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Aaron and Noah get an epic Victory Royale with the new Campfire trap! Don’t forget to subscribe for the daily streams and uploads!

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there's another guy Lenin here as well okay I'm gonna be right behind him be right behind you dude where is he where is he got him boogie van let's go let's push this middle one first whoa whoa behind behind this and these guys are fighting like crazy over here someone just died on the other side of this crate right here right in front of us got him headshot welcome that's why I subscribe to the Stratos channel cuz Aaron's a fortnight God not really but kind of you guys think you subscribed because you want to enter into my nerf gun giveaway but after seeing some of my epic fortnight gameplay you're gonna find out the real reason why you subscribed and because I play with Noah and Noah's such a great guy right Noah I guess so I mean see he's so humble he's so humble also cuz josh is a moderator and he's a god moderator you guys didn't know that want to say hello to Josh in the chat you're welcome to he's in the background good call purple star purple scar oh there's another one right here no dude I was gonna be like are you a nice friend Noah cuz you should give that to me and then there's another one that's sitting right next to me that's awesome leave the minis up there oh shoot I should go back for that no I picked them up okay what a guy what a guy my friends man that's best just some of the best friends you could possibly ever have in the world we're here in front of us dude okay let's get to high ground dude get on the roof trust me come up here come back the way I came oh they built it up yeah watch out they're both above you where's the other guy I don't know I think he climbed out of the roof I think he might be below us now actually maybe he went inside oh he's over here nice dude let's go there's a chest on top of the southwest building okay I'm gonna stay here and do a little bit of overwatch I'm just gonna wait here do a little bit overwatch wait for the medium ammo but you so generously share with me and then and then we'll push new circle sound Gouda there's got me I knocked one of them I knocked one of them but I hear another team by me dude get up here get up I'm only at 10 health so I'm popping me I just don't think we should push because I thought I heard another team by me and I hear shots from our West keep watching her back use the the building to cover you until we get past these trees here does that team is still gonna be coming behind us and their shots to our West don't engage don't engage this just gets a new circle use these trees for cover so the team behind us can't shoot us in the back yep post rights out of dusty though yeah yeah get inside the wall though so that team that I knocked the one guy won't shoot us in the back there's one guy running right for me kill the guy at Southwest 240 where's the other guy got him right there hey let's go he died densely yeah one shot him nice yeah just one one guy of each team survives kept fire no I see a Steven go camping let's go I haven't even seen one yeah that's the first time I've seen 111 people remaining oh dude west guy west two teams two teams bill bill bill bill dude bill bill bill whoa I just got sniped knocked one for a hundred shields not the one the other guy shoot the guy did shoot him shoot him I know help it now just shoot him shoot him dude he's low is low it's 1v2 right now just keeps you in keep shooting I've got a head on oh my god shoots the circle I got no health I'm running I'm running to have any panties at all I do not oh my god if we oh we got the camp fire do you oh my gosh pray we do not encounter any other people and we're gonna use that heal up oh my god oh you have like one yeah I literally have one health sadly we cannot loot those guys oh my god okay base it Northwest we got to get behind the streets true behind behind this tree for cover hey let's go it's amazing how much does it heal you at two a second no come here come beside me tell me a campfire story um there once was a man named Josh okay lived in Amsterdam okay and there's dole thing toward Northwest oh you don't have any medium bullets oh yeah oh no but I have shields oh okay yeah give me this what took you so long oh dude it only does what it only does 50 it only gave me 48 health oh that's stupid I thought it would I thought it would man it should last for a plague on that base it should last forever man that's ridiculous whoa did you just get hit no I just oh my oh I just ran out of ammo and he took 15 of my shields back shooting his tower down he just jumped he just jumped off the tower top seven was awesome if he's alone yeah oh you just went back in it did you see that you just went back in the bottom of the tower he just built the thing yep I'm pushing up the back I have a booby bomb here oh it sees me build a base just build a base i'll booby bond him where is he where did he shoot you from the top oh he's at the talk yeah shoot oh he's building a big base here see that yeah come on build beside me I was getting shot you know he's right here he's under the tower dude he's under the tower he's always loved keeps you nice dude I'm going under the tower yeah good call let's go top five whoa five feet far away five people remain where are these guys Oh someone just oh the guy fell off the tower and died dude there was a guy above us I need those shields so bad dude that's hilarious there was a guy still up there those were separate teams man got pushing us north is that the okay team you two did the two solos we got this I think it's two solos because there's one guy right here you shootin at me just miss my shot where's the other shots coming from the willow tree at 15 my 15 so probably yours Oh their third team dude because there's a guy in the base and there's a guy at the at the tower then okay I got I got a guy at the tree I'm in the circle shot him once oh he's made in me guy come on dude again oh I just missed him come on come on peak again I'm in the circle are you just freaked I dare you peek yeah shoots that guy's based on he backed up by the tree circles right in between us he went back to the basement how I desperately need help holy crap to my peak peak again ah he's really fighting me get nated still keep building dude just keep building him once he's not gotten the right is down just guy in the base is left sweet 1v2 unless like I guess res but he has a large open field to go through I think you just better jump down he's out back he's out back push do it I'm doing down pushing on the other side for pension him there he's running he's low he's got no shields he's got watch I was right in front of you with the rocket hey let's go seven kills whoo got sex oh dude we aren't fire there man