Slimming World  Easiest and Tastiest Syn Free Salmon Fishcakes Recipe

Slimming World Easiest and Tastiest Syn Free Salmon Fishcakes Recipe

Perfect for this recipe……

No boiling, absolute piece of cake, fresh herbs make this extra special.

Another slimming world friendly recipe…


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you sick to death me get I'm gonna make some really simple fish cakes I've been to be an M today and sorry feeding investment but I bought twenty nine tens because all they had on the Shelf of that salmon so I think young is that suckers have all duly doing the old harvest basket I'm gonna make two sessions of this up just basically pour eight hundred mils of hot boiling water on them so I'm not sure how much this is going to make then I'm just going to season this really really well don't add any butter to it because if they won't don't add any milk to it because the they won't crisp up and we use that mashed potato I like this stuff as well I'm gonna add a generous amount of salt and pepper to this and maybe little bit water water butt cheeks it's a bit powdery soon then I'm gonna let that cool down and then I shall be back to later on today when I put it together right back we've just been to some advertised as some sort of like festival down one of the areas in Bedford it was actually a buyer list all a stall selling all K accessories cat watches cat scarves cat pictures cat bags a incense and incense sticks cool you know I mean and a bit of a brass band going on and some out of tune music now tune when it's to that distorted music anyway my mashed potato it's really nice actually I love this stuff definitely can use that more often as I like going to anyway I've got myself an onion and I've been bleating on about how good these knives are this is a pamphlet chef's knife I think it's awesome about 70 quid I was basically a party I didn't know what to order I didn't need anything else so I bought one of these but it's been the best knife or the most used knife obviously it's no different opinion potatoes but the choppin it is amazing I'm just gonna demonstrate so put my onion for the peel it should Thomas before is the best thing you demonstrate this is on things like a cabbage or sweet potato or sweet because it's just so much bell Y so there's my onion just gonna cut through it all and as my cookery teacher taught me just cut through cut that end off but the root end keep it intact because that's going to keep it all together and then when you go to chop it just chop down like that so you've got all lines here and then chop it the other way and this knife just holds everything together if I've got a little vegetable knife I'll show you what it's like with the vegetable nine so you can see the difference and that's it and that's a you can then use this knife to transport everything to the frying pan so you go you got finely chopped onion if I then do it with a vegetable knife watching this Anya's quite tightly together it's absolutely fine actually say I don't want to use a vegetable knife the onion then skips all over the place but anyway that's how I chop an onion so for this recipe as I've used to two sachets of mashed potatoes I'm going to use two onions and also I'm going to do is stick this in her prime I'm just gonna fry these onions up don't want real raw onions in with my fish cakes so I'm just going to dump them Brown I just want them want them sweetened up and I'm gonna put both of them in I'm also as well it's up to you whether or not you do this I've boiled up a couple eggs because I'm gonna put eggs into a half of them it's in not into the other half of the mixture just see what they're like so that's basically boiled oil chopped up egg and then I should be back to you in about seven minutes but I'll put the dish together so my masters mortise cooled down now so that should be fine and I'll see you in a minute well I'm back I feel sick I've skipped the egg bit this is the egg that I boiled up I think it it looks just a bit wrong it was sort of like it's gray it's got this bit here and I've never recognized before an innit I can't do it in an egg it obviously must be must have been started to be fertilized so I feel really terrible now anyway that is probably it now I'm off eggs forever now I can add my sweet'n attentive board capacity and I've got a load of coriander I've got my some sage leads I've got Pete Rose Marie what else forgot here and a bit of Oregon I think in time so yeah just some clicks hurts obviously I don't think it's gonna work very well but I shouldn't any everything else is fine can add these in so at this point if you'd board up some eggs chop them up stick them in there or I suppose you could put the stuff like spinach in but I'm just gonna make these really lovely as they are say I've tasted it as well I've adjusted the salt pepper and it's fine then I'm gonna add my bargain salmon so polities if you've got to being ham home stores today in Bedford about 29 tins so 7c might be in a video this skinny little bug this done with salmon that is red salmon that is three pound fifty in supermarkets is only one pound in envenom and I'll show you what it looks like so as you can see it's got no bones in there has got no skin so you can just use the whole lot you've gotta like pick any bits out so yeah sort of like that instead of having all the all the black I'm gonna add – tenzin with this justice I've got double the amount potatoes I will put the amount of everything I've used basically if it's one sachet of Plato it's wanting to – no sorry wanting to salmon one onion and a hand some perps I've doubled it up so yeah and also I'm going to do is add this tinning give it a good mix and then I'm gonna make them into fish cake shapes and then I'm gonna stick it in the fridge and then I should come back to you when I'm ready to cook up so you want to put me in there for a minimum of half an hour just so they sort of set as they are you could actually as well get some bread crumbs and coat them in that but I don't think they need it so I'm gonna save my my Group B for later hello I'm back for the final install room I really like making those I'll find it up term putting all the ingredients on the chopping board and like me didn't like bread because it's really hard to mix in if you wondering what asked wit them about the eggs cuz you're not used to my videos as well I've got a cockerel in with my hens in the garden and it would not have been busy with the UM I thought he just tagged one girlfriend but you loved her sleeping around them all so these are stone-cold now they've been resting about 40 minutes in the fridge and I'm just gonna cook up well – so it's gonna be some like a dinner and I've tried a bit the potato mixture it is to die for the coriander in there is just it's just lovely so and also I'm going to do just squash the backlit in the pan because then like they take the world cook I'm gonna do three or four minutes in each side and then I'm gonna serve them up with a salad and I shall be back to you when I'm serving up and here is my finished article I'm having or lemon in the eye just this serve with the big salads a because it's got potato been there I don't fall I can do everything else without so I am really looking for that I've had a little taste they are absolutely it's nice to any restaurant and it's a it's just a packet smash oh my god lovely so I'll see you back around tomorrow

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  1. Fantastic, I've never used packet potato smash. Seeing as you love it, I'll definitely give it a try. Wish we had a b&m in ireland jx

  2. Going to make them this week , keep up the good work love your meals x

  3. are there syns in these?

  4. such a good idea, I must try it tomorrow x

  5. Hi want to make this but would like to know if I could use real mash potatoes? x

  6. Instant mash, what a great idea would never have though of that but it saves all the faff of boiling and trying to get lumps out of fresh.

  7. no had loads just didn't know what it was like! but definitely going for lots today. ☺☺

  8. Yum yum yum yum yum! Love fish cakes, but have never made them with mashed potatoes. I'm DEFINITELY going to give these a try…… probably for dinner tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! xx

  9. I'd never have bought packet mash, that looks so good!

  10. Hi Sharon thanks for that they like fantastic love fish cakes . I went to b&m's yesterday and got 10 tins of salmon , going to have some for lunch tomorrow Mmmmm xxx

  11. Thank you for this recipe, such a simple one but I bet its amazing! I never knew instant smash was synfree, thanks for that! x

  12. They look amazing Sharon.  You're such a good cook

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