Slimming World For Beginners | Food Optomising Overview

Slimming World For Beginners | Food Optomising Overview

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hey guys welcome to my channel I really wanted to make a series just dedicated to slimming world and helping people who have just started swimming world all those who are thinking about starting soon well I get a lot of questions because obviously I post videos on YouTube and talk about on Instagram and Facebook so I just thought it'd be great if I could just make a series dedicated to you guys a lot of my videos used to be just me talking about my journey and things like that but now I really want to help you guys so if there's any ideas that you think that would be helpful for people starting out slimming world then let me know in the comments I love it when you guys respond to me if you're new to my channel I've got a video which just talks about my weight loss journey if you're interested I am NOT a slimming world consultant and I'm not sponsored by slimming world I am however passionate about three well because I know that it works I've lost over 50 pounds and countless other people have lost a lot of lot of weight combined so yeah that's why I'm passionate about it and I'm also passionate about it because it's not just a fatty diet and a 12-week bikini blitz or anything like that is it's something that is maintainable if you stick to it and it really teaches you about nutrition so let's get started this first video I just basically want to explain what slimming wealth is in a nutshell and what it's like when you join slimming world and yeah the first time that you go there so three-on-two the uk-based weight-loss program and it's more than just all his a meal plan or here's some macros you need to eat this this and this it's really about giving you the choice to make healthy decisions and it teaches you about nutrition and I know for me personally this is a big thing I thought I knew what was healthy like yeah just eat salad and like hardly any carbs this has just changed my perspective and and that person's like really I'm gonna be able to eat all that and lose weight and yeah it's true so right there's you can either join online or you can come to the group's now I know that coming to a group for a lot of people might seem really daunting and it's really not because everyone has been there everyone has had their first time attending a group session and we are all there to support each other we're not there to look at you and judge you we're all there for the same reason so we want to be healthy and we want to lose some weight so I'm now at a stage where I'm really close to my target and I'm not going coming to doing well because I want to lose a ton of weight now I'm there because I want to maintain a healthy weight because I have been overweight in the past and I know that by holding myself accountable coming to the group that I will make better decisions and it's really great to see everybody succeed around you and and share recipes and ideas and and if you've had a bad week you can talk about it if you've got a good week you can talk about it so I would definitely consider attending a group you can give the consultants a call and they will happily have a chat to you about everything and put your worries aside so there's the online one is also a little bit more expensive but equally as good you still have a chance to talk a really good online community as well and I know people a lot of people work shifts and there's like that so it might be difficult but the thing is once you join a group you are not bound to that group every single week there will be other groups in your area that you can attend and if you work shift work they make fewer rush at work oh they will make allowances for that as well so definitely think about it before joining up online but I'm not say that the online is not a good way of doing it but I just do think that having that support their face-to-face week by week and holding yourself accountable really really helps so you will sign up and I'm just going to talk about the group now and it is I think it's 999 I believe too for your like joining fee and then you will pay $4.99 each week I hope that's right I really hope that's like what is it 498 basically five pounds okay but there are a lot of deals if you buy some in world magazine and things like that there's often offers so that you don't have to pay the joining fee so just look out for that and at the moment in its February I think that if you come with a friend and you get you get it you don't have to pay the joining fee or you get the first week free but yeah just yeah look around before you go there because there are office and online as well so I'm and then you would attend your first group and then you would have a chat with your more there God you consultant but with me and she will explain the plan to you and I'm gonna do that now quickly just really just quickly just go over it and then in future videos I'm going to be a bit more specific and go into more depth about certain topics and things so you will join and you will get your lot swimming world pack and here is what it looks like this is quite a new one because I believe it's the 50th anniversary of severing world so it's a gold one at the moment and you've got a load of books and things in here so I just want to go through what you get inside the pack so you will get your Bible as we call it this is all about food optimising and that is how you eat fast you're following sitting wells and and inside it it has got a wealth of information here and then it has also got all of the different foods moves like that and sin values and things like that which I'll talk to you about in a minute and you get that then you've also get some more booklets about how important it is to attend group therapy