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In this video I am showing you how to get the free skin items in Fortnite: Battle Royale for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch & Mobile devices in 2019. These are all the free skin rewards that you can unlock for free in Fortnite. This is not a Fortnite glitch, hack or cheat. Enjoy the free skin reward items in season 8 Fortnite!

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what is going on guys today I'm going to be discussing and letting you guys know about the free fortnight skin bundle you're actually able to actually get for free on fortnight battle royale but anyways well before this video I'm gonna be helping out five of you guys all we have to do if you guys need to be bucks you guys running Levinson v bucks I'll be sending a thousand V bucks to five people all of course is drop a like on the video right now just smash the like button and comment below in the comment section your epic use your name whoever thought you guys need to be subscriber if you guys are not a subscriber I'm gonna happen to go ahead and give it to somebody else so make sure you guys hit the like button right now and comment below your epic username and subscribe and turn on the notification bell also to you guys if you're one of the first people to like the video let me know in the comment section – I'm gonna have a special reward for those you guys who are super active on my channel and are the one of the first few people to like and comment on the video so I know you guys of course have my notifications on also – shout to everyone using my support occur – code sure is a bear in the item shop I really do appreciate every single one of you guys and you support a critical trees a bear we're coming close to a bunch of people so I really want to do something special for everyone that's been using my supportive critter code once we get like I guess I don't know a goal of how many people actually are using it I'll be trying to do something a little bit special for you guys so thank you everyone using it if you guys ever use my support of crota code make sure you guys go ahead take a picture send it to me so I can give you guys some awesome shoutouts on your youtube channel or something like that and I really do appreciate it cuz everything made from this goes back to my giveaways so I'm able to actually giveaway awesome Vibha prizes to some of you guys on my channel who are super active anyway so today we have some crazy information in news regarding the free a fortnight bundle that isn't becoming an including a free back leg as well as a skin – you guys you can actually get this skin for free and it's actually really cool the last couple of bundles we've been getting we're a really epic we get one for I guess about once every single season so the fact that we're actually getting one for this season is really exciting and I'm looking forward to your guys reactions to it once we actually go ahead and unlock it of course so anyways let me talk guys exactly what skin are you going to be getting as well as the release date so if you guys want to know the release date when we're gonna be giving the skin and makes you guys keep watching this video so as you guys know a lot of you guys are PlayStation players from you guys are on Xbox some of you guys are on mobile there's been a lot of really exclusive skins for every single device let me know in the comment section what device you guys play for tonight on in this bundle even though it will be I guess exclusive to a certain I guess counselor system there's still ways to actually get around that and even if you guys don't own the platform you guys are still able to actually get it so that's really cool guys and I'm really excited to share with you guys how to actually do that so anyways as you guys know literally over a year ago now it was February 14th the first time ever we actually got a brief fortnight skin bundle 2018 that is like this is literally over a year ago now February 14 feels an eighteen was the first time he actually got the Mundell where it included a free fortnight skin I have that on my original main account personally whenever I play with people at play fortnight they're always like I guess I'm a ES and that girl like that's a really awesome skin personally I think it's one of the coolest skins that we got for free however though we're gonna be gonna be even a cooler skin for this season for free which is really awesome then of course we kind of got the skin that looked like Frozone I thought the skin and the skin itself looked like a frozen character from The Incredibles I don't know guys let me know if you guys think that he looks like the Frozone firstly I liked it a lot I actually used it for one of my fortnight music videos have any you guys been an OG subscriber that seen mine I guess my music videos let me know guys he has an OG subscriber that saw my four night music videos where I included him in the actual scene so I don't know this is one of my all-time favorite free skin be actually got to and that was of course just like a celebration pack of course so that's pretty awesome and then finally we had the most recent fortnight scam you actually can get for free and I believe you can still download it right now so makes you guys go ahead and pick it up while you guys still can and that of course is like the nerdy looking one it's like a student with a calculator back playing I thought that one was actually really underrated a lot of people thought that one didn't look – good but personally even when I play it on the Xbox everyone thinks it's super rare like no one knows how to get that on the Xbox or on the mobile or PC cuz everyone's like oh wait how did you get that well obviously with cross-platform I was able to actually use that on all my other platforms so I'm really ecstatic with that skin personally I think it's still a really awesome skin I don't know if I'm a big fan let's the glasses if they would have took out the glasses and just gave them the bandana I think we look a little bit more cooler but that's just my own opinion guys let me know what you think about the most recent free fortnight skin we got released to us and then of course the brand new skin that we're going to be getting this season for free in the fortnight bundle that of course is this guy according to some leakers of course the carbon commando is the name of the skin we're going to be getting in personally it makes a lot of sense that we're going to be getting this skin because of a lot of different reasons however though gets probably wondering when are we gonna get this skin I'll be discussing that later in the video so make sure you guys keep watching this video so anyway so if you guys can see this carbon commando looks very similar to I guess the Nintendo switch skin that was like exclusive the archetype skin as well as some of the recent fortnight skins that got released however though this one is going to be free with a promo according to a lot of the leakers this is a promo skin so they would either have to either give it away for free as I get an exclusive PlayStation Plus pack or they would have to give it away with like I guess some type of phone which I highly doubt they're gonna be doing another phone giveaway or phone like promo because of course the iconic skin recently just got released or it's gonna get released on march 16th so with this being said though the carbon commando is me coming out with the skin as well as a backlink but you're probably wondering exactly when are you gonna be getting the skin and how to actually get it even if you guys don't own up PlayStation our PlayStation Plus membership well of course there's been a recent trend over the last few months and a lot of you guys have kind of picked it up you guys have not seen the trend here it is so basically every three months or pretty much every single season about I guess a little bit more than I guess Midway or more recently I guess a couple weeks into the season they do release a brand new promotion pack for PlayStation Plus members where you can go ahead login your PlayStation and download the skin and the backplane for free the recent release states of course we saw for these was February 14th we had one I believe back in September and then we have another one in December so this is like really exciting it's about halfway through the month of every like 30 months that is that a couple months in and this makes me believe that we're going to be seeing the release of this free command of skin sometime within the next week or two it's gonna be happening I guess based on the recent trends midway through the week so you could see either the 12 the 13th the 19th the twentieth 26 or the 27th that is of this up can come in a month it makes me believe that with the free bundle and the free skin pack that it's gonna get released I'm sure there's gonna be some other scandals I don't be coming to for other systems I know Microsoft announced something very interesting regarding a free exclusive skin for their players to which he'll be releasing soon I'll we talk about that later in another video so make sure you guys stay tuned for that but anyways a lot of guys are wondering how to actually get it obviously I think will be a PlayStation Plus member if you guys know any of your friends that have a PlayStation go over to their house play the game once or whatever on the PlayStation Plus and then you guys can actually get the skin too so that's pretty cool so anyways as I was saying before though like it's really easy to get just logging into your game and downloading it is really awesome and it's actually a really awesome perk of owning PlayStation System so anyways though I really am pumped for this I know a lot of you guys are too so let me know in the comments section of course if you guys are hype for the free fortnight skin a bundle loves to be coming into your system and I'm really really pumped but anyways guys we'll catch you guys later have an awesome day remember guys stay true and peace out bye remember use code trees bear in the item shop and take a picture thank you

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