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Ground Beef with Zucchini Recipe

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hello I'm a recipe here welcome to my kitchen today we are going to learn how to cook zucchini cassavas with ground beef you need 1 pound ground beef 85% lean 50 percent fat for zucchinis for tomatoes – onions – jalapenos – garlotte's 1.2 cilantro a bunch of parsley 3 tbsp of oil and 2 tsp of style you also need one pot and one pin ok so I must emphasize the first thing we need to do is to watch all the vegetables which I already did to eliminate time and then we can start shopping so the first thing we wanted to stop is the onions I only need half the onions so I'm gonna just gonna cut a sphere and then cut half of it impudence and I'm gonna split it in two parts I'm gonna use this one so I'm gonna separate in two parts and you will see when we start cooking so I have one here and I'm gonna start with this I'm gonna cry guys with this onions very simple second thing we're gonna be shopping is going to be the tomatoes we always remove them in and we cut it in half we're just gonna cut it all that tomatoes we're gonna do the same thing with every single tomato alright so I am ready then cut into my shop in my tomato so I'm gonna throw it over here in a bowl and we are going to move to cut them cilantro so this is my little conscience you learn to not gonna fold it in half and just gonna cut in small we are going to move to the parcel and the same thing we can afford it in fact bring down the parcel and something up to the same thing and put it in we are going to chop the jalapenos and I don't like might be very spicy so you have the choice you can add the jalapeno or you don't have to other jalapeno but what I'm gonna do here I'm gonna just take the seeds that's what I make it like spicy I'm gonna remove this thing you know I do like a spice it with my family don't need a spicy so I'm just gonna remove the seed so that won't happy make enough to become too spicy don't shut there's more pieces and if you don't want to use that Sheila you don't have to that's optional so there's one she lick this one jalapeno so I'm gonna write it over here with the onions so we can have do the same thing with the other one alright guys I'm done shopping then my last thing is going to be as my zucchini and that's gonna be the last thing with shopping we must cut it in half and then do these cut it in half it you can cut um not too thick not too skinny now we're gonna do the same to never with every single one okay so we found with our zucchini so I'm just gonna put it in this bowl and the last thing we are going to do it just to peel our garlic I have two birdies here so just smush it so be using alright guys so we gonna start cooking the zucchini so I'm gonna 2 tbsp of oil there's one and there is two I'm gonna let it here for maybe one minute two minutes alright my pan has been heating for my one minute so I'm gonna add in my onions remember my parcel now I'm gonna add my tomato we cannot cook it for seven minutes and we can a comment area a couple of times now you don't need to start all the time when we do we need to stare sauce in a while all right has been seven minutes and I'm in cooking my tomatoes so this is how it looks and to this point I'm analysis so I am going to I want these photos man if you need more of you need list over right now we just another one is called up now we can add the zucchinis and we are going ahead and cook between 15 minutes maybe less I'm gonna stay with 15 minute be plenty and to this point I'm gonna add my garlic so I have my partner right here I love this thing it's one of my favorite tools just gonna squish it just on my garden we're gonna cook this one for 15 minutes maybe less I'm gonna check them but that thing and I press them I think maybe 15 minutes I'm gonna move it here and I'm gonna let it cook now meantime I'm gonna start cooking my round beads that will take like a minute to seven minutes and I'm gonna get for one tablespoon of oil there's only need 1 tablespoon of oil and after that we gonna let it heat up for one minute okay thing we can't has been hitting for one minute someone on my onion jalapeno and when you cook in the ground you in the meantime you can stir the water double time so they will cook well [Applause] okay so we cannot cook this one in medium heat so these four we cannot best me you will just get upstairs [Applause] my music cooking for seven minutes and I'm gonna have other stuff I'm an hour one teaspoon of salt I'm just gonna let it and hope for one more minute so making clear that the Sun all right as you can see my meat is done it's been cooking for a minute and to this point we're just gonna turn it off all right guys my zucchinis been cooking for 15 minutes to this point and medium heat so I'm gonna have me into this point and the reason that I don't cook the meat together is because I'm innocent a very long to cook just take like any minute and I don't want to overcook and then just feel hard like rubber so that's why I cook an exit great okay I'm just gonna let it cook for two more minutes and we'll be done all right so I forgot to put the garland to my squash that I can put it right now so that's not really matter I'm just gonna put my gun there right now and let it cook for one minute all right Mike DeSalvo it's ready I'm just gonna turn up the stove and just remember outside you cannot you taste but I think this one it should be pretty good for me so to this point I'm just gonna cover and let it sit for 10 minutes and then be ready to eat all right so my guess I've been arrested for 10 minutes and this is how it looks so let's get ready to eat it all right guys so this is my zucchini salad with cara de molina it's not very good like you can continue with rice be like 4 to 6 people and it doesn't take very long doesn't 3 manage we have that milk because it's very easy and quick you know around me and it cooks really quickly so that's it for this video hopefully you try and enjoy so hasta la vista