THE HUMAN DIET? | All about paleo!

THE HUMAN DIET? | All about paleo!

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welcome back to my youtube channel be healthy happy hippie my name is Trisha and in today's video we are gonna go over the odds and ends of the Paleo diet everything that you need to know to switch over into a paleo lifestyle so if you are interested in this video then just please keep watching so in a nutshell the Paleo diet is a hunter-gatherer lifestyle eating whole foods minimally processed or not processed at all things that our ancestors would have eaten thousands of years ago now some on the Paleo diet do purchase things that have been manufactured and really what you're looking for here is to look at the ingredient list you're wanting to cut out all preservatives artificial flavors artificial colors and added sugar so reading labels is key if you do purchase things and nowadays there are things on the market that say Paleo approved I would still double-check those things and make sure that the ingredients are part of something that you would like to consume and we'll go over details about ingredients in a minute now there is no right or wrong way of eating paleo things can differ from the area you live in to the seasons or just what's available say for instance thousands of years ago our ancestors who live in a colder climate there they didn't have crops and they didn't have fruits and vegetables so their diet may have consisted of more animal products or root vegetables that stay alive and the cold of winter whereas someone from a tropical climate could have eaten more vegetables and fruits and nuts and seeds because that was what was readily available so there is no right or wrong way there's so many variations you could be vegan vegetarian have a low-carb ketogenic lifestyle and still eat paleo is a lifestyle another thing to consider too is kind of cycling between foods cuz we weren't meant to have strawberries available all year round but because of our industrial farming this is now possible for us so keep that in mind when you're going grocery shopping buy things that are in season right now now let's talk about foods to avoid on the Paleo diet number one sugars and high fructose corn syrup now this includes candies cookies sodas ice cream artificial sweeteners like aspartame Splenda sweet'n low things that have been made in a factory even natural sugars the process all sugar is natural it all comes from the planet from our earth which makes it natural so do not be misled when boxes or packaging says all-natural or whole food because it's all natural and it's all food because it comes from the planet it's the processing and the manufacturing bleaching and high heat that damage the sugar cells and damage the the nutrients that could have been in that natural form now making it unnatural and making it basically a toxin for your body number two grains and this would include pastas wheat bread that does also include beans legumes and many more next is dairy now this has got a little asterisk next to it you want to choose dairy that has not been again overly processed you're looking for the raw natural state of that food that you could possibly get so when it comes to dairy things like pre sliced cheeses that have been through a manufacturing process that have and additives preservatives read the labels I've said that I now continue to say that read the labels you don't know what's being put into your food unless you read the label or if you're getting it from the rise purest form possible and making it yourself which for everyone is not possible so read the labels and know what's in your food including dairy get the most raw organic natural version of dairy that you possibly can number four on the list is some vegetable oils not all the some and what I mean by that is things like vegetable oil canola oil grapefruit seed oil sunflower oil etc and the problem with these are is the again the manufacturing how they get that say corn oil how they get the oil from the corn they use very high heat and sometimes chemicals to extract those oils thus it is literally damaging the the cell of the oil making it a toxin and I will go over that in a future video it's called a PUFA a polyunsaturated fatty acid and it actually becomes a toxin number five is trans fats things like margarine and they're they're not even real fats if they don't come from an animal it's not even a real this is chemically processed junk kick it out your diet and then just generally number six highly processed foods like chips and Twinkies and thinks that thousands of years ago if you were to present that to your ancestors do you think they would recognize that as food I doubt it so a simple guideline when shopping on a paleo diet if it looks like it was made in a factory don't buy it now let's talk about the foods that you want to eat on a paleo diet number one meat all meat this can include beef chicken pork lamb eggs consider are considered meat and fish now when you are can purchase Ameet you do want to try and be give the most ethically sourced meat as possible so get things that are wild-caught pasture-raised cage-free and/or 100% grass-fed and I will do a video about the select future going into depth about why this is so important but basically think about whatever the animal you are going to consume whatever that animal ate you and turn will also eat so you want to make sure that you're getting meat from animals who ate the proper diet the diet they were designed to eat not farm feed and grain next on the list is vegetables now this is every single vegetable Under the Sun there is such a wide variety of vegetables out there for us to consume and I encourage you to be experimental and try different things try new things it's so fun to experiment like radishes I never ate radishes before until I tried it they're so good so I encourage you any vegetable out there give it a try same with fruits our God has given us so many different types of fruits out there the the variety and the taste differences are endless so explore all the fruits that our planet has to offer nuts and seeds it's very important to get nuts and seeds into your diet is a great source of healthy plant-based fats you don't want to just consume animal fats so there's also a wide variety of nuts and seeds now we talked about the unhealthy oils talk about the good oils and the healthy fats so good sources are coconut oil avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil but again when you're choosing these oils some can be bad you have to make sure that you're getting cold-pressed things that have not been used with chemicals to extract the oils or high heat same with animal fats things like duck fat which is my personal favorite or beef tallow lard you can even make your own animal fats but also check the link down below because I'm gonna link off a brand to call epic this is not sponsored in any way I just love that brand they make one of the best animal fats that you could purchase off the shelves I get mine at sprouts I might check the link down below to Amazon where you can purchase them and try them for yourself and finally my favorite herbs and spices there's not a single over spice that's not included in the Paleo diet and I encourage you to explore herbs and spices more because the flavors that they can give your food I am addicted to Earth's and spices so again you do want to try to get whenever possible grass-fed pasteurized or organic fruits vegetables and meats but don't stress if this isn't part of your budget just try to make the best possible option for you at the time so to recap you are cutting out sugars high fructose corn syrup grains beans legumes highly processed foods artificial sweeteners and you're incorporating getting getting rid of those things and then incorporating more vegetables be number one meats fruits nuts and seeds and healthy fats into your diet this is so much more sustainable as humans this is really what we were designed to consume we weren't designed to eat a bag of Cheetos or Doritos or a Twinkie that's just not part of our human makeup so this should never feel like a diet you're really just replacing certain things like pasta bread and beans and replacing those things with fruits vegetables and healthy meats and nuts and seeds and it really is very fulfilling and satisfying to eat this way so that wraps up this video thank you so much for watching please give me a thumbs up and also subscribe if you have not already done so so you never miss another video and if you would please to check the description down below I'm gonna link off some of my favorite products for a paleo diet that kind of help you transition and I'm also gonna link some of my favorite cookbooks to give you some helpful tips on or some recipe ideas to start eating this way drop a comment tell me what you would like to see from me in the future and I thank you so much for watching have a great day

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