Slimming World Friendly Noodle Pot.

Slimming World Friendly Noodle Pot.

If you do not add the oil, this is syn free on Slimming World. With the oil it is 2 Syns

hi-yah this is my sin free Pot Noodle for work I'm literally just going to make it up quickly mine is actually going to be two sins because I'm going to put sesame seed oil in it but you don't have to put this in this is just and so in my Kilmer jar I've got one chicken Apso cube ground up in the bottom got one teaspoon of five-spice powder in then now I'm adding a teaspoon of sesame seed oil you don't have to put this in this has two sins but it's worth it for the flavor tablespoon of soy sauce so I've got 1 carrot 1 small carrot diced up into matchsticks goes in I've got half a pepper in this case is the yellow one got quarter courgette use it like that cut up into ribbons and I happen to have you already need to put one spring onion in but I have to because I love them these have come out my next-door neighbor's garden now we've dug up this morning so the lovely fresh ones in on top and then to finish it off I have 1 diced up the meat of 1 diced up chicken thigh with the skin removed that's cooks chicken just goes in on top and that's it and go in the fridge tonight and all I do is when I get to work tomorrow when I want it for lunch fill it up with boiling hot water put the lid on leave it to stand for five minutes give it a good stir and it's ready to go thank you

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  1. been having something similar for quite a while now – I use thai red curry paste, creamed coconut, ketchup, curry powder, vegetables (carrots, red/yellow/green pepper, sweetcorn, spinach, cabbage), ready to wok noodles, fresh ginger, lemongrass, sesame oil, soy sauce etc …. add cornflour to thicken the soup.

  2. Just found you via Kate SW'S channel who mentioned you in a tag video about great slimming world channels on here. Well done mate .

  3. Good idea love to see more videos please

  4. Thanks for the comments, I will try and film some more videos soon, if there is something you would like me to cook, please ask.

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