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Best Mashed Potato Recipe!

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This is easily one of the most luxurious mashed potato recipes! Get the recipe here:

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there are many ways to make mashed potato but this one results in velvety soft creamy mash and more could you want when it comes to beautiful mashed potato we're gonna start off with some flowery potatoes potatoes that work here are a Maris Piper or a King Edward basically something that is gonna give you a lovely fluffy and creamy mash so I'm just gonna peel these off and cube them and then pop them into a pot of cold water let's get boiling potatoes all my potatoes are nicely peeled up I'm gonna give a generous pinch of salt going into my pot this is now gonna go on to the heat I'm gonna bring it up to a nice steady simmer and once it's at sailing point it's probably gonna boil off for about 10 to 12 minutes just until the potatoes are nice and tender and you can check that by piercing it with a sharp knife or a fork but potatoes are in a good place they have been boiling up and they are just nice and tender when pierced to the fork so we're in a good place I'm gonna take these off the heat now we're gonna drain them off into a colander and once they're drained off like this they are ready for mashing so just make sure you get all that liquid out I'm gonna transfer them back into our pot and bring them straight over the board at this point we need to concentrate on making sure we get the very best mashed potato you ever did taste so while they're sitting there we're gonna get on to some heat a little bit of cream and a touch of milk and it's that combination of the richness of the cream and the consistency of the milk that is gonna leave us with velvety creamy mash and to this we're gonna add in some butter for some flavor and to add in even more creaminess I'm actually using salted butter because I like the flavor of it but I also want to add a pinch of salt as well so bring this off to temperature and we're just gonna melt that butter into the cream and the milk and then it's just a case of slowly trickling it into those potatoes until we have that velvety finish the butter the cream the milk it's all coming together in this pan over here and over here we have this beautiful potato mix which is about to be matched so grab up your masher and I'm just gonna squash these potatoes into oblivion and really with that potato you don't want any lumps as soon as it becomes nice and smooth we're gonna add in our milk and our cream which is just coming to temperature now in fact I'm going to take it off the heat and we're just gonna crack on through with these potatoes this is as smooth as I'm gonna get it it looks pretty good at this point but the next level to this mashed potato is to trickle in that cream and butter mixture straight into the mix and then it's just a case look at that creamy velvety all the things you want from your mash and now it's time to season it up and it's really important that you season your mashed potatoes with a generous bit of sea salt and a little pinch of white pepper give that a mix through and we're just gonna make sure that we have a nice even finish on this mashed potato and I do want it's just check it and make sure that we're in business in terms of the flavor mmm beautiful it's that beautiful classic rich simple flavor now there's plenty ways you can serve your mashed potato one of my favorites is with some really good quality butcher sausages or it's a great side dish to anything but to be perfectly honest if you want to up the ante when it comes to mashed potato I have a little bit of bacon which I'm just gonna crumble over the top and then a little bit of blue cheese which is gonna add this really salty creamy hit so I'm just gonna crumble that over the top and then just to finish it off because sometimes you've got to go the extra mile a little bit of caramelized onions just over the top and to be perfectly honest forget your bangers and mash you've got dinner right there that is a bowl of pure comfort food and it just begs to be eaten so I'm just gonna mix in those beautiful onions and then that blue cheese a little bit of the bacon mmm pure comfort pure indulgence and a really great simple recipe that is definitely one to try at home if you wanted I will leave it in the link below over on my website make sure to hit subscribe leave us a comment like and share this video see you soon