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Photography Tips for the SoCal Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2019

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Good morrow good gentles! In this video we will be journeying to the past as we visit the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Come with me as we explore the fair and get some information about capturing photography in such a vibrant and exciting place!

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good-morrow find friends the Renaissance Faire provides more than just the joys of traveling back in time and place to a world where Queens and Knights write again indeed the Ren Faire provides a photographer with many an opportunity to capture the vibrant colors and activities surrounding them either way there are many people walking around the Faire dressed in their finest or most rugged garb you may even see the Queen the Faire is a great opportunity to capture candid moments of fairies playing tricks on passerby as well as general merriment there are also many fine shows including this man a sword swallower he swallows various types and lengths of swords and even a balloon at one point he recruits a young lady to assist him with his act one can capture these acts and create truly stunning records of truly stunning acts and of course the joust chivalrous Knights have a contest to prove their strength and skill on the field of Honor there are various games of skill including a lance through a very small hoop slicing a cabbage and stabbing a foam block the real action begins when the fully armored Knights go against each other in the list each one trying to shatter the other shield with their Lance's they travel at high speeds past each other the final jest of the day includes hand-to-hand combat resulting in the demise of at least one night and their squire throughout the joust a photographer will find many opportunities for action shots as well as triumphant posts the Knights as the galavant around the field I implore you find gentles to attend a Renaissance Fair interview if not for the photography at least for the fun excitement and beer as well farewell and good morrow