because it really is so much better if you can stage the group and have a chat with everyone then we have a book on body magic now body magic is basically exercise moving yourself you know it's not just going to boost your weight loss it's also going to make you feel good about yourself and then exercise you know it's great for a mental health then we have got all this is something SP I'm going to talk about that in another video that's not just a way of boosting your weight loss even further and then we've got this is really good for the first six weeks so you can talk about all your inspiration and how did you get on week by week evaluates how your weeks have been and put a gold put a gold weight there you know it's when you have got a goal that you're aiming for you're more and you write it down you're more likely to achieve it and and say yeah that's really good okay so slimming world swimming world is all about being satisfied and eating good food okay so you can eat whatever the hell you like within reason we have something called sins I know it sounds like oh you shouldn't make food sound bad because food is just food and yeah I've been there I tried the whole intuitive eating thing and that's what made me put on weight so yeah it teaches you what foods are really high in sugar and high in fat and that ultimately if you eat too much of them will make you put on weight so it you can have a kick you can have a chocolate bar but it's in moderation which is how it should be then you have your free food which is literally free you can eat as much as you like and that's what's really going to make you feel satisfied because if if you're starving ourselves on these diets you're going to end up craving all of these sugary high-fat food or you're gonna be hungry and it's just not a good place to be whereas if you're more satisfied and full up on healthier food then you're less likely to want to eat all those sugary naughty snacks and I will talk about what the free food is then we have speed foods now speed foods are what you want to fill your plate with because these are really gonna boost you weight loss and what we say is that you need to make a third of your plate speed foods okay now when a lot people say negative things about sumos like free food that just means you just eat it they're just saying you eat as much as you like just eat blows and doesn't teach you about portion control okay now in theory yes you can eat as much as you like however we're not telling you to overeat and go absolutely crazy once you feel full and satisfied stop this is the other thing is to make sure that you've got that third of speed food because just eating a massive bowl of pasta and meat is not going to be as good for you as eating pasta with a load of vegetables and and all the good stuff okay then you have P Foods which is your protein so that's your chicken your fish you know your meats and nuts and seeds and things like that and then we have healthy extra a and a healthy extra beef now healthy extra a you are actually allowed two of these and that has changed quite recently and this is to make sure that you get in of your calcium so there's things like milk and cheese and then we have a healthy extra beat and this is making sure that you get your fiber in so this is things like bread and and the although you don't have to have these every day it is good because obviously we know what fiber is good for and calcium is good for our bones and that teeth and all that good stuff so you have let me show you right sure and another thing don't just buy these on eBay or online with people to save them because you really need to go to group and have somebody talk to you about it and and you to ask some questions don't just try and do it on your own because and yeah it's a lot of information at first and it can be quite overwhelming once you've been doing it for a while it's like wow this is really easy okay so let's start with free food so free food is literally all lean meats okay so chicken is free beef is free but if it's like five percent fat you know the the better cuts of beef and gammon goat I don't go pork turkey which it should be five percent less fat less bacon lean cut all the fat off you can you can eat that to your heart's content um and then Oh gained a pigeon and I've tried fishing months rabbit and you have got fish your God and your place and mullet isn't that happen shellfish oily fish okay all of this is free you don't have to worry about it as long as you have cut all the fat off then you can Eve eat much as you like that's fine okay then we have dairy products and anything with a pea neck still it means it's high in protein so that's obviously good to have so fat-free natural yogurt that's all free which there are some great ideas you can do with that desserts and savory things eggs yes many eggs as you like then we've got pasta and you're like what pasta kerbs honestly if it's dried pasta because the fresh process is a lot of them have oil and them so you have to be careful with that and that's the other thing though these meats are free they're only free if you cook them in spray light or fry like the spray cooking oil rather than go lugging a load of oil in them because that's going to affect calories vegetables the most important one and next of the vegetable section all of these will have SS necks and these are your speed foods these are what you really want to make your plate up of and there's there's absolutely loads of vegetables so you can have and then we've got fruits I had a lot of speed fruits as well we've got beans peas and lentils go ahead fill your plate with them fill yourself up okay so that is your favorite sake then you've got your healthy extra a so you have two of those and one healthy extra be so healthy extra a would be for example 350 ml of skimmed milk so you could have that you