4 Healthy Leftover Chicken Recipes / 4 Recetas para Usar Pollo Seco

4 Healthy Leftover Chicken Recipes / 4 Recetas para Usar Pollo Seco

If you are not sure what to do with leftover food, we got you covered. Here are 4 creative chicken recipes. To get full Leftover Chicken Recipe click here:

Leftover Chicken recipes that we prepared in this video:
-Chicken Lasagna
-Keto Chicken Alfredo
-Spicy Peanut Butter Chicken
-Avocado Chicken Salad

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think about my leftover chicken recipes in the comments below. 🙂

Struggle Chicken video I mentioned:

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what's going on y'all and welcome back to the fit man kook Channel man can you believe we are already what one two three almost four months into the year I hope that you wrote some things down at the top of the year that you want to accomplish and you are revisiting those goals to make sure that you are on track I know how easy it is to get away from those things that I've said many things in fact one year I was going to play the guitar and that guitar is still in my closet right now collecting dust so whatever you set for yourself I want you to go back and revisit that list one housekeeping thing before we hop into the video I guess the cat is out of the bag how does that saying go well whatever though I'm proud to say that I am with touchstone books and they are an imprint of Simon & Schuster which is a huge book publishing company it's literally going to be the meal prep Bible I have set out an ideology and methodology for meal prep that has not been seen before in any cookbooks and I know that everybody is on their meal prep kick right now on social media and they want to start up doing meal prep stuff and that's great I'm still glad people are interested in it because it is very relevant you can save money that way you can lose weight so just imagine having a meal put resource now in your home with tons of recipes I even have 10 commandments of meal prep that I've put into this book plus my personal experience Plus meal plan I'm giving you all sample meal plans I've never done that before so this book is going to be incredible so I want you to mark your calendars come 2018 I know it sounds so far away but really just the way this year's going it's going to be here like tomorrow so as I'm going through this process to that my cooking skills are being refined more and more so what you're going to get in this book is literally the best of Kevin the best of fitment cook that you've never seen anywhere else so be on the lookout for that in honor of Earth Day coming up on April 22nd I want to revisit topic that I talked about last year and that is lose weight last year I did a video on 10 ways to reduce food waste in your home for this year I thought I'd do something a little bit different and that's actually talk about some recipe I settled on a food that I think that we have all been guilty of tossing out and throwing away at one point and that is struggle chicken first if you're not familiar with the term struggle chicken I want you to stop what you're doing and I want you to watch the video that I posted about two years ago on ways to avoid struggle chicken butt struggle chicken is that dry bland tasteless chicken so when you bite into it you look like I just can't do it I mean this is the eating healthy then I just I guess I just can't be healthy then so today I'm going to show you all four things you can do with struggle chicken a couple things before we get started the first one is that these are quick easy and simple hats we're just going to be tossing in a few ingredients on here and there in order to make an entirely new recipes and the second thing you should know is that I got all of the ingredients that I'm going to be using today from my neighborhood Kroger grocery store the ingredients here should be very easy to find no matter where you are and the third thing is that these are single size servings but don't get turned off by the video because you can easily scale these recipes up in order to create multiple portions particularly if you have a family all right guys if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and to declare war on spreadable chicken and then let's get started the first struggle chicken recipe we are cooking up today is a low-carb chicken lasagna the main thing here is that we're going to take the chicken we're going to blend it up in order to create a spreadable restaurant-style marinara this recipe is also easily customizable for vegetarian so swap out the chicken for a very firm tofu and blend it up with the marinara and you are good to go if I had a favorite recipe for the ones I'm going to show today it'd be this one check it out start out by slashing zucchini with the mandolin about 1/10 of an inch then immediately flip the slices on a paper towel to dry them out for about 15 to 20 minutes next place the cooked chicken breast on a food processor and pulse blend until you have a chunky yet shredded chicken mixture take the store-bought marinara and pour it over the chicken and mix everything together in a separate bowl mix together ricotta cheese with now for single servings I like to either use chromatic jars or disposable foil tin I like the glass because I can reheat it about using an oven which is important if you're at work add zucchini the ricotta mix then the chicken marinara receipt sprinkle a little reduce that mozzarella on top then cover what's boy bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 4:21 the second recipe we're cooking up today is a keto friendly chicken alfredo the main thing here is that we're going to chop up the chicken breast and then cook it up in some heavy cream and some parmesan to kind of just breathe some new life into it we're going to drastically reduce the amount of carbohydrates by swapping out the pasta for a doodle check it out first take a chicken breast stop it in two pieces after that we're going to spiralize their zucchini to create doodles and olive oil to a skillet and saute red onion and garlic once the onions are brown and translucent we're going to pour in a little heavy cream followed by grated Parmesan reduce the heat to a simmer and mix it all together soften the chicken and if desired compression basil leaves and lastly the zucchini noodles give it a quick stir then cover and cook for about three minutes in order to soften up the noodle let it cool so the soft can thicken then enjoy garnish with Parmesan pepper and a little parsley boom next we're cooking up a spicy peanut butter chicken so I take that back this one may actually be my favorite recipe for this video series the main thing here is that we're going to chop up the chicken breasts into some shell and then we're going to sprinkle on just a little bit of arrowroot starch in order to create a bread like texture around the chicken and this is going to allow our homemade peanut sauce to stick to it once we add it back to the skillet take it out in a bowl mix together low-sodium soy rice vinegar ginger tea Racha and powdered peanut butter stir it up set it aside add olive oil to a skillet then toss think of chicken breast while it heats in the skillet we're going to sprinkle on a little air we've start so the outside gets a little crisp you stir the sauce will stick then mix a little more air route starts with the sauce and for it in the skillet immediately stir it up and cook for no more than two minutes garnish with green onion and sesame seed boom finally I got a dope chicken avocado salad okay so now I was making this video I said don't make a sellout Kevin don't make a sound don't make a salad and then I made a salad but I gave this recipe to my buddy to test out and he devoured it so I do think this is worth the share so the main thing here is we're going to shred the chicken mash it up in some very tasty avocado mix that we're going to put together and then stuff that into a whole-wheat pita sandwich and if you're going to fan of bread or if you're not eating bread this recipe can stand alone truck a dry PAVA coddled to a bowl then add diced red onion cilantro cumin fresh lime sea salt and pepper mash it up with the fork then tossed and shredded chicken breast mash and mix one last time we're going to step a whole wheat pita with mixed green tomato slices and the avocado chicken salad boom you know that looks good that's it for today's video y'all I hope that you all enjoyed the struggle chicken makeover recipe ideas and I hope that they inspired you in some way to think about not talking outlook food but thinking of creative ways that you can use them in order to reduce the amount of waste remember on April 22nd it is Earth Day so I want you all to go out do something to give back to the planet that we all benefit so much from post below your own struggle chicken makeover recipe idea because we are trying to come back struggle chicken in a major way it is an epidemic rubber chicken is one of the leading causes of failed diet in the world today if you like you type of videos guys please give this a thumbs up and be sure to share with at least one friend or family member who could benefit from the content until next time I want to thank y'all for watching as always keep it healthy but of course never ever boring bye

