2400 Calorie Flexible Dieting Full Day of Eating!

2400 Calorie Flexible Dieting Full Day of Eating!

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Funfetti Oreo Protein Pancakes!

Link to Higher Protein Version:

Macros for the WHOLE Stack with all toppings:
98g Carbs, 17g Fat, 48g Protein!

Ingredients for Pancakes (Makes 8 Pancakes):
80g Pancake Mix
15g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein (“FDL” saves you 15%)
5g Coconut Flour
50g Egg Whites
4g Baking Powder
3g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice
10g Sprinkles
Water till consistency of Pancake Batter

Ingredients for Oreo Protein Frosting between each layer of pancakes:
8g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein
15g Black Cocoa Powder
5g Coconut Flour
3g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice
2g Vanilla Extract
45g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt

Ingredients for Protein Icing:
8g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein
2g Coconut Flour
30g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt

Other toppings:
1.5 Reduced Fat Oreos
10g Fat Free Whipped Cream

1.) Add all your dry pancake ingredients into a bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then add your egg whites to the bowl and mix in the best you can. Then add in cold water in 30ml increments until you achieve a batter like consistency. Add to freezer for 2-3 minutes to help it thicken up some more.
2.) Preheat stove top pan to medium heat (5/10). Add your pancake batter in medium sized circles on your pan. You will be able to get 8 pancakes the size of someone with large hands palm of their hand. I personally made.
3.) Once pancakes are done, let them cool a bit. And while they are cooling, make your Oreo Protein Filling by adding your dry ingredients into a bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then add your greek yogurt and mix that in the best you can. Then add your cold water 10ml at a time. Mix and repeat until you have a thick filling like consistency. Be careful not to add too much water. Do the same with your protein icing ingredients but you’ll want the icing to be a little less thick as the filling so you can add a little bit more water.
4.) Now take your pancakes, add your Oreo filling between each layer and enjoy this heavenly pancake stack!

5 Minute Pepperoni Pizza Spaghetti Squash!

Macros for the WHOLE Bowl:
38g Carbs, 6g Fat, 14g Protein!

500g Cooked Spaghetti Squash
100g Pasta Sauce
28g Light Shredded Mozzarella
8g Turkey Pepperonis
Oregano/Basil on top

Spaghetti Squash Recipe Video:

Pimped Out Rice Cakes w/ Protein Pumpkin Frosting!

Macros for all 3:
47g Carbs, 5g Fat, 21g Protein!

Ingredients for Pumpkin Frosting:
100g Pure Pumpkin
8g PEScience Gourmet Vanilla Select Protein (“FDL saves you 15%)
12g Powdered PB
2g Coconut Flour
2g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice
1g Ground Cinnamon
1g Pumpkin Spice (can always add more)
30g Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt

1.) Add your pumpkin and greek yogurt into a bowl and mix to combine. Then add your dry ingredients into another bowl and mix to help avoid clumping. Now mix together like crazy with your spoon until it is a thick frosting! Add to freezer for 5-10 minutes to help it cool and then enjoy!

Breakfast Hot Pockets!

Macros for all 3 Hot Pockets:
46g Carbs, 12g Fat, 39g Protein!

Ingredients (for 3 Hot Pockets):
1 Lavash Bread (I used Joseph’s Brand)
140g Egg Whites
21g Light Shredded Mozzarella
30g Low Fat Queso
30g Reduced Guilt Guac from Trader Joe’s

1.) Preheat oven to 450 Degrees F. Cook up your egg whites in a stove top pan (save 40g. I’ll explain later). Once those are cooked up, lay your lavash bread flat and cut into 6 equal pieces. These will be the top and bottom for 3 hot pockets.
2.) Add the leftover 40g of egg whites to a small bowl. Dip the edges of one of the lavash bread pieces into the egg whites. Then lay flat and add your your egg whites, mozzarella, queso and guac leaving at least 1/2in around the edges. Now take your top piece and dip the edges in the egg whites and then add on top. Press down the edges and then crimp shut with a fork. Repeat this process for your other two hot pockets.
3.) Now rub the rest of the egg whites on top of your hot pockets before going into the oven to help with getting these things golden brown when baking. Add to oven for 10-12 minutes or until golden and crispy on top. Then take out and enjoy!

