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FROSTHAVEN – I GIVE UP (SingSing Dota 2 Highlights #1331)

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all right no miss thanks Dana Wynter why do we have every word it's pretty good I have won every round I think when I play the Weaver I don't know if I can have figured out to the player or hear of them hey two wins we're gonna die for these bags any backs that miss any I'm looking I'm looking I don't think so shit okay visit here there's a bar over there they don't win don't forget with do you need that pay to win bottom I can send it to you how do you feel Weaver so far I played him before we missed one bag I can't be missed one who missed one bag I need names now who do we kill I look at these two lines and I haven't seen in my back mister I was are funding this how's this ballast hey you don't have that much money thank you fuck you need housing yeah I need help oh my god it's like fucking six of them holy shit help any way I used already yeah what the fuck is this dude oh hey twin the fuck just happened don't buy my baby why you always stealing cool 40 bucks feels good yeah it feels really good man actually though I'm a lot further for the crime that's a lot of food I sent fire I don't like this realm man no fucking sucks yeah this one and well I guess it do mine is it so bad when I got I got hard for that one mmm Oh also many bags yeah you can get the goals or do you you evil yet think it might be time they do in there yeah I think so too dude what the fuck oh the fuck you thinking I mean but Maya Dainius do what the fuck those bags like in the fire all over the place they mate don't care about life's no no cement someone died you'll see your faith haha just focus on doing magic damage it can even build a fucking Dago Jews everyone under a pound or or Almighty I got it dude chill zombie pinging rady instructions all right I'll stay here honey I love shit qualen whenever you guys are ready fine something alright I'm taking top lights I prefer to do this one the subtypes that we got it all right basically once you go here once you go here okay I'm going this path like this oh yeah what have you I got nothing here actually fuck I'm broken a bit you feel so bad also remember you can't go through towers they're not an obstacle I'm not that Russian no fuck no fuck which is over I went to the base it's over please stop I'm sofa keeping a fax that was so highest oh we lost no we had one K lower I have heart at this point than in the other game yeah this sucks this part I think this and this are I think the easiest or the best ones mm in five seconds I'm fucking nice what do mean five seconds if these mozart well no this was every minute I don't think it does then something else without coming no it doubled our song again let me know if you guys get to sunset power is the root over PI not to get them up an important is fight is hard about the heart songs come back here song don't be ridiculous and it's all take this mistake me form an accident and they're in the fire take the bag yay Thank You Dennis for 17 months I'm not trying to have to scare it or is it that before was to say a little clarity on me okay I'm here to help no I'll pray together all right thank you Bianca Bianca for the transponder Chris spiders drop money anyway haha doesn't make any fucking sense does it top ID by the way is that the only thing that you know promo a bunch of things that doesn't make it why why did I got money on spiders why are you losing the entire fucking base ever I'll say anything ah what is this I call them fucking cam I did you trying to murder me any of you it'd be fine straight up murder obviously I knew you would be fine be more mentally yeah sure Thank You mr. Rankin not sure why dude maybe which is all grew up what happened that be talk to me what happens you can't make lemonade cuz you don't know about what's on your half what do you like what do you like to make lemonade sugar you can have lemonade about sugar it just tastes like shit not good lemonade I like my lemonade sweet I'm trying to say I'd like your support all right I apologize beforehand for the people I'm gonna kill on this is okay who the fuck is trying to kill us already I'm using burning spirits to rush to watch them I'm staying here what Colleen has issues go take the stuff these are channeling under 40 I need a healer here I'm so weak but I got this Burning Spear handsome because I'm amazing maybe what the fuck is happening and then we got ready spirits there was not Burning Spear I turn it off nobody huh I'm kind of busy right now you feel yeah Oh something's up it'll be needed refreshed okay you're going it good we need the fresh ricotta just make sure you know I forgot that you weren't here let me take this that's Dean Goldman remember talk to branches as well after next Kenny apart me yeah I'm doing you lost because I'm saying which one last are you switching lanes yeah that's it yeah I think anything after everything can see yeah I think everything can you get the ship there is a gold back there clang all frightens fucking what I think no get the bottom holy shit thank you speaking that burning spare time is really good actually I hope for people here hope not all the bags here – please can you get these bags now you died because of karma karma and Fisher that's Harlem har mom I'm not afraid of it's finished and I have