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This is what 400 points Champions League looks like in Fortnite…

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Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay Funny Moments ErycTriceps

if you guys want to support me you can use the code fnatic underscore Eric in the item shop nothing it's like 60 I mean 60 HP thank you yeah fuckin outsmarted oh right down the middle I was gonna be Lewis so many people here what's going on top of volcano yeah I'm about to lazy people my boss everywhere mom lingers here be careful with the ball the ring back as well good night you have time got gas inside here be careful like in the middle you're Chester guy time people don't get on here one second I mean gummy born loser where is it myself to have balls as well yeah the ball just line up here bottom line yes I've 7 shotgun boys at 13 you come fighting down there my fingers in pick up my arse I'm gonna waste fucking ammo yeah I playing Laura blue you guys down right into two blue at the banner playing mom this is awkward like when I'm near don't have enough ammo if you like she might not even use this anymore cuz moaning zone baby Oh Malaya I'm scared of flying we're gonna get lazy to me there and I just gotta make sure you have a have a way to come down you gotta go zone now come go all the way up make sure you can still skydive now go back alright I'm thinking about this time I got I'm chillin I'm sure this guys are there out there on holy campfire yeah on my spill fuck bro I really want to learn a lot of girly mistaken I think a lot of aha and Young's goes outside fucking people everywhere how long on this cell done look yeah yep that lurks here they're watching us I don't make the people they're gonna get that mole I think I'm nothing like I have a taxi good yeah sure thing guys push it come o every sniper I'm gonna take that uh sort of dream eaters have a bunch of ammo can you get the minis or the big phone yeah my family oh you know like a big shell again over here see that girl let's see there's sufficient water water really yeah take this one you're in zone you're fine no yeah I'll write beat up ol buddy let me tell you know this one was low it was coming back it is just one ball is mine I don't know what the fuck they're fucking or selling their team penguin Jeff do lunch rather than a fucking roof it's Amanda chillin that's a memo by the way a blinking yeah oh yeah have you something we can vote here other venting beam them back off Tom's one negative ease night people on the right side it's gonna get the vent right vent do you want to shoot this in the brick yeah go I see that metal up there let me see you ever gonna launch bad last part we go this way launch right into the vent or game this vent right here go all the way never good island is already right here we way what's your marker I couldn't see I swear I can see there's a team here but that's fine farm to stringer I'll remove the street we need vision there's a bowler inside the free I'm trying to find someone I think I did 150 not one guy back there his team is gonna go get him every sniper wall is that good we're getting an off-balance I finished my second this guy's trying to farm is below wait that's fine you have plenty of mobility look there that guy right there launch padding go in the brick again right there all the way find both Bend that area on the way people watch betting life wait oh I hate boom nice how many a are bullet see I buy 50 dropping some you're gonna launch pad this launch betting right here come hold these guys are gonna try and beam I can't anymore well I'm getting beamed find on this brick right here you know where I am I'm looking at those guys up there all the way I'm gonna translate yeah I need a mini I can only carry you or I can only have one that's my old guys or piece we got don't just move like oh there's a guy right below me dude can you come to me come to me come to me you have a stump this the brick one another okay wait the brick one go I got shot down yeah come on using the vent hole in the ball to shoot the bowler get him out of there he is lying you're not gonna die look at that base right there they're gonna they're gonna want red or something yeah I see them you have a long tread right to solve a long time good long dirty blue 16 come launch pad right here not on ya come here I'm Shiva Ryan yeah bill here they're gonna RPG down build up build you have a race remember I'm building out here look it look right flying a bunch of people flying on let him land one guy wife I'm in zone building to building guys hi guys hi yep shut him down how many massive Ohama I have a hundred three hundred here under okay let him go down a little bit go go go go go go yeah one guy right here nice not finishing yeah one guy playing Halo being one out of there you need to expend the hundred seventy-five 530 she's white I mean medium I need yeah I have none I have none actually yes plaintiff Shelton I'm Nick Beamon blue light good get a shitty weekend am i heavy rendered here dropping you some bill down bill down therapy-wise nice good shit I'm dropping down a bit wife should be white have a heavy sniper still plane