5 EASY WAYS TO GET HEALTHY + healthy recipe ideas!

5 EASY WAYS TO GET HEALTHY + healthy recipe ideas!

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DISCLAIMER – THIS IS NOT INTENDED AS MEDICAL ADVICE, AND IT IS NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE MEDICAL ADVICE. Please note that you should be in a healthy state before you decide to follow a new way of eating, or a new diet. It’s always advised that you talk to your GP, doctor or health care professional to see if a new way of eating is suitable for your personal health needs and goals. Please take special note that every women, and every person, will have different daily calorie needs for weight-loss – based on their natural body type and build, current weight, height, daily activity level and health goals. This is not a “one size fits all” way of eating.

DISCLAIMER – Please note that you should be in a fit and healthy state before you perform these workouts or use these meals/ and or advice. It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor, medical practitioner or fitness coach to see if a new exercise program is suitable for you and your personal needs.

hey guys it's these I'll Jane welcome back to my channel today I wanted to share with you five easy ways that you can get healthier because there's not been the healthiest deal for me I've been quite sick this year and I was thinking about some of the things that I've been doing to try to get healthy again like the main things and I feel like these tips are really easy tips that could be helpful for anyone who's trying to start a healthier lifestyle or just trying to be a bit healthier and I just wanted to thank laughs them for partnering with me on this video today I've been using the app for quite a long time so I'm quite excited about it but let's just get started with the video five easy ways to get healthier so the first thing that I've been doing to try to get healthier is mixing up the way that I eat vegetables this may sound really basic sometimes I just go through these phases where I don't really feel like eating vegetables who's with me and so right now I've been going through one of those phases so to try to keep things interesting and to make sure I eat vegetables I've been really trying to mix it up so something that I've been doing a lot of is even if I'm making a salad I'll throw some roasted like oven roasted vegetables into the salad mixed together with fresh vegetables to just make the salad more interesting and delicious and it really works and I've also been sneaking some greens into my breakfast smoothie some baby spinach I've showed you guys that recently I've been making soup trying to you know do some vegetables in my soup and then you know stir Fry's roasted vegetables there's so many ways that you can make vegetables so I've ready just been trying to mix things up and it's it's been helping I will say that it's been hoping I'm gonna show you a salad that I have been obsessed with it is so good I'm like suddenly obsessed with edamame just like out of nowhere so to make this edamame and worst vegetable salad I start by roasting some butternut squash in the oven I chop it into pieces do a quick little spray of coconut oil cooking spray and then season it with salt pepper some oregano and then bake it in the oven for about 30 to 40 minutes at about 360 degrees Fahrenheit 180 degrees Celsius I usually roast a bigger tray and keep it meal prepped in the fridge to add my salad then when I'm putting it together I'll start with a big handful of baby spinach with about one cup of roasted butternut squash sometimes add some chopped bell pepper to add as a nice crunch when it's raw about half a cup about one cup of charity motors which are halved and then about two baby beets at which I cut up I use steamed or roasted they should be fully cooked then 1/2 a cup of fully cooked edamame which is my newest obsession I don't know wild super random I like to use some dry roasted almonds for extra flavor and crunchiness and then I'm using about 1 tablespoon of coconut aminos which is a supposed to be a healthier version of soy sauce and about 1 TSP of olive oil then some lime juice some pepper some salt and that's a very simple and easy to make salad especially if you have the butternut squash and the beets prepared like pre-prepped which is what I do so many different vegetables in the salad but it's not boring because some are cooked some are fresh the next thing for me that I've been doing is trying to eat a little bit more low-carb now this is not something that I've done in quite a few years the reason that I've been trying to do this is that sugar can cause inflammation in the body so carbs they turn to sugar in your body so I haven't like eliminated all carbs I still eat that good whole carbs but I've just reduced the amount as well but if I do eat carbs it's things like brown rice quinoa you know really good cards that contain a lot of fiber because when you eat whole cards that have fiber with them the body digests and breaks down the food at a slower rate and unfortunately when you eat highly processed card can result in more and more inflammation in the body inflammation in the body can cause sickness and disease it can lead to that so I've been trying to produce you know my sugar intake and I've been trying to swap out my cobby starchy food and pasta for things like cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles they're so delicious and there's a lot you can do with them so that's just some things that I've been doing to like reduce my carb intake so the third thing that I've been doing goes along with the second thing that I've been doing of trying to eat less carbs I've been trying to keep track of my macros and that is your carbs your protein your fats I love carbs I love cops so much and so I have been struggling with this for the last while I don't feel like I've ever been especially good at keeping track of my macros my daily intake of them so I've been using the live sim app again to try to do this and it's really been helping I I'm just not really it's like a lot for my mind to process every single day you know keep track of so that's the main reason that I've been using it I've been using the app since last year this is from when I used at this past year at the start of the year to track and increase my protein intake and I've been using it again this year to try and track my macros you can adjust your daily intake of carbs fats protein so I lowered my carb intake and I increased my protein since that suits my diet right now so I've got the premium version of the app which allows me to keep track of my carbs fats and protein and it's really easy you add in a meal you can add in your favourite meals to the app so that you can just add them when you eat them like my morning smoothie my green protein smoothie is on the app and I've been having this every morning so all I do is add it to my food diary for that day and then the app automatically calculates all the carbs and protein intake for that meal lapsim has actually added some of my recipes to the app so that you guys can use them these are some ones that I've showed you guys recently my green protein smoothies on there my chicken broth sweet potato and vegetable soup is on there and I've added some new ones for you guys as well a recipe that I have been seriously loving right now is cauliflower rice but this cauliflower rice it's amazing this is a new recipe of mine that laughs them has just added to the app it's a very simple recipe I start by chopping up an onion I've used a purple one because it's pretty but you can use any one but I had to take a close-up shot so you can see add that to a pan with one teaspoon of oil I used avvocato Isle