Healthy Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip (High Protein Recipe)

Healthy Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip (High Protein Recipe)

This Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip Recipe is a perfect healthy snack for get togethers, Try it!

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3C Rotisserie Chicken
1C Greek Yogurt
1/2C Franks Red Hot Sauce
1/4 Franks Wing Sauce
4oz Fat Free Cream Cheese
Blue Cheese Crumbles
1tbs Ranch packet
Fresh Jalapeños
Green onions
Iwon Nutrition Chips:

1. Combine ingredients into an oven-safe dish
2. Bake in oven at 300 for approximately 25 minutes or until hot.
3. Garnish with green onions, cilantro, & jalapeños. Serve with protein chips for dipping.



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hey everyone so I'm having some of my girls over and they're pretty fit they're into eating healthy too so I'm gonna make a snack for us to munch on while we hang out yeah I figured I should share the recipe with you guys too so I'm gonna be making some healthy high-protein chicken buffalo ranch dip and here's my ingredients first I have 3 cups of shredded diced chicken I just use a plain on season rotisserie chicken I shred up all the meat off of the bone I threw away all the skin and the bones and then I dice it up a little bit finer so I get this consistency so 3 cups of chicken next we have 4 ounces of fat-free cream cheese this is actually Greek cream cheese but any fat-free cream cheese will do or you can even do not that phrase just gonna tone down the fat that way then we have fat-free plain Greek yogurt 1 cup of that some blue cheese crumbles then we have half a cup of Frank's redhot and 1/4 cup of Frank's wing sauce I like the combination of both of those and 1 tablespoon of plain ranch mix and for my chips I'll be using for the dip I'm going to use these I won organics protein chips they are plant-based protein chips so there's 12 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber and 195 calories per serving a serving is one whole bag and I've tried these before they're actually really good like the texture is on point and most protein chips are pretty hard and dry and not Dave but I actually really like these so I'm going to be using four bags to Ranch flavor which I thought we had a nice touch since we're I'm making buffalo chicken ranch dip and I'm also going to be using two sea salt [Applause] [Applause] so I give you ladies a little snack for us to have oh wow I'm really excited about what's in it so it's a buffalo chicken ranch dip so there's chicken it's actually really healthy it's high protein so it's got chicken cream cheese it's love that you – yeah Greek yogurt and buffalo sauce a little bit of ranch mix and then these are the chips but we're going to use to dip yeah so I look up because I know you guys are healthy you want to read the macros and everything on that stuff I really like these are like protein chips awesome 12 grams of protein mm-hmm 9 grams of fat gluten free soy free soy free and I love my chips yeah you do you're such a lot of oh I'm good chef girl you know tortilla chip she likes salty savory bleep horn look my favorite so good to love them so yeah and it's like a ha I think I've baked it in the oven for a few minutes it's a hot dip then you're going to green onion being on my god do I get up amazing they're just so good I love Buffalo and these strips mmm good really good to have your child like other protein chips yeah I tried a couple what you think I've never found the one that I liked okay I can't find that the right texture mmm baby there's like too hard and then the flavor is just like not good mm-hmm these nuts are really good no it's really good LUP and there's like moisture Namid smell like dry oil and hard eyes that's what I said that's literally what I said earlier I was thinking she's home filming this video that you guys are pretty fit and I admire how you guys able to stay consistent and fit and active regardless of it not being like your one and only thing right well here personal trainer so good as anything yes but we've all always like Oh easy for you to be in shape it's your job to be in shape right and that's why I go to excuse right a lot so I was thinking maybe you guys could like I don't need to put you in spa but maybe you guys can tell my viewers like maybe like your number one tip on how you stay consistent and how you're able to stay fit we have your mom you know we have your photography business you do a lot and then you also happen to it on top of your fitness you're always in the gym killing it and YouTube you half a ton of clients are always on the go like what is one tip if you would give to my viewers on time you say consistent I think for me and smell prepping I'm always on the go I have really early mornings really late nights so milk pumping that my food is key because you know when I get home it's usually like 7:00 7:30 8:00 and I don't want to cook it's like just get my foot out of the fridge warm it up and I eat it and the oxide you know versus like if I don't have anything I'm going to cook and I don't want to I'm not first I go through the drive-thru and get somebody because it's quick and convenient so I think for me milk prepping is key right and it's hard it's hard to find routine on prepping but we milk crap every Sunday night and then people cut for about three to four days depending on how many you know meals it makes but I thought not to just be the best thing for me yeah that's awesome yeah I like that what about you kitty it's not easy to stay consistent it's not you don't think motivation isn't always there right in knowledge but the thing that helps me say consistent I think probably like my biggest tip would have to be like scheduling my workouts first like as I schedule my week out I put I put my workouts in every single day you know based around my kids schedules because the schedule of my own work schedule but I make sure to make that a priority and and then I just commit to doing it that day and that's how I get my workouts in and even though you don't feel like it cuz some days I just don't you don't know but um that forces me to look at what a planner as a date goes and say okay I trained today at 10 a.m. right so much like time so it's like not negotiable what do you do to get yourself to go on those easy don't be like hmm just I think I just meet myself and and now and I think about it long-term like throughout the day like if I don't do it now and won't get to do it at all scheduled it yeah yeah laughter oh I love the way you said you just make yourself do it because a lot of times people put so much emphasis on having the motivation or feeling like doing it when really a lot of the time is just you just kind of have to force yourself to do it you know if you don't feel like you're doing right yeah yeah and I think you feel more rewarded after like what you don't want to do it but you force yourself anyways like you feel so rewarded it's like accomplish how do you like doing it but I did it and I kill the work down most of the time i don'ti don't want to work out you go you have the best that is so true and it's like there's never time that you force yourself to work out and then afterwards like I wish I hadn't gotten actually or sure yeah it's actually really really really good I'm like so addicted I could eat this whole thing I'm gonna hang out in the kitchen boy yeah can you get these Billy someone that stories I didn't get my own stores how about but I think it's best to just buy a movie Amazon come cuz I can really want to go buy some now I think we crush the chips yeah literally crushed all right you guys I really hope you try this recipe because me and my girlfriend's really enjoyed it and if you like my recipes and I have a feeling you're gonna really enjoy my legacy Leon fitness now I post all my share recipes there including my 12-week program that I use myself to get in my best shape so try it out I'll leave the download link below and you can sign up to start your 7-day free trial and let me know in the comments if you guys tried this I would love to hear what you think about it

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