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Smoked Beef Jerky Recipe

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I show you how to make homemade beef jerky on the Big Chief electric smoker. The recipe is in the description below.

T-ROY’s Homemade Beef Jerky Recipe

2 lbs Beef Eye of Round sliced 1/4 inch thick
1 cup Dr Pepper
1/4 cup Soy Sauce
1/4 cup Water
2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
1 Tbsp Red Pepper Flakes
2 tsp Black Pepper
1/2 tsp Lawry’s Season Salt
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Onion Powder
1/4 tsp Srirachi seasoning powder

If cooking jerky in your oven or dehydrator, add a capful of concentrated liquid smoke flavoring into the marinade!

Combine all ingredients into a marinating bag or container.
Marinate in fridge for 24 hours.
Remove jerky slices from marinade and dry both sides of each slice.
Place jerky slices into your smoker and cook for approximately 5 hours or until jerky is done to your liking.


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zero Dylan in the backyard father do you run Jill in the backyard really showing you that you do Oh's with the beer whiskey but it cooks responsibly hey everybody welcome to tea workers I appreciate you joining us folks today I'm gonna make you some homemade jerky I've been tinkering around with making up my own recipe here following how the last six months or so finally found one that I really really dig so I'm gonna share with you guys today hope you give it a try I hope you enjoy give me some comments let me know if you give it a shot but we need to do the marinade first I'm gonna let this marinate for right at 24 hours you gotta marinate at least 6 to 8 hours I would say but I'm going with 24 hours so let me fill this marinade together to show you what's in it and the recipe will be in the description box just hit show more beneath the video and open the description box you can find the recipe there let's get to it it's gonna be good alright guys and the first thing first the meat you choose is very important you need to get a very lean meat I'm using this I have round it's a select boneless I have round roast that I found in the case of my butcher shop and I had to butcher slice this so it's sliced pretty thin I'll show you how thin it is here in a second but he just sliced it for me it was a full roast he sliced it for me and put it in this packaging and rewrapped it so that's where we're at right there we're going to get this in here and I'll show you just how thin this is you cut them as thin or as thick as you want and if you don't want to do the eye around roast try to choose some other roast that has very little marbling and fat in it because that's that's really what you need let me throw this away so if you see here I'm pouring these middle ones out here that's how thin it is about a quarter inch or so not very thick at all so just lay these out try to open them up and personally I like this if you want you can actually cut these and make strips also it's up to you however you want to do it it's your jerky make it how you want man but yeah flank steak would work but any I see this has a little bit of fat on it that's not too bad right there see a little fat running through here that's not bad but man some of those roasts they're just well he missed that one yeah that gonna make a big tough piece of jerk not tough but uh nice big old chunk of jerky so any hip let me get all this laid out we'll meet you right back and we'll throw the marinade together all right guys I've lined up the stars of the show except water I've got water right here we're gonna use that here in a second let me show you the dry ingredients I'm using dark brown sugar you can use regular brown sugar or white sugar if you want this is some garlic powder this is onion powder this is some Lawry's seasoned all this stuff right here seasoned salt crushed black pepper and I decided I haven't tried this before but I think it's gonna work out pretty good this is some sriracha powder folks it's this stuff right here Sorachi seasoning we'll give that a shot when I add a little kick to it y'all know how I like that oh and I'm gonna throw a little few pepper pepper flakes now let me get some of that real quick here we go I like put a little bit of crushed red pepper in there as well let's do that how come just going to sprinkle them on here how much I don't know probably a tablespoon or so not like that thing with these marinades you don't have to be exact with it but again the instructions and the recipe down below in the description box so I hope y'all check that out I mean ah to be in love sriracha yeah we'll check it all out get all that goodness in there have a go going with our water going with our soy sauce just like so I'm using this soy sauce it's sweeter soy sauce but you can use the light soy sauce if you don't want quite as much of the salty so do you minute or regular doesn't matter yeah right here I've got some dr. pepper this is what's gonna make this really really good just a regular ol cans about a half a can of dr. pepper there folks so we're gonna put the lid on this baby you can use a ziplock bag if you don't have one of these marinate errs we're pretty good perfect hey give it a good shamian shake down shake it all up over a few times alright and we're gonna put this in the fridge let it sit overnight we'll meet y'all back tomorrow about the same time folks see you then hi hey gang it's been 24 hours let's check on this jerky see how she's looking and I forgot to mention to before I left off last time you need to rotate that whatever you got your jerky marinating in flip it over like every six to eight hours personally I did mine like every eight hours so I flipped it three times so there you go make sure you do that that way you get some even marinade coating see what we got it has been right at 24 hours gorgeous alright sure does smell good how's that big old hunk right there oh what you want to do is try to wick all the moisture off your here that you can so I'm just gonna lay these out on paper towels and I'm gonna take the paper towel and Pat the top side as well you never gonna put them on some some wire racks I'll show you the cooker here I'll bring you back so y'all bear with me we'll meet you all right back hey hey guys I'm gonna show you the cooker we're gonna use it someone I found on Amazon it's less than 100 dollars if I remember right more like either 69 or 99 I can't member anyway it's called the Big Chief and they also make a smaller version this version holds five racks and they have two options you can have it lift out of the top you know all the racks all at once or you can have the front door opening you can actually slide the racks in individually that's the model I've got is the one the front door comes off let me show you to you man this thing's pretty cool I've been using it for a few months now in this electric smoker now check it out here she is right there folks hopefully on see that she's got this there's no log han comes with it and put your wood chips in there got a drip pan down here above the heating element down here hopefully I can see that gonna need to zoom in a little bit for you which way we're going there we go you hopefully I don't see that there you go comes out heating element down there and this thing maintains about 165 Fahrenheit and then trees go in here now me and my wife like to get you back up here me and the wife love how's that better