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Streamers React to the *NEW* Switchstep Emote/Dance! – Fortnite Best Moments

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The new Switchstep Emote is in the Item Shop and Streamers React to it! You’ll also see the Best and Funniest Fortnite clips of today in this video!

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Also in this video:
The new Fortnite item Shop
The new Switchstep emote
Streamers buying and reacting to the new Switchstep Emote

all item show item sure oh hold on oh that song purchase land I might purchase a chick-fil-a sauce for light oh the Sun sprouty that goes with us actually I think I'm gonna buy that I'm gonna buy that you want to hit it with me oh I don't know if I bought it Bruce oh that cleaners I gotta go anything to one go I like this this is me I think item shop what is this dance this is the most basic dance why is this 500 it sucks ass holy shit all right let's go farm oh there's another chest here Auggie bitch why does the wall kill the chest are you kidding me guys up you shit on a chuck a clinger from here I wonder maybe you got stretched her eyes to see that bro did you just think Bobby's gone again you got a chill oh my god is to the fucking greatest clinger I've ever fucking thrown I'm not even trolling oh wow dude you just got foam oh he's here fuckers wasting my match actually now's our Wilson accuracy gladdened Azhar oh and there's a chugga now there's chuggineer who's the Joker did you choke in here it did is it chugging ah you know how to do that to me isolate you is there a chuck in there buddy oh wait oh it's good because you start to a trap bro so there's a chug in there you know go fetch the damn chug for me boy this guy's playing in I'm chilly yep close to me yelling it at that house and there's one more high up oh my fucking you're midair did I get my hoverboard ready I'm thinking bro in my head I'm like yo I'm gonna fucking fly over everybody's head like no fucking a Superman and hop in the zone and take a look what happened I wanted to fucking fly over him and just laying on someone but am I going for picks like oh I'm chilling I'm not even paying attention all I'm just like oh I just wanna pop these guys drink oh no wait oh shit wait uh-oh gone Oh No what's happening ah oh oh what is oh shit dude oh shit well dude it's not my fault bro yeah what how did that hit Mina what the hell yo how'd that bow hit the roof bro this game is a fucking actually joke bro turn me in the decayed next thing you know I'm gonna be over here like HD you wanna play yes god I'm good at fortnight Maps can I get seven where are my clapping with ya running oh I forgot about that bug I'm gonna be honest with you I read about it but I didn't think and this guy was probably saving I read about the bug but I didn't think it was still in I thought they fixed it I thought they fixed it are you fucking kidding me with this or no oh fuck out here I just got Blake him or her somebody clipped that I just hit him for zero damage he was even behind build or anything oh my god I met imagine like you lose in a World Cup because of lack could you imagine 80 not look it up move move back lady this right here this right here this ain't no stretch red where's fucking fuck that shit it'll spread rent me that shit boo me big bird shit oh you talking about but ain't no stretch red but me I see the ball ready y'all seem living but yeah I see it I was born ready y'all ready I was born I was born ready I said I was born I was born ready I said I was born I was born ready