refresh all right let's go here branches branches oh yeah 22 trees remaining for you Smallville don't decorate them too early should their branches they come off cooldown so as long as we have enough branches that should be fine I come up here more higher like we want to be in between I'm gonna try this gear with you in look here here what a bunch I forget that although forget a few small let's see no sterility second branch everyone do it I think maybe not all right I don't know I'm just hitting whatever I see are some I said the stuff over here at Arby's the design now all right got about $50 more than last opinion you have to be under they do last night my last item listed there's a come by the way you guys won no I think it's weights of gold you get 25 anyway it's not much race though but yeah it might be your Bible alright try the no lifes to build I'm gonna go for spell Steve instead but it works on me on there no love it's gonna work out there's a back in there oh shit the hip-hop I got this all I died and Saffy died I died yeah everybody do I buy back or Eva died Oh Reba died too though yeah I know about that Connie Fe stolen Fe big the baby hey Peter sniff get better get the back fuck the back this little the back the back that's the base my eyes then you turn on this pocket I partially blame myself so I get some lifestyle Thank You Patrick for the eight months I think that's a ton it is nice you won't have any sustain for the world fight like how the fuck you ever sustain yourself heart no that's nothing awful thing I don't think it's who's defending this I'm defending I think one more should defend of them Weaver he doesn't need help to begin you're a fast boy yeah so for this one that's cooking I need help with the sunny the two tiny heads can add voltage [Applause] nothing you need to go back to base I don't get this is bathing bag man oh my god I think you gotta go things because you're spawning more here by being do I know I bought them after this thing yeah I'll never you know I'm fine we need something invasive no I need me show me Q I think I can look at the lack of life z2d hurts really hurts I think it's bill you don't have any Lance we have he's talking about his own belt okay this bill sucks I think this a tonic is too good but now I don't have a visit it's gonna be better for rubican that's what mattered which one is this that's gonna get my gender ass-to-ass I'm gonna be asked us to thanks mister high jumper for the pram see we're going for the magic build we really need to get something else maybe not all right walk to better the work together back together work together how about this or you can oh my god always another one thank God they ran into my or phone man with the Sun much door selling my boots for they go thank you lucky x2 for the prime this is I mean we are there in buy back off Tyrrhenian yeah the really great Rubick waves like the first ones before you a little bit give it a lot of food like if you might buy everything before row big wave comes the robic wave gives you your buy back please laughing our my bills [Laughter] I'm for the one I'm at now oh you're there – 30 years I'm focusing one of those you stay here – lets come in here I'm jumping just walking fun walking from a low back things like no down oh and which is five envelopes if you get into a record show I don't know more be please do we have a call on for it yes oh my god paid to win all right oh my god should solve all this my son oh my god man absolutely how little ways people first nice oh wait I did I was not the one that died fuck he has I fired I thought I died here and I stopped teaching hey Eddie what my aunt from the oh fuck we need linkers of God now I just need money for ballet from this don't know I think I ditched my armlet and I get eggs yeah I think so yeah I'll be enough if I skip this over all right I have the anti Lubich built make sure he doesn't steal it just make sure I get the link yeah I need the linkage before I use life break otherwise she's gonna slam some boy don't a critic before I get my official yes please don't walk over here when it's getting close to the end there's someone give you water please and by you know actually everybody would I have damage don't have five out yet you will ever your service yeah I think we read maybe but then not acted I can sell my boots I guess anybody are you sure you don't get golden little bit fights no you don't that's not my daughter maybe you just listens not dying it's still not enough dude oh my god I saw my boots for this young fight them again in Popeye back I'll try a doc dude I'm getting my boots back I just lost 1k go let's go just don't die just don't die yes okay Fran OS 7 I'm scared to use life break man it's on the lady fani keep moving that's not my going to take up guarding the bed oh shit what the fuck is in base [Applause] I'm trying to anger them for me whose thank you there we go defector no I'm scheduler I can RB them who the fuck is in base my man okay yeah he went away man as you gave me a coochie the way you actually focus appreciated us we need there's no painting the world no yeah we don't get older no that's again all right I've decided that I hate all of you and I'm done of this fucking boat forever let's try again let's try again let's try good fuck please done standing face when we fight rhythmic I'm Reagan was just all except this once and for all and we suck