lights messing with me man anyway we love black pepper jerky so I got some black pepper I'm just gonna sprinkle here at the very end before we put the racks into the cooker let me show you real quick here and again hopefully ugh see that I really don't know if you can or not there you go my camera must not be level anyway just gonna go in with some black pepper real quick you know if you like garlic or something there's some other season and go for it put it on there or put it in your rub it's like so we're gonna put this rack put this rack over here and in the cooker where's the cooker oh I'm blocking it there you go yeah y'all bear with me folks I'm only using I'm only using three of them Iraq's so I'm not gonna put one on the bottom just go to the three racks in the middle need to dust this one with some pepper let me get these dusted up I'll bring our right back folks and the last track school yeah this thing's gonna be near some electricity right here look again now from the smoke let me empty this real quick smoke come on home with some pecan wood hey go colorful huh I've been testing this thing get you back up here again I've been testing this thing and I found that when you put a full load of wood chips in this thing it over smokes the meat to me especially like jerky which is what I use it for someone go Phil's about halfway yeah what we're gonna do bring you down there there you go see it's not even full and this goes in this little trap door down here comes up and this just slides right on top right on top of the the heating element right there now the previous times I've done this is to taking taking about five six hours to do the jerky so I'll bring out back here and probably an hour and a half two hours we'll check on it because I need to rotate those racks within the cooking chamber in this thing rotate those racks out so you get more even cooking should be pretty even anyway but tell you what man this thing smokes great you know y'all always hear me saying each cut each type of cooker smoker has its place this one is fantastic for making homemade jerky or if you want to smoke cheese or fish anything like that check it out Big Chief man send my Amazon store links down below and I'll probably put just a regular direct link to Amazon where y'all find this thing so you know I having a look through almost door see y'all here in a couple hours probably check it out folks it's been about ten minutes and she's smoking up a storm and that smoke will probably last for about uh I don't know 35 45 minutes or so I didn't soak them as you saw just pouring straight from the bag into the Lipan down there so again it's been about 10-15 minutes now cool let her keep going and bring y'all back here in a couple hours hey guys it's been an hour and a half time to rotate these racks around and I like to do a bed every hour and a half or so every hour you know something like that oh and the smoke has stopped smoke like I said only lasted 35 maybe 45 minutes and if I were doing a thick piece like a fish or something on this thing I would probably go ahead and use the full pan of wood chips but I don't think you need to soak them in water you can if you want I guess but I didn't and don't want to use too much smoke so start out if you get one of these things start out with a half a pan a half a pan of wood chips if you make too much smoke in there it's gonna make your meat bitter depending on how thick the meat is so I've played with it now I've learned that a half a pan that's good enough for jerky that I cook on this thing let's check it out let's see looks like we bring you down here so I can zoom in a little bit on there for you here we go there we go that's where she's looking like right now looks pretty doggone good hey gets pretty hot folks down close to that burner be sure to use something though protect your hands so we'll get about another hour so and rotate them again I'm gonna bring you back for that because y'all see me do that y'all know how to rotate racks around just even cooking that's what we're looking for I'll bring you back when this stuff is about done we're gonna do a taste test just see if it's about done and you don't want dry it out too much we won't still leave a little bit of moisture in there but when it starts getting kind of flexible and starts the fibers start kind of tearing a little bit as you flex it that's when it's done bring out back then see y'all shortly okay it's been five hours let's check on this jerky I've been rotating them racks like I told you I would for five hours in let's check it see if it's done there we go stay there camera stay there looking look how already there we go that's what she's looking like take a piece off of here I'm thinking it may be close I mean you take it and bend it like that it's still got it still got moisture in it though it's not really let's start and break up a little bit I'm thinking maybe another half hour and we'll pull it I'll meet y'all back after I pull it and let it cool off for about two 15 minutes we'll give it a try hey everybody all right this this jerk he's rested and cooled off for probably about 20 minutes let me show it to you real quick oh and it's uh it's nightfall I mean the Sun set maybe 30 minutes ago still got a little bit of light in the sky but I pulled out my my lights my LED lights so that you guys could see me and I got some lights up here too anyway let me show you this jerky real quick I don't want to fall out of the uh out of the play here but there you go y'all check that out folks is that gorgeous sure does smell good my dogs are right beneath my feet here so try not to let any of this jerky spill out of my plate you know we gotta wait hey hey huh here we go folks let's give this a shot see what you see what's going on here oh and look you can tell you see the fibers right there on the meat the fibers or they showing up white right here but you stretch the fibers and looks like they're gonna tear here's the other side that's when you notice it's done that's when you know it's dry enough you know take your look piece off of there mmm-hmm not good love me some jerky especially a black pepper jerky as my favorite mmm I'll tell you what man I'll be honest with you guys I'm not a dr. pepper fan karen is I'm more of a coke plan or Pepsi so RC cool man I'll tell you what I made a batch of this last week one batch with Cola one batch with Dr Pepper Dr Pepper one in my opinion to help you give it a try even if you don't want that pepper do that's jamming and in fact last week I made this I didn't do I didn't use the sriracha and I'm liking the sriracha gives a little bit of back in heat so I maybe add another quarter teaspoon the next run but experiment with it recipes down below in the description box if you're interested hope you check it out it's good stuff we're gonna be eating this for a little bit when you when you store this it'll probably last a couple of weeks maybe three weeks out on the counter in a ziplock bag if you want to last longer than that put it in the fridge in a ziplock bag or some covered container and that'll make it last probably about six weeks okay no preservatives there anything like that that you would get from the store this is just all natural homemade beef jerky fabulous stuff folks hope you give it a try if you do let me know what you think about Doug give me some thumbs up hope sure the video and when you do please tell all your friends the t-boy cooks responsibly cheers everybody