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Easy Vegan Pasta Recipes | Cooking Challenge Chris vs. Jasmine

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Today we veganizing classic Italian pastas and going head to head to see who can make the best dish! We also had some special guests 😉 Make sure you vote for the winner in the cards 😍

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how's it going how's it going everyone welcome back to another video today we're exploring my heritage ich I guess we are totally we're doing an Italian pasta challenge so if you are new to our channel Chris and I do pasta pasta would you challenges every single month where you go ahead to have in the kitchen and make a dish pertaining to a specific theme and then you guys go to the top right corner letting us know who won the challenge so I'll put the current score on the screen I don't remember it off the top of my head right now I thank you one last time we tied up I might be so late it's right here so pick your pick now I guess if you want but I recommend you a bunch of the actual video and see what we're making that gets important so what are you making today I'm gonna be making a vegan chicken parm so we have some Gardein and that we breaded baked and then we made a homemade marinara sauce I'm starting on some pasta and I'm making some penne vodka homemade sauce not homemade noodles but still delicious and they both turned out really really good I'm really happy with the result so this is a hard one I don't know I don't know how it runs better in my they're both good I don't know so let's get on with the video and then we'll do a taste test at the end what up y'all here we go this is my heritage here as as you may know you might not I am Italian mostly Italian say about 86.3% according to ancestry DNA but we're doing an Italian challenge today which we already mentioned so we're gonna start out by making some marinara sauce matanov very nice you can either buy marinara you can make your own it's super easy so I'm just gonna whip this up we're gonna start the cooktop here and just gonna let this heat up for just a minute or so this is super easy just a few ingredients takes about 20 minutes and then we're gonna be making some chicken parm so basically vegan chicken parm obviously we have a Gore Dean grilled chicken we're gonna batter it and then we are gonna top it with cheese serve it over pasta it's gonna be awesome do you want to get crazy and make your own chicken you can do it we have a recipe only get down below and chicken nugget form you just got to make it into a little bit of bigger the slab but if you want to do it we can if you want to buy the store-bought option and bread it yourself you can do that good options thanks man I really appreciate that we have some olive oil here we're just gonna pour that into our pan we have some onions and of course we have garlic this is like six cloves of garlic but you can add more you can add less whatever you really want to do the choice is yours that's the beauty about cooking and customized things hey like we're just here to have fun make some good food and not hurt any animals in the process because it's important this is already so I grew up in an Italian household as I mentioned and my mom is constantly cooking she's a great cook lovely mom if you're watching you probably are and tell me everything I know so we've done a few recipes with her out enough and seen them but we did some pasta fazool we did some white bean escarole soup so we got a lot of Italian classics we also have an e-book with some other high and recipes in it really really great to zine good food and the good thing about vegan I mean I think the good thing about Italian food is that it's super easy to veganize most of the recipes so it's very nice we're just going to let this cook down a bit more and we're going to add the rest of our ingredients translucent yeah is it fragrant not yet the one thing as my mom taught me you never want to burn the garlic it'll become bitter you don't want that to happen so you've got to find the perfect balance of the cooked garlic look we're getting too close on so we should get a lab track so we have one can of diced tomatoes here we're going to add that in we have some tomato paste we're going to add that in you know if this is the best apparatus to do so but we're gonna make it work mix that in looking delish and now we have some basil basil isn't essential and Italian cooking it'll have a bay leaf I'm just gonna add those both in and then we have some dried oregano some salt and some red pepper flakes mix that in nice and also we're gonna do from here is let it cook down for about 15 to 20 minutes and then we're just gonna mash it up and it should be good to go super easy all right so now we have our handy dandy potato masher since we have diced tomatoes here we don't have to mash these up super well but do use whole of tomatoes you probably want to mash these up in the beginning before you send it though so we're just gonna give this a little bit of a mash just to make everything a little more matte a nod like I think that's a good way to put it