Easy Breakfast Pizza Recipe (VEGAN)

Easy Breakfast Pizza Recipe (VEGAN)

I make a simple yet DELICIOUS vegan breakfast pizza 2 ways.
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hey guys we're back we're in Noah Craig's department of kitchen studies the vegan zombie we're in the kitchen and I'm making some breakfast for the fam yeah for the night Craig fam and we're trying to come up with good idea we've made breakfast sandwiches tofu scramble breakfast burritos french toast so today we're gonna make a breakfast pizza and I got the tofu here so you've already seen me make tofu scramble so I'm just gonna run through this last night I made myself some vegan dough which both of the tofu scramble and the dough are in the vegan zombie cookbook if you're interested we're just gonna start working on the tofu scramble right now we got the oven preheated for the dough to become a pizza we got Craig behind the camera fighting me right now using something so unreal I have a sharp knife with me today edge of Belgravia the tofu extra firm organic I use the wagon version we're gonna crumble that up I don't press my tofu okay I got a nice big bowl and we're just gonna kind of crumble it up and I don't know medium sized piece is not completely small but not like that either it's kind of like that you know China like I didn't bring my big pizza sheet so we have two little ones so we're gonna make two pizzas whatever you want to put in I don't have all this places with me I just realized I need some turmeric I hope you have it if we just use the rest of termi nice trim emic Oden pants I just put some basil in there too and I'm gonna put some go PAP in there paprika basil a tofu scramble but yours those times right oh yeah oh I don't bring I never eat garlic powder either Oh the know why craigers love the garlic powder so you want to put some of that in there for them mm-hmm you know I usually put I don't know I don't think you have it though uh I'd learn in some vegan worship starter no I do not got any like soy sauce or something yeah got liquid aminos yeah look what I mean I'm afraid you go demeanors no okay look what do you mean me my knee mo you know I see you got to be very careful on tall that we only want a little bit in there like that much and also another secret ingredient as only you can make a Sarah okay so these are cooking up nicely I'm just gonna throw this on the side well let that cook off in the flavors wall mixed together so these are kind of gonna be like little pizzas because of the fact that we don't have a big pizza tray start working on because the dough is a little bit too cold from being in the refrigerator this morning let me just mention it this right now well no yeah a little bit you need to sell like kind of fall so when I was on the way over here I just put it up on my my – on my car you turn the heat up it's actually not bad out today it's like 41 yeah and terms of Syracuse New York that's pretty good yeah you can see there's still snow outside yeah we're going to Noah Craig Sunday videos you see that the color is coming out of turn airline yellow or he's gonna be how little pizzas okay with your very sharp knife we're not we're gonna top off some roma tomatoes I'm just gonna get that inside out of there those weren't exceed well we also got spinach right what just happen there make it rain with tomatoes what I call a Roma rain that's good yeah wait and read yeah and wait until we put the spinach in there it's gonna blow your mind you got some nice pressed little salad bar spoon we all know spinach can wealth into nothing so that's what we do in the pizza pan very straight out as we should we do okay cuz it'll probably stick if we don't so we got some more of that don't be a piggy this is a sausage crumble we had the patties last week now we have the crumble powdered or white mints all vegan yeah I'm just gonna put some of this in there [Applause] cooking the islands you want we're the peeps in yeah yeah yeah I mean it's not wrong so I ain't wrong it ain't like it's a piece of fish if you guys are craving eggs just throw on some tofu scramble or chickpea scramble chickpeas scramble you have to be Heather yeah I made a vegan omelette out of that oh it's in our cookbook anomaly yeah you should do that next time okay so what's the purpose of throwing it back and forth I'm trying to get it nice and a lot of people say how do you get your dole like you get it and I mean you could just stretch it out on V all rustic but I try to like form it to the circular Panama get nice and circular and stretch it because you can't just force it you got to kind of work it I used to work at several different pizza places throughout the entire world just kidding right in New York and Florida all over them all over the East Coast New York and Florida you want your dough to be nice and feel the stretch if it's not needed if the gluten isn't worked enough it will rip you let it sit down the gluten kind of rest and then you can stretch it again and then I have some more which I think we're gonna make some red stead cinnamon sticks so we've been doing this like almost every Sunday with the exception of when we went out to California yeah and we're making breakfast at Craigs and then we go over to Hercules candy parents okay so the next thing I'm gonna do you guys probably thought I forgot that's what I didn't I like to put it on near the end do you nutritionally no why do you like put on the end oh because you cook out the nutrients hey so I like to put on the end even though it's gonna go in the oven so who knows if we're gonna get our b12 or not I don't know but put that nutritional yeast in there stir it up I usually put it on right before I put it on the plate like right now and then I would put it on the plate but we're putting it on a pizza okay the oven is preheated to 425 see there we go we got a nice round pizza oh