could have that with your tea in your coffee or with your cereal and then you could also have a bit of cheese with your pasta say in the evening so you could have 40 grams of reduced reduced fat cheddar or you have 30 grams of just general cheddar so obviously you're gonna go for the reduced fat because you're gonna have more of it um or you could have two dairy Li light cheese's or three mini baby mountain lights okay you can have two of these choices then you're gonna have one of your health the extra bees now I normally have two slices of wholemeal bread or I think it accounts to 30 grams of wholemeal bread or you have 45 grams of bran flakes there are a lot of cereals here to Weetabix well porridge then you can have Brad said yes sorry 60 grams of whole milk I thought was 30 grams how exciting you can have two Rabbitohs you'd have a polite cereal bars these are all your healthy extra B's then you also you could have nuts and seeds or there's dried fruit canned fruit cooked fruit it's all in here you guys and this is the best thing about it I think that it really teaches you how to cook and make things more from fresh because once you start getting freezer food news at that and then seeing the sin value of these you will think twice the Swimming World website I've got have got a wealth of recipes on there there's also some websites that aren't officially swimming well but they are something was friendly I've got my cup of tea there with me like pinch of non slimming eats I think there's a few that's it – chubby Cubs or something like that so yeah there's loads and loads of recipes also you can buy the magazine which for similar members you get cheaper I believe that it is 195 instead of 295 these have got loads and loads of recipes in them there's so much information out that you will never be stuck for ideas and when you attend group you can chat to your heart's content about ideas and stuff like that and then we have the sense these are all the naughty things which are fabulous in moderation but having too many of them will affect your weight loss so let me find the sin values okay alcohol oh this is the scary one okay so you are allowed 15 cents a day this may be different depending on your weight and sex but generally for most it is 15 cents a day okay so let's say I'm like hmm I would quite like a pint of lager so this has just got a standard pint of lager and you can search more specifically for things in the app and oh let me have a look at this a standard pint of 6% volume is eighteen point five cents okay well that's gone over my daily allowance so then you think okay what else could I have okay if I was to have a standard lager pint with four to six of volume of alcohol then it's eleven point five cents so I can fit that into my day and then you think but then I can only have one drink this is how I think so then I go oh maybe I'll have a gin because gin for a small standard we call it 25 mil is three sins oh okay I'll have a gin and then I'll have a light tonic yes so this is what it kind of makes you do when you start checking the sin values and things you realize that things that you've been having every day are really not good so you will kind of change it and you'll think what's less in calories and you'll be like oh my goodness I used to drink a bowl of wine and like a night I hope not uh and then it will make you think wow if I was to reduce that then I could lose some weight okay so let's have a look at say actually look at dinner rice popped rice pups I'm just trying to think of something like that people have i don't know what coco pops up but probably have to find them on the on the website know what should we look at they're dead there's so much in here you guys there's so so much I would like to have some salad cream with my salad so what's our clean so my salad I've got my lovely healthy salad and it's all free but I want a bit of sauce so then I will have salad cream so a standard tablespoon is two cents okay that's not so bad however if I was to try the reduced fat one that would be one cent so yeah this is what I found when I started it just made me think oh I could be making better choices here and I continue to do that and now I kind of I kind of know what I like and what I know is better for me so yeah that is just a basic yeah overview of what the plan is like and when you start build get food diary for the first four weeks and then after that you can buy plenty of them out there there's so many different ones and look has been filled in here so you've got your days and then you write in your speed foods that you have your free foods your sins and your healthy extras and it just makes you it makes you realize oh I'm not had hardly any speed food so then you'll you know try and make it a bit better the the next day and and what is good is to track as you go along instead of at the end of the day trying to remember everything that you had in realising on our corner of misses and then wonder why he didn't have such a great week so there we go um yeah that is basically Wireless doing well because I think it is sustainable and it is something that is not a fad diet and I have not once had a day where I felt sobbing or hungry or like I'm on a diet and I wanted to stay with certain world and just try and maintain my weight healthily because as I said I have been bigger before and I know that I can quite easily put on weight however while I'm following this plan it makes me feel in control and good I feel good because I'm putting good food into my body so that is my first one so it's quite long I hope it was helpful to some of you and as I said make sure you comment because I love to hear what you guys have to say and yeah like this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already and I will catch you in its on ciao

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