looks beautiful I'll let this simmer a little bit longer and we got some sauce all right so our sauce has finally come to fruition it looks delicious smells delicious so now let's get on with it with the rest of this chicken farm recipe vegan chicken farm you know so I always have to preface vegan and then when I don't I think it's okay and then people are like oh my god are you now vegan anymore so I don't know what to do it's kind of a conundrum of sorts so I'll keep saying chicken and then correcting myself in saying vegan chicken until people understand that it's always gonna be a vegan so in Grandville all right so now we're gonna make our vegan chicken chicken chicken chicken so we have these frozen Gardein chicken patties this is the it's called like lightly seasoned scallopini but I think they also have a just a plain grilled chicken but we're gonna be using this so there's technically a little bit of seasoning on it but as I mentioned earlier if you wanted to make your own seitan chicken we have a recipe for that it'll be linked down below so we're just gonna start by making a batter so do you seen our vegan mozzarella stick recipe it's kind of similar to that in terms of the battering process so we have some unsweetened almond milk here she's gonna add that to a bowl and spill it all over the place and then we have some all-purpose flour we're just gonna add that in and then we have some onion powder some garlic powder some salt and pepper and I'm just gonna whisk this all up so the flour serves as a nice thickener I've also used unsweetened plain yogurt in the past as a that also works alright so you're gonna want Forks here but essentially we're gonna take our chicken we're gonna dunk it in the batter fully coating it and then we're gonna dunk it in the flour fully coating it once again and then we're gonna dunk it back in the liquid I'll use my fork for this beautiful just let that drain out and then finally we're gonna coat it in the bread crumbs there we have it our beautiful chicken patty we're gonna put this on our tray and repeat the process with the rest of these all right now we have everything breaded we're gonna bake this and we'll see what happens all right so our chicken cutlets vegan chicken cutlets are out of the oven and now we're almost done we got our pasta cooking up behind us but also you have to do from here fer the chicken is top it with our sauce so we're gonna put about a tablespoon or two of the marinara sauce we made earlier on top this smells so good all right and now we have our vegan mozzarella cheese I'm just gonna top this really nice smells really good this cheese and then we're just gonna pop this back into the oven until the cheese is nice and melty and then we'll be ready to top it with our pasta and dig in okay so from my recipe I'm actually making a penne vodka and this is something that I loved it when I was a kid and I don't know if I've had it veganized yet so I'm so excited for this I'm gonna be starting off with the cashew cream so we're making this vegan of course so instead of heavy cream I'm just gonna make my own cashew cream so I so cap a cup of cashews overnight you can also soak it in hot water make sure it's like boiling water though so it gets really soft so half a cup of cashews half a cup of some filtered water and then I'm actually also going to be blending up some of the tomatoes that's going into the sauce so I want to make this sauce semi chunky but not too chunky and actually texted Chris's mom before we started this and she told me that she blends it but not all the way so I'm it's gonna be blending half the sauce and I'm just gonna be doing it now because since I'm blending the cashews Oh might as well do these together so I know I'm just flattered that's too much that's kind of a lot I like it a little more than half here I'll probably vit wash my hands all right and this mmm I mean I just know this is not like anything yet but it looks perfect you just want to make sure that it's completely smooth you don't want little chunks of cashews in there that's good to go I'm just gonna set this aside and then I'm gonna start with my pin all right so this is heating I'm gonna add some olive oil here you got two tablespoons I should get a Judas I don't know why Chris and I say yudice but instead of utensil we say yudice all right I'm adding in some shallots and you can also use some onions here but I don't know shelves are better in my opinion and I feel like we should cook with shallots way more than we actually do because they are so good the good thing about this recipe is it's so easy to make basically you just add everything to a pan cook it down use the blender for the cashews and that's it you're ready to go add your pasta and you got yourself some penne vodka all right so we're gonna cook this until essentially become nice and fragrant and I'm gonna add in the garlic like Chris mentioned earlier Chris's mom recommended that we don't brown the garlic so that's what I'm going to try to avoid today in the meantime I'm going to chop up some basil so at the end of this video we actually have some special guests coming in today to do a taste