the nice little crust there there we go take your time yes we get alright so I was trying to figure out what I was gonna put down for a base and I think I'm just going to use a tiny bit because we don't want it to fall off the pizza or eat in it we need a tiny bit just like pizza sauce yeah yeah that that Wakeman stratum basale we're really good yeah it's only 99 yeah yeah there is dirt even like the vegan meat on there yeah yeah no that's always really nice when comfy just put the vegan I love there a lot of it makes me so much easier don't think they want us to buy it normally my pizza's I would put a lot of sauce because I like a lot of sauce but I want this more breakfast tea than like you know traditional pizza but that's a good that's a good way is there anything I missed like let me think real quick no sir mmm I guess although the faith maple syrup yeah this little brown rice syrup okay we're gonna put just a little bit of this in probably half and then I'll just mix that in real quick hey kids it's a nice little maple syrupy Canadian yeah like oh yes smells good yeah with your sausage no it smells like breakfast in here yeah it smells like you're in a diner but it's all away Coop's that was a forgot we got the tough one dong probably not they had to do away with that stuff yeah I got this involved in college Oh yep it's probably tough one oh it is how long ago did they get rid of it I don't know you saw the same documentary I did yeah I'm not really sure yeah so all we had here Craig duck was the day off so these are the cutting board shreds des has the original which you know cut them burst red to Harvard really good so that the shreds are kind of gonna melt on top and keep it together throw in all the gooeyness when we're eating there and then the other thing I'm gonna put this one in there do you have a brush got some nice little pizzas here breakfast pizza okay we'll put a little bit more cheese on this one I didn't want to make it too cheesy and take away from the breakfast tea part but we'll do it good pretty much more cheese on this one yeah okay we can talk about we can talk about these things so the other thing I'm gonna do friends do we don't have a brush but I'm gonna take this and I'm gonna like go like this ingenuity all around the crust innovation you guys are probably left wondering like why why are you doing that Chris are you what are you gonna do them geez someone just died somebody just took a tumble somebody smelled our breakfast pizza and just fell out of bed okay so we got all around there and you're like okay know what what do you do you know we took a little trip to Trader Joe's no we're gonna put everything on the bagel on that crust we don't want it to get everywhere so we're gonna go over the sink and do it look at that look at that about the other people you jealous all right this is going right in the oven preheated to 425 oh yeah look at those that's an insta shot all right this is an extra dough I'm gonna make breadsticks and we're gonna coat them in cinnamon sugar so I'm just kind of gonna go like this not all the way through but like that we're just gonna put that in there with them the pizzas are still cooking the breadsticks are done so what we're gonna do I got some me ogos butter just use some vegan butter i melted it down a little bit left it here on the stovetop and we're just gonna brush it on just like that all brushed in let's brush brush okay now I try not to make too much of a mess and bam and then whatever falls off falls off we got some them in the sugar and you got cinnamon cinnamon sticks yeah for breakfast okay but so first when we put it I believe is ready to come out of the oven I mean look at that what I mean look I mean we just made that we made that so the first thing you want to do a pizza do you want to get it off the trays but what you want to do is you want to cut the pizza right away all right Pizza number one now we got to figure out Pizza number two because we don't have another box and we're not sure if it's stuck to the pan I believe it is oh we did forget that and there was a good one we got it I'm just gonna put out another bad trade we actually made a really rookie move and we forgot to close out the video we got a little distracted by the pizzas and we went over to Hercules candy and we ate them and we have a whole video for that over on Craig's channel which I will link below you can watch our mukbang of Craig's family and myself eating the breakfast pizza and the cinnamon sticks but as for this video I'm closing it out now so make sure you check out Craig's video and let us know in the comments below if you like these kind of videos and give us that thumbs up subscribe survive watch out for zombies I'm sure I'll see you guys soon

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  1. Breakfast Pizza: Triggered! 😀

  2. Just the inner nerd in me, was the Roma Rain a play on words for the wrestler Roman Reigns? If so, that was amazing. If not, a great accidental pun. Pizza looks great. Would love to try it as made in the video and a French bread version. Keep up the good work. Your videos are always appreciated.

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  13. Indy's face though <3 <3

  14. Dog Nose! He approves. My dad once said if the dog likes it then it's OK to eat.

  15. Ooh, those pizzas look scrumptious! Can’t wait for more of these videos!

  16. Extremely unpopular opinion: I don't like pizza.
    But I did like this video! Lol

  17. A cool breakfast idea would be a No-Eggs Benedict!

  18. That pizza looks amazing! I would make the cheesy sauce for the crust. Maybe bake the crust a bit first so it doesn't get too soggy. I may try it this weekend!


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    I just checked out Indie's instagram. Such a great life for a dog.

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