or void get cocked these little butt munchers will actively hunt down other zombies to grow stronger and once they're fully fueled you're practically guaranteed a game over what makes it the most disturbing zombie is the fact that it's basically committing cannibalism three times over for the sake of more cannibalism that's freaking screwed up even for zombies do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from WatchMojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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  1. Hey anyone realize that he sounds like Ants Canada?

  2. Donde quedo brutus

  3. Shadows of evil? Mob of the dead? XI?

  4. I call jumping jacks ankle biters or crawlers

  5. clicks unsubscribe

  6. no.

  7. You would want to do hell hounds insted, I would want till I see the Brutus in mob of the dead or panzer orgins

  8. U are saying things wrong

  9. How about the warden

  10. 🙁

  11. Youre toxic

  12. Bet you don't know that the community is the only one who decides everything

  13. How in the heck are space monkeys more disturbing than the panzermorder?! That thing would give kids nightmares !

  14. D.Va has now left the party

  15. D.Va has now left the party

  16. What happend to Margwa

  17. Kinda old but NOT A CLIP

  18. Estara este video en español?

  19. Swear to god he said infinity war

  20. This guy is unbelievably unfunny

  21. i am afraid of clowns and zombies sooooo
    f*ck clown zombies

  22. Five imo is one of the scariest, with the pentagon thief.

  23. You’re telling me a monkey is scarier than a 100 foot monster made out of dead bodies and zombies and metal?

  24. Why does it take till number 5 to get an actual treyarch map.

  25. As filthy frank would say ITS TIME TO STOP.

  26. The nazis tried to make monsters so they obviously would be disgusting

  27. That's the point

  28. Im suprised the witches from Black Ops 2 weren’t on here or the Spaceman from Black Ops 1. Both of those had me shook..

  29. I was expecting the hellhounds at top 1 :'(

  30. This list sucked

  31. May I ask why you choose the worst games to do this? Ones that aren’t even good? Don’t even mind the fact they left out Panzersoldats, brutus, the dogs, even nova crawlers? Wtf mojo

  32. He is definitely new to cod zombies

  33. He makes these zombies sound bad i mean a fee are annoying however alot of the zombies aren’t even that bad and the commentary isn’t very good lastly when talking about the space monkeys whats so wrong with hellhounds

  34. How many time do we have to teach this lesson old man

  35. I find these zombies cool looking, not scary

  36. You guys should make another but make one that isn’t a flop like this video

  37. Just turn the sound all the way down.. the dude is so cringy

  38. Me: sees panzer
    Also me: *grabs lightning staff/storm bow/thundergun

  39. Panzer Soldats? Russian mangler? Brutus?

  40. lets not forget a dogs best friend moments.

  41. Let’s be honest, most of the time, if the game doesn’t have Black Ops in the title, the zombies isn’t good.

  42. No warden, no panzer, and no hellhounds. Sorry watchmojo, don’t ever touch COD again.

  43. The Final Reich was unique and amazing.

  44. No annoying fly infested zombies from ww2. cmon.

  45. WW2 zombies are pretty scary

  46. meitermeuchler and the ww2 boss is the only thing I can salvage from this video. At least when you 1st played it especially at night. Fuck they're annoying, and the flame thrower one too.

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