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BEST Magnus Plays in Competitive Dota 2 – Best of 2018

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space but setting up my cup be though three they're taking the dotted green skirt now on twenty was will be canceled to buy his cue all the files of call for the coil but the kids Comanche soulful rule the key is setting up a dragon I didn't taking quite what bring down but says they will finish up him as well as almost one fly the same time Dax I call us on the last man standing like a hundred percent hold the razor burn are be known a piece of just yet sound like a different time baby when we get the pages so yeah they do not want to over commit will they even get the kill though they will not result but up not enough pouring the back lines did that accent back who does hit a couple there's the GA though but a very well call it that Tara lines makes it connects but always dead is it the team support wasn't apparently they are feeling for years though connecting big-time with the empower auto-attacks and paparazzi cleans up that's the combo they were looking for 5x happening though including on a witch doctor died on the radiant side I mean nice to all the right we saw what happened before with the repeal of I their selves true I don't know it's it's yeah was a treant Magnus mother pissed I think silos weren't talking about that like picky peel into tree that seems a little bit written right here we go there we going see it another fourteen hundred Creek coming out for yet another kill obviously the immediate by backing out be a just has to get the hell on out of there he's trying is like you know what I'll me and fight this fan Lancer realizing that was a lot Scaasi arm three oh that's that is game GG well played is called officially this time they have a ward up there just spawning where they are and they're like oh why don't we just go hit their buildings that's exactly what trolls doing pretty good at that however Razer forces a map of MU just jumps right in sybiz about that's the exorcism press down on the mountain himself Crimson Guard pops by intamin pretty useful here actually a button where she's had enough because runs run did he get stood up but does he really care that much the RFPs but you can't select you have the bad when they kill this channel feels anyways he fight back if you leave me less so now it's a reason to stop her there's a 30 min our piece set up on top of the exorcism ghost they take out the tomb moon however he needs those heals from the exes of Naga sleep pushing them back and now they're gonna reset this perhaps to work with now and gentlemen here comes down a wall both elbow we have a troll is going to physically axes and razors death as well GG won't play oh yeah still no RP for a while Tarek Patricia you I this is huge trying to catch me who is that they managed to get to boot that's pretty busy up you slash gonna jump go to the creeps I was brutal Jo oh no that was a thousand she a big mistake by Kronos MBA Jo fight it up Jo doesn't want to fight this though all the girls wanted to thank you he has got that refresher sharp as I take him down on the night at the middle and openmp takes down gunner I could start nice thing gets canceled this time around Febby he is gonna drop a tear pin he's chasing down sleepy I want an end to this serie we hit the 50 minute mark and chief G is cope with immortals witches yeah it's nice that he got to cheer to top for a fanatic you know it opens up a lot ages in hand though see if you understand that's answer and that is different follow the NB challeng absolutely he can't be a temple so so dead already Raven Raven come out Armand also caught between five you should salon of dropping disastrous duty and see what a sleep what was he radians Middletown is the thing that like they are looking to get ot to come in but if Oda keeps positioning like this the base is saying we're never actually really gonna stop you from pushing and we just just slow it down you're gonna be school girl ethical sir eventually gonna tease it wrecks themselves if you love them it's so paranoid and eventually let me go Mickey's like okay my hand is farm I want to farm dump in the tiger found fur caught up by the powers maybe can't do anything they call in from Bob see can they do enough damaged spark at the question is to clear out the four subway the are becoming it so force improve the skill they'll find initials as point before as well Mickey look at a blink away BKB not really too much double kill Pratap Singh and the final once that is up a lot who likes cooked chicken they'll be able to get in point for the fight back but that's more or less in GG gets called a live state Papa and og they finished today winning I believe every game in fact that was in the end of when there's a hero that's popular and meta you know I I'm not always on a team is interesting he says so they did play them they open qualifiers you mentioning earlier that's a they dumped me with it as you'd expect but plus we get out here for a trips yes it's clearly they they've value would it never this performance it's hard not to but anyways Medusa don't gaze yet again as for with a skewer would it's not on the bad but you can stuff you really care gonna be stunned a little bit longer Kiana conferring finally playing down though they've all mine now damage turn this to shred through their fellow but he's still stunned fire like a start moving concoction knock us out all explodes over distance would be phenol and sports they're gonna want someone did not catch Philip everybody got to including Medusa Bilitis jumping himself villain of law and I'll buybacks are gonna be is on a couple of euros for the other three do nots so mail almost drop below half all both and Cemil and a bit of that damages from himself feels like yeah on the blade will announce table cake – euro as both teams ready to fight around the pit said can he find a chance for the RP chess on the high ground they're gonna head into the pit OG they're confident knowing Sam can sit there on the high ground right over the counter play are they getting sprouted chalice puts the making play jumps in immediately going back straightaway are they moving it with me can't be Royce yet still alive throughout this all and Thompson the slide the chain thrown across them in the killer to Japanese in the middle using himself on the flame breathe surrounding it in depends on this he'll go down as well securing of my Emperor G as only a man left alive but they chase him down my triple killer as he pies back blazes went back over into the bit secures og the teamfight and himself the ages now they have been huge up at the power Dyer's middle tower has fallen radians button