test for us and I don't know if we've had we had a taste tester in our videos before for challenges I don't think so right so should be interesting see who they really love he's getting not gonna tell you who it is I'll let you see at the end of the video all right so I'm gonna add in the garlic and I'm using 10 cloves of garlic here you can use it as little or as much as you want but the more garlic the better for me so I'm gonna add a crap-ton and then also I'm adding in at some red pepper flakes and I'm not really a peppery person but Chris's parents when they were here they made the pasta fazool and the escarole soup do they go the red peppers I think they did but they added it to the recipes and it was so good in it it was the perfect amount of spice for me and I really like the flavor added and for this too it's gonna be very similar flavor so I'm really excited for that we're gonna cook this down for a few more minutes again you don't want the garlic to brown you just want it to become nice and fragrant and cooked through alright so next up I'm going to be adding in the remaining Tomatoes from the can I definitely did in half this Creek we're gonna weigh more in the blender but it's okay all right and then I'm also adding in some tomato paste this is actually an optional ingredient but it really deepens the flavor and I would recommend it if you have it or you can add it oh this is a dual spatula by the way look at that bouncing and then I have some vodka of course so I spilled a little but it's pretty much as much as we need right so the key to when you're cooking with alcohol is to cook it down so the alcohol cooks off and you don't get tipsy while you're eating and it'll taste better if you cook it down so we're just going to let this simmer for about five minutes and then I'll move on to adding the or me some recipes add bacon or prosciutto the non vegan versions so you could totally add some vegan bacon or even a little bit of liquid smoke to the recipe if you want that smoky flavor we're opting out of doing that today just for the simplicity of the recipe but just wanted to mention that because it's an option all right so I'm adding in the creamy tomato one thanks whatever you want to call it okay I'm gonna scrape this in get as much as you possibly can it's really good to do this with a spatula and we found that with Vitamix is if you have a spatula that's small like this and slightly angled it's actually easier to scoop things out than a regular-sized spatula so just wanted to share that because it helps us with that cooking and then to this I'm adding in a little bit of oregano then I also have some fresh basil I actually cut a little too much so I'm not going to put all of it but we're gonna mix that through and I'm gonna let this simmer for maybe another five minutes just to make sure that the tomatoes that we're in the blender cook and that the sauce thickens just a little bit more it's not so good my god so I was telling Chris I had never had homemade pendent vodka or vodka sauce I've only ever had stuff that comes like a packet or a jar I swear there's like dry packets to make it I know it's disgusting but I didn't know that I thought that when I would do that as a kid oh my god I'm cooking so this was amazing lastly I'm adding in some vegan Parmesan cheese this is optional but it's recommended it adds a good flavor and who doesn't love parmesan right so I'm just gonna mix that through and I'm gonna turn off the heat and we are done so for the taste test today we decided to recruit two people to come in and give us their opinion and we have two special guests today so we made a chicken parm and a penne vodka we've gotten you guys to try it and let us know what you think so we have typically try the better yeah oh I won't get offended did I tell you who made what Oh No did you guys hear a song I think I did I guess I'll try this one first these have been sitting for a little while so and these this place is really small just oh wow so that one is really tasty penne vodka is basically it's like marinara sauce with cashew cream it's very good vodka uh-huh that's I'm just getting good vodka and this one is if you get chicken out chicken parmesan you guys gotta give us your opinions I can't pick this one again this was very creamy tasty but I like the chicken parm chicken better I like to take apart better I like a bowl I like them both okay you let hang our sauce to marinara yeah oh my god my dad every is it like this is good marinara very tasty it's really good they're both really good but this is my favorite sure mom well actually I don't remember which one of you made which one I wasn't listening I made this one I couldn't my nose like that but they're both really good go thank you so you guys want to vote top right corner the poll will be there let us know which one you liked better and do you have anything else does I think that's all if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up comment down below comment down below hit the bell if you want notifications for our brand new videos we post videos every Wednesday every Friday sometimes Mondays too and we'll see you soon [Applause]