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How to make Low Carb Cheesy Ham, Chicken and Bacon Casserole

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6 slices bacon, cut up into small pieces
4 large chicken breasts
Seasoning salt, to taste
4 oz Deli ham slices, four of them (125 g)
4 oz cheese slices, four of them (125 g) Muenster recommended
1 cup grated Monterey Jack cheese (or your favourite cheese)

▪ Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C).

▪ In frying pan, cook bacon, until just before it gets too crispy.  Remove and save the bacon fat.

▪ Pat chicken dry with paper towels.  Remove any little bits of bone and excess fat.  Slice chicken breasts through lengthwise, but don’t go all the way through (a.k.a. butterfly them so you can stuff them).

▪ In frying pan over medium high heat in hot bacon fat, sear chicken breasts on both sides until turning golden in spots, about 6 minutes.  Sprinkle both sides with seasoning salt. Place chicken breast in 9 x 13-inch (2 L) casserole dish.

▪ Stuff each chicken breast with a folded-over slice of ham stuffed with a folded-over slice of Muenster cheese (or whatever cheese you have on hand).  Top with bits of bacon on each chicken breast.

▪ Bake uncovered 15 minutes.  Cover with grated Monterey Jack (or whatever you have) cheese and bake another 20 minutes, or until juices run clear.

Yield:  8 servings
1 serving
288.6 calories
41.2 g protein
12.4 g fat
0.0 g fiber
0.6 g net carbs

today I'm going to show how to make this really easy cheesy ham chicken and bacon well they're calling it a casserole to me it's just stuffed chicken breasts but either way it's delicious okay so you're going to need six slices of american-style bacon also known as streaky bacon in Australia cut that up into it's a small pieces I've just kind of gone bite-sized chunks then you need four large chicken breasts and these have been cleaned up any bits of bone and skin removed and then sliced like butterfly cut through the middle so it's for stuffing then it says seasoning salt to taste I don't have anything on hand other than I'm just gonna use salt and pepper four ounces or about 125 grams of deli ham slices in four ounces or about 125 grams of sliced cheese now they suggest a monster I've just got some white tasty cheese which is kind of a cheddar and then lastly one cup grated cheese here they suggest Monterey Jack or your favorite cheese I've got this Colby that's got some jalapeno bits in it I don't know if it's quite enough if it's not I'll throw some shredded cheddar in there with it but just whatever cheese you like so the first step over medium-high heat I'm just frying these bacon pieces so you don't want to get all the way till they're crispy but just get them til they're nicely cooked meanwhile I've got the oven preheating to 350 or 180 Celsius this looks pretty good now again we don't want to go all the way till they're crisp they aren't gonna go on top of the chicken in the oven I'm gonna reserve the grease in the pan and put the bacon aside keep the pan hot so go ahead and put your seasoning on one side of the chicken wrist I'm going to put that side face down in the pan this is all starting to get a little golden on each side a lot maybe but Superman go another three or four minutes it's about both sides done I'm just going to turn off the heat and take these over to the counter so we can assemble them okay so now I've got a casserole dish that I've lightly sprayed with a nonstick spray and I'm gonna transfer each of these chicken breasts over to that pan so now the next step is we're gonna stuff each of these with one quarter of the ham and the cheese so for me that's going to be about two slices of the ham just spread those out a bit and then I'm breaking my cheese slice in half as well just so I can get a little more length out of it we're gonna stuff that into one of the chicken breasts it's sticking out it all just sort of Bend it whatever you need to do to get it inside its gonna stick out a little bit not much you can do it with that go ahead and do the rest of them now we'll take the bacon and sprinkle that over the top so now we're just gonna pop this in our preheated oven for 15 minutes uncovered so that's been 15 minutes as you can see that bacon is browned nicely carefully remove this but leave the oven on so now we're just gonna sprinkle with the cheese and then put them back in for about 20 minutes this time or just you can check it earlier if you like you just want to make sure that the inside of the chicken is no longer pink in the juices run clear so these have been in for an extra 15 minutes not quite 20 yet but they're getting nicely golden on top so I'm going to check them just to see if they're done so there you have it cheesy ham chicken and bacon this is really easy and really tasty so Jill hope you give it a try you