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  3. What if i don’t have arrowroot powder or peanut powder?

  4. who the hell has powdered peanut butter laying around? lol

  5. Those last two recipes sounds soooo delicious!

  6. Love your personality.  You get me excited to cook healthy in the kitchen.  I think my favorite part though is when you say "boom" when you finish the meal.  I laugh every time.

  7. Very vibrant fellow. Thanks for the information. Hope younger men in your area are aware of your inspiration.

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  14. Where can I find those containers that you cooked the lasagna in?!

  15. I like to take my leftover chicken
    Dice it up (~1/2" cubes)
    Sautée over olive oil
    Season with garlic powder, black pepper and adobo
    Add kibble to taste
    Plate up, serve to my dog
    Grab keys
    Buy McDonalds
    Optional: ketchup
    And BOOM it's that easy. I always look forward to my leftover chicken. You're welcome.

  16. and all that cheese we all know cheese is bad for us

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  28. I made the chicken salad with avocado with a pita bread Mann my hubby loves it and his co worker said to him I'm going to pay your girl to make me some

  29. I tried two recipes so far: the avocado chicken salad and the chicken lasagna. I must say my favorite is the lasagna! The avocado chicken salad was delicious and helped out for a quick lunch for work and without having to heat it up. But I am incorporating the lasagna as a routine meal. Truth is I made chicken just to make this recipe! My only thing is after it baked, the zucchini was still on the tough side. I prepped it just like you did and cooked it for the same amount of time. Was it suppose to come out like that? I would have preferred it to be a little bit more soft. Anyway, thanks for the awesome recipes! It was great (not that I would expect less from you)!!! Keep it up!!

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