Low Syn So Simple So Tasty Sticky Chicken Slimming World Recipe

Low Syn So Simple So Tasty Sticky Chicken Slimming World Recipe

600g chicken
3 tbsp honey
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
3 tbsp soy sauce

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yeah another pretty easy dish today I've had a I've had a traumatic tiring day and I here today my feet are absolutely killing me I've spent 80 pound on stuff I didn't even know I wanted and I'm sure I didn't need so I'm just gonna make a quick a quick quick dinner this whole lot is eight sins and it's gonna serve four so I'm gonna start with three tablespoons of clear honey then three tablespoons of soy sauce and then three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar it sounds a bit funny combination but it supposed to be really nice don't give it a good stir and then you want 600 grams of chicken chopped up so pop that in there and then you want to leave that for at least half an hour I'm going to show you my my toy that I've got you know I bought the the vacuum sealer from the auction when I invested in some of these these are sealing pots so I'm going to going to show you in action so prepare to be excited it's a simple I'll put that over there stick that on there and then press this button here there you are it's just got this seat on it but if you listen here this is so cool where it's all airtight do you know come out so I'll do that bit anyway because it's so exciting so anyway I should see you back in half an hour yes a bit we've got a paying more for thee I think the boxes were like about ten pounds for three on Amazon so they cost me the same as a sealer but at least I'm just absolutely stealing everything called the bacon the ham and the cheese and those as well no not the cheese or am i saying that yeah because any time God just washing them up and I buy the bags that are quite expensive I think they were like they six or seven pounder roll each so so at least with the UM the vacuum pack things and it's fun sealing them back up again anyway I shall see you back saying a little while when we do the next stage oh yeah I've waited half an hour just gonna spray foil up my pan because I would ever unsee it again and just gonna bunk that all in with all the marinade because I'm gonna get it it's going to take about I want to cook the chicken so sore 15-20 minutes by what the marinade cook down so everything it's going to dissolve apart from the the honey which is going to make it sticky so I shall see you back in about 15 minutes time I are about two minutes away from serving up it's all reduced down it looks really nice to show you that in a minute I've got my kernel in the actual fries two minutes left to do I've got my cooked brown rice and I like just round up some garlic in there I'm just gonna such as my husband Julian tough this is just an idea I mean you can add mushrooms and feathers in the back you want to tune but to sing constantly well do so much stuff with mushrooms and peppers Derby – it'd be quite nice pub it's a different life the good speak to the right through sunflower make a little well got a couple of boats so gonna make sure the eggs goes on the rise submit this paste Peggy scramble I'm in a second yeah okay actually scramble those in the pan that's mighty fried beaten telling me – yep out there now writing the deed cake so it's so hard you have brown rice all cooked right in the in the fridge ready and then because I didn't add any such that right when I cooked it because I don't what I'm gonna do with it I might add something sweet in that I might add it's savory and my absolute sauce I just add it the second time I cook it it's not gonna taste the curry just tastes more chinesey and a tablespoon of soy sauce mix that all in a bit lexapro tea in there as well behind my back but then I'm going to serve up on my posh IKEA plates I bought today and here is the chicken smells lovely there you have on dinner so I'll let you know what they think I'll post a link on my Facebook page cook Greece shower and slimming world recipes and I'll see you tomorrow I've got to say are probably dude that's eight sins for the whole lot of that

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  1. Crikey Sharon don't know what your neighbors must be thinking hearing that buzzing away next door….lol.
    I love watching your recipes its like being sat in the kitchen with a friend while they cook and to you.

  2. OMGoodness you have more gadgets than me !

  3. Made a chilli today and knocked this up in no time for everyone else cos they hate chilli. It went down really well.. I had a little taste.. Lush! To quote you Sharon lol

  4. Would this work with quorn?

  5. Looks delicious and so simple…must try this with the family. Thanks

  6. Sorry to ask but didn't quite catch what you said you had in the fryer? This looks so yummy I'm going to try it soon thanks for showing us again Sharon I always love watching your videos ☺

  7. We've just had this. I can officially say it was effin Gorgeous. Can't believe all that flavour is so low syn. Well done again Sharon. we're stuffed to the gills xx

  8. Oooo looks totally delish! Am definitely going to try this x

  9. I've tried this with chicken drumsticks (skin off) and was lovely. How are your chickens laying just now? My kids are missing their 'smurf' eggs because my friends Araucana isn't laying cos of the weather. Your egg fried rice reminded me to ask you haha

  10. ah the diopaza. no mmmmmmmmmmm

  11. We're havin this tomorrow, the egg fried rice went down a treat during the week aswell.

  12. Iv made the chicken n ham pie, that fillin was Amazing! !! the spuds weren't quite as I'd hoped but I'm just gonna do it like a shepherd's pie next time with a mash lid. I did your sw quiche, that was fab too and omg the Indian curry was plate lickin stuff!!! The hubby is out sick this week so I need to plan ahead and have him do all the veg preps for me to cook after work. All I have to do now is decide from your lovely dishes.
    I do my shop between Aldi n tesco between the 2 of em I can get all I need on a budget, it's bloody expensive an time consuming to eat properly. I'd lost 1.5 stone through near shake,soup and 1 meal a day last year but put on 6lbs over Xmas once I ate normally, wasn't even a Christmas pig, it was simply because I introduced solids 3 times a day again lol Absolutely ridiculous unsustainable! the things we have to do to lose a few lbs. Lost 3lb first wk,nothing this week. need more fruit n veg, Deffo not havin enough speeds.
    Anyways I decided to give SW another go as it is a great way to lose weight without being totally miserable. Your videos have really given me the boot I needed to remind me it doesn't have to be bland food hell to diet properly. and I don't have to use 50 pots an pans for a meal!!! Thank you Sharon xxx

  13. Looks lush ( as you'd say yourself) deffo tomorrow's dinner. loving your video's recipes and channel Sharon. I even watch the adds All the way through so youl get paid for your awesomeness. keep up the good work. Had 3 of your dinners this wk and Iv a shopping list for a trip to Aldis for more this wk.. Great variety of meals and everything is so simple and delivered in your real, non pretensious funny style . Big fan here xxxx

  14. P.S. Making this tonight. Chicken is currently marinating

  15. Making this tonight! Thanks for sharing. I made your Thai green curry and salted caramel dessert for my husband last night. He loved it! So yummy X

  16. Yum yum yum! Adding this to my growing list of your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Try adding some 5 spice to the mixture. It's great with gammon and chicken drumsticks too. X

  18. Oooooh! Do an IKEA haul please! I love seeing what people buy there 🙂

  19. I will definitely try this one it looks delicious x

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