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GOT YOUR WALLET FOR REAL (SingSing Dota 2 Highlights #1290)

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let's steal Saffy this woman this batch is kind of nice the only disappointing thing about the patch is that they didn't really introduce a new mechanic like night I mean like talents was a new mechanic for example or the shrines you know other than stealing gold and doing a little bit more damage that's it yeah it's a lot more damage well you know he thought that was a decent trade farm but you could see the gold is still – of course it's like my let's go let's go again let's go again I will let's do more come here okay call me Albert what if he has no volt you go then you don't see anything right I figured the spas-12 goes for me I don't know that's how life still works now +12 give me that shit give me that shit now joy Wow very strong sappy very strong first a member yeah I keep chasing me over keep chasing me give me that shit give me that shit give me more ghosts give me more gold come on traders disappoint bounty hunter that's your goal as a support you get a tray to ijen and a little bit of your gold no come here okay you want you want to trade it's okay you'll hate it no okay this little trade hit that's new in this patch everything okay I don't wanna trade oh I see your wallet I see your wallet I got your wallet is that a wallet I see of course it is give me that wallet what No too early 9 oh wait what are you okay what the fuck did I see that did I fuck up what did I do I take from the rich and I take from the poor I'm going mid Mahmoud the I steal I don't think we go I steal wallets not lives yet I steal ah oh why is this boiler boy so stronk you're gonna feed tipster don't do it don't feed tipster oh no I'm feeding he's needed maybe he's needed I steal your wallet then they steal your life hide it over that's a nice coin purse about there my coin purse now give me that wallet roll give me that shit let's go that was Sixto anyone warlord I'm here for you wallet yeah what the fuck no no no no he's gonna die before why can't they I go no oh oh yes gimme gimme gimme what off-color of cost 18 plus 19 can you Sanka shame oh shit Rubick with sky let's go eases more damage what the fuck is this passion get a gravy what the fuck people are still figuring things out house like a hundred thousand games on have a sample size why do I don't even know this but that's like 15 few and Halos me burger boys the burger boys there okay I'll go for a little bit use beer in your eyes I'll slow on yeah I can cancel TPU oh wait let's me see you again oh my God thank God Lee hooked you over I take what's mine oh you see refer demise Copley asked a sukhovka is burger man here I'm just chasing burger boy here I'm coming bro thanks for the wallet bro all right one second track I'm going for super earring for this guy man we should kill all this boy is only poor man shit why still pora much doubt you'd rather even not even poor man you wish you had a point man shield it rains it pours oh I told you give me that one no miss I missed again I missed again oh my and he killed him so long no okay time to back off that's what time it is looks like he oneshot you this is when you open when your low HP – give me give me give me that cash over give me that shit oh shit give me everything you have let's see does this do it does not stay okay losers don't steal did you go I'm ready dude it's all you baby hmm get in there baby yes 200 goal dude move a shield like what two together give me your life BAM I need help go all four of you back off and the five versus four window running away from us what that is the best pussy play I've seen in my life this guy's like farming away the enemy's middle tower didn't know what hit the thing we might have let's sing down voice I'm disappointing all of you I can't go into them scars I was in for you you played fuck whatever you can't doing that was already in what kind of excuse is that look they buggies Richard how is this the trail they attract or me right now sixteen my region what the fuck is a song what over here gunshot how's that part of a song you're singing I'm ready to fuck bitches up actually they have sir coffee I'm skipping they just to make that this stop okay I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I've cool down on teleportation school well you're either have ulti or you don't I think focus over and say what is this fucking there's a seven slug for TP guys how are not getting any T piece okay yeah but we have other heroes break Lincoln I don't know buddies fucking dad died there's no way this was that hard to do this guy wants to die – he just told me well playboy see how it turns out but we gather up they die holy shit the hell's that guy doing well I missed it all they get out Oh give me that cash suddenly two K gold I just do some bad kids lunch money Oh what the fuck knows it donate to it fucking HP boys not correctly doesn't show the light value man it doesn't show the right value there's no way Oh keep you there I don't know what you want there justice steel it's nothing hold to you all that's tightly so fuzzy oh shit oh shit what the fuck to day guns he's not dead by the way okay then you guys should probably help this instead of walking away and forming another pack of inches don't know but I mean she's still alive I'm still eating no but seriously one all the attack and he's dead he's even bad Jew Jude I'm coming oh yeah okay I'm coming sir what the fuck that damage is not balanced and that's without the fucking Cal in the car you want stuff for closed eyes for drinking like what I'm coming they see me that's the thing it's not too late please you realize that you worry for it recommended is that I think you can't more hope good boys get the hose who's the hell am I getting not with you fucking dude I think take some more who's this okay oh you've got money for me boy give me that money give me your cash Oh feels good man Oh this worked out really well yes interesting can you know I wasn't that hard my shallow brain this is please I'm so looking for the evidence man greeting with blue feels so satisfying