but you could use any good cooking oil start cooking up that on the stove until it gets a little bit caramelized then I've got a red bell pepper and an orange bell pepper both about medium sized you can use any color I like these ones red yellow orange ones are all good I chopped them up quite finely and then add them to the pan with a caramelized onion and get that cooking you can add a lid you can also add a small amount of water if it's time to get dry or burn I've got about one pound of chicken breast media I'm cutting that up into smaller pieces and adding it to the onion and pepper mix get that cooking and you could check it every now and again toss it toss it around a bit you see when you cook the onion in the peppers first and get them caramelized it makes the chicken look go like this just perfect so let the chicken cook for a few minutes I'm prepping some fresh cilantro or coriander it adds so much flavor I just chop it up roughly that I'm using one can of black beans just drain and rinse them first and then when the chicken is almost fully cooked add the rest of the ingredients the juice from one lemon or lime one teaspoon of onion powder or you can use garlic powder about 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper or as much as you like you can also leave this out salt pepper and then the chopped cilantro and also the black beans mix everything up and the final ingredient but also the most important you can add about 3 cups of cauliflower rice which is just finely diced cauliflower it kind of looks like rice if you're not using pre-prepared cauliflower rice like I am you can easily make your iron very easy you can use a food processor to blend cauliflower into finely diced little pieces and then you can add it to the pan so mix that all together and then let it cook on the stove for another few minutes this pot goes really quickly and then you can serve it this recipe serves for so what I do is I save the risk for meal prep and then you know it's easy meals throughout the week I can just heat it up I've talked mine with a little bit of fresh cilantro and that's another one of my current favorite recipes it's high in protein low in carbs there's so many vegetables in there but it doesn't really seem like it is so that's all done in the app you can see the macros break down you can see the calories you can see all the ingredients and everything and my roasted vegetable and edamame salad that I showed you guys is also on the app with a breakdown of the macros etc too so if you've got the premium version of the app like I do then you can access all of the recipes that left some is added of mine and there's also so many other recipes on there there's this huge recipe box of just so many recipes you can search things that you want if you want to eat chicken you could search chicken and then all the chicken recipes will come up if you search salad or the salad recipes will come up you can search like dairy free recipes and wheat free recipes so I'm dairy free and wheat free so that's really helpful for me as well and if you use one of the recipes on the app you can just add it to what you've eaten for that day and it just works out the app calculates all your cups fats and protein for the day so that's how you can keep track of it that's what I've been doing and then I just add them to what I eat that day and it just works it a lot it's so quick and easy you can also do a little quiz when you sign up for the app and it shows you what kind of diet can be most beneficial for you and your needs so that's really cool and then you can choose one of the plans there's so many meal plans to choose from a lot of options so you can find the one that suits you the best I'm on the classic plan so that's where you'll find my recipes in the classic meal plan section so laughs Sammy is actually going to be adding some more recipes of mine store if you get the premium version and you can like see my recipes on there which is really fun you can also search Lisl and the search part of the classic meal plan recipe section to find my recipes so when more of my recipes are added then you'll see them there I will put a link in the description box for you guys you can go check out the live Sam app and go check out the recipes that they've added of mine the fourth thing that I've been doing is pretty basic I have been trying to walk daily this might sound really basic but I feel like people myself included just don't move enough anymore and I feel like walking is something that we really should be doing if we are capable to do it so I've been trying to walk more I've been trying to walk 20 to 30 minutes even if I just go on the treadmill and I walk on the treadmill that's like better than nothing just 20 to 30 minutes and it's really been helping me to feel healthier and feel better there's so many benefits to walking obviously it improves your your mood it makes you feel happier it strengthens your immune system and your bones it helps to prevent and reduce the risk of lots of diseases there's just so many benefits so I have been trying to walk daily and I really feel like it's it's making a difference so I highly recommend it the first thing that I've been doing to try to get healthier again it's perhaps the most important on this list I've really been trying to take care of my mental health mental health is so important so many people struggle with mental health on a daily basis myself included there's so many people that struggle with feeling sad feeling depressed being anxious overwhelmed and you know it's not always this huge emotions sometimes it is but sometimes it's just this daily thing of like your mood starts to go down and then you know it just gets worse and worse and worse and it could be days go by and you just don't feel great it's okay to have a sad day and it's okay to have moments where you don't well you're not like super happy we don't have to walk around all the time being like like so happy I'm so happy that's not realistic in a sort of real life but you know sometimes when you just feel like your mood going down for no reason that's when I really just try I've been ready trying to just like think about things that I'm grateful for this may sound really silly but when I focus on things that I'm grateful for it really brings my Buddha I'm like okay think of something you're grateful for and I start to think of something and then another thing pops into my mind and then I realize that I have so much to be grateful for and I actually feel like happier so that's something that I've been trying to do you guys know that I've been doing my little mindfulness session in the morning I shared that to you guys in my whole freakin video recently I will link that below if you want to go check it out so I don't always get it right but I do try and when I feel like my mindset starts to go down that's when I really try to think of that I'm grateful for and everybody has things that they can be grateful for sometimes you just have to like think about what they are and then you realize that you do have them anyway that is all of the tips that I want to share with you guys today those I would say are the five main things that I've been doing to try to get healthy again obviously drinking water too but that's like an obvious one so I didn't include it but I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video I will link the laughs I map below if you go download it check it out – really hope that you guys did enjoy this video give it a thumbs up if you did and subscribe to my channel for more videos don't forget to turn on the post notification bowl if you want to see more from me and I'll see you guys again very soon

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