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BEST WOMBO COMBOS of 2018 – Dota 2

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next you get tools anyway it's thought they know he's stunning at all but he's gonna get Hank straight away to jump she pushed the door like Lindsay please because the second to clean it all up as Gigi is cool just kinda new once again going in getting their vision draws the attention of night angle air and no hesitation there from flizzy is he's immediately on chocolate a deep breath there and I pay for it there's the jump in the kill they do rework it in with – in the bikini how that's for trying to hide away and shadow and pull it through victory it's still taking a lot of damage from the island spirits he's relocating back out in three seconds I don't know if they're gonna be able to kill him in time oh the toss-away has more running makes it happen but with the play boats not quite enough they're gonna kill over easy one time who can they get him again son snake going out and they manage to find him soon mail predicts with the razor I even get to kill them they will not result from enough not enough for in the back lines in the Axis Bank who doesn't a couple there's the Chi a bell but a pair what call it that challenge connection or he's dead the team doesn't really you know including on a Wittstock here died on the radiant side on a night still aroma-zone Africa for with why the juice and chives doing his best pilot and the counter spells inside of me to gist or they're gonna come to each other their silence is gonna be as a very opening that this one is what they found that do all in the deuce I hope that's gonna be good enough though the counterplay coming in a second with the technology ochio perez oh and guess what if you do the Medusa she's reckless 15 minutes optic we're looking so hot and they haven't really gained anything well I think VP are gonna be willing to give them the teamfight now moonlight shadow out from optic beeps from VP no show you can let it guard sir you will get with the Omni slash but the fall won't stop for pasta coming out the nerve blocks down pike at and fall here is from up to gone DPD is on the runners the salsify from now hot in pursuit no one's got the distance jump the vidi to hold him that that triple killed Bernard wanna take the Midtown all over the place G moving forward I think that that one might have been scouted there being single augers no they at least know where they're going yeah nothing else lotsa pants walking back towards high grounds they run into everybody they do have an a no the chase forward spear break they're gonna go down OS 4 he's thinking about it triple kill who forced to mail easy peasy as they all go down GG men what freaking exclamation mark that's how you end a game of dota 2 you can always buy a rapier now they're gonna try to do some sort of fighting movie he gets mauled by cats they're gonna try to run it now reso his old tea a little bit there but here we go hey Pete it gets out of whack he hits on the one–this the one you need all and that says get someone out of there Cataclysm will go after the shoot which Burress oh he is getting handled by his own team come down and look at the Stephanie left hits on all four of um an SCC just hurt the biker but the super spins up yet no like this is gonna change the game immediately go win strike testing boundaries' they know this photo side the map is where hi jailed likely be playing vision comes up first it's vice Popo with a name is the urban don't gonna hit as well so makes me force the back off here aggressive goes into the ice shelf or connects excess he sexy trap here he's be careful boy okay your man taking out the toughs nikkor is next absolutely insane echo they needed they would sound here's begin he's one of the to me another and sable concurrent being channeled he had the COS bounce around a little bit is it going to be enough yet nice first loss today is he's going to be careful swoop out from Q just stirring away his life to help out XX s he knows I spoke put a reefer and he's going to say Beck success with that one they still chasing they still want this kill Blake forward from node V against the punt x-axis in a lot of trouble has ulti the few seconds here cranny get it off he likely will but the net girl he's there is here to take him in two minutes he said he doesn't that buy back as well it's a disaster for IG potentially they've take out a few heroes here iceberg so hunting from all could get aggressive toss away is it there nope not with the snow ball from from Tuscon all the Sun this game they'd stay at the top the problem is though the rest of his team will fall behind in comparison to so they even spread of bomb the vici gaming streak course and confess does get the army but again the global signs out straight away the fish is a Latoya yeah Lana Morrison looks for the control of the backers but they don't need it they find the Laguna that's gonna yank on let me get these out Fran sila but he can't find the target he has to try a farm up these I mean now before I'm saying this Oh totally they're gonna go for the PL then she got buying these dead same fucking some on Southern I met trying to move away or be hours doing on down said month gonna be for pkv off me coming to the boat and bang turn around light back right well give me under white prove all this look guna to jewel the decker bus goes down and ah it's a 10 around the BP with the support I fight final oh there he can't be right now he was going to be that light so I raise gonna go down as well give it be kept along the roads again load shoot forward no one's hanging around they'll be able to clean up the kill now stocked up a little bit deeper huh start they comin up soon reduced we see seekers already preparing they're spoken to put the bounties as well coming up the puck comes crunchy from the end zone the classroom Bassitt you expect that the head down step bottom tier to try and think the Monkey King and turn that this would be massive if they just get this for free this is secrets Roshan all look at secrets they're gonna try and smoke her to the Roshan it's gonna go there in there now they're gonna be able to get some damage out to meet these demands got the Bible slip for you Oh both on the combination of not only the decade of wines are doing it let's look at a star city on the hill they think they might be holding the baby quite difficult to deal with it's a bit of armor damage of course that if you know okay here we go so they have the silver heads ready but they also to sentry down looking for that stop on to the no one tiny this is so good if they can sort this out Bay down the movement but no one realizes yeah though they are still looking for in the Chum port on the other side of the East begin as a stuff thrown at you but the boat is coming through afterwards the damage mitigation as well as the Sun it's on to both of others puppies story two bolded already lost aids and vodka VP put the kibosh on the problems that they run into before this magnetized is doing a good bit of damage and then one is still alive it might be a bit scary fighting and all this with the buyback on dragon and if he if he needs to get out of here although they saved the bean script they're able to stud1 and beans grip the other these hero they're tanky but there's only so much that you can take the other direction is set up such a strong combination more sips on top of somebody nature's prophet there there's the board can follow up and play together set alone in this bottom plane and I run into a lot of heroes you don't want commit so many laws to the bend over to get any abilities up it might be enough the woods there's cars though to turn it back around and great play there turn on derevko get the Bosch mind to kill Evan that although interim with all the BG disco ball this is what happens in the pickup is not on the leanness of the perfect fated ladies