Protein Frosty!

Macros without toppings:
173 Cals, 7g Carbs, 5g Fat, 25g Protein!

Macros with all the toppings:
107g Carbs, 11g Fat, 33g Protein!

End of the day Macros:
2,432 Cals, 336g Carbs, 51g Fat, 155g Protein!

hi friends welcome to another full day of eating episode I told you guys we're making these weekly appreciate you guys sports before you even begin thumbs up let me know what you guys want more of these I'm gonna highlight something that I'm using on a daily basis that allows me to eat more calories does not cause a lot of stress in my life helps me shed more body fat and is something that I thoroughly enjoy and I'm gonna highlight that later on in the video but it might sound too good to be true but it is something that every single one of you can implement and use on a daily basis but on my story I put out the ask me a question I told everybody hey ask me a question I want to answer them throughout my full day of eating episode and Christian asked me what was your fondest childhood memory and I remember I was like 7 years old and I was in the backyard and there was a frog like jumping around and I took a bucket like a little pail and I threw it and I hit the Frog my dad runs up to me he's like what did that frog ever do to you that frog was probably on the way back to feed his kids and his family and you took that away from him on that frog got a lot of other things going on I didn't deserve to do that to him and that that's just not right and so gave me a moral compass and have to thank my dad for that so that is the answer the first question of my once a fondness but it was one that helped shape the rest of my life we're making some protein pancakes I'm making the Oreo frosting that's gonna go in between each layer and so one thing I've noticed is pairing some sea salt with anything that's kind of naturally very bitter so like using black cocoa powder is very bitter and so if you want to bring out the flavor of something adding a sea salt to it helps balance it out so if you want something sweet but adding a little bit of sea salt I'm telling you guys takes it to the next level so I've been doing that with my oatmeal I've been doing that with everything lately and it's been so good just a little pinch it goes a long way this happens every time so super gentle what we have here are eight protein pancakes I have the recipe in the description but also my funfetti protein pancake recipe also that is I mean people are loving it's so good hey pancakes with a protein Oreo frosting on there and a cheesecake frosting drizzle so you might be thinking Zac what is this thing that allows you to eat more calories helps with recovery and it's the focus of this video well there's something called non-exercise activity thermogenesis aka do you live an active lifestyle few things that I could do sitting I'll actually do standing or walking to burn extra calories during the day so for example it is 12:30 then I've taken 6,200 steps and my goal every day is between 12 and 15 thousand steps what I'm doing right now is I don't keep water in my house I don't have a water purifier but all around my apartment area the gyms have purified water so I live on the third floor I walked every single time I need to get water and filled this up I walk to the gym and that adds up to maybe a couple extra thousand steps every single day just by doing that so I'll highlight later on the video other ways that I do it one of them is my standing work desk by standing instead of sitting you burn a lot of extra calories as well so there's many other strategies this is being aware of it and you can burn an extra thousand of 2,000 calories on a daily basis just by living an active lifestyle and making small changes and then you don't have to do cardio so another way to sneak in meat throughout your day is in between sets on your work not sopa but right now I'm taking like three or four laps around this smaller gym and what I found is if I do that in between sets while I'm working out whether I'm here on another gym I can accumulate between three and four thousand extra steps that I wouldn't have gotten I was just sitting on my phone so it's just substituting movement activities instead of just sitting and thinking about your whole day like how can i integrate things like that so I can be on my phone in between sets but I'm walking so think about that leg day is done on beat we tried to knock that out like a little over an hour which he did so started with five sets of ten front squats really mastering some technique throw them back in my barbell squats and back squat clean squat so everything's five sets of ten real 60 to 70 percent not being crazy focusing on short rest periods about a minute thirty focusing on movement they move on to four sets of twelve Vulgarian split squats everything is movement based in the sense of we want quality of movement not pushing too much weight does sack pushing enough weight that doesn't sacrifice quality so then after that we did that one that you're gonna see as the time lapse is four sets of fifteen with sixty five pound dumbbells who've already else so I can usually do hundreds pretty easily for our deals and the gym the apartment gym only at sixty five so I wanted to create a stimulus that was really hard with the sixty five so what I did was I did the sixty five for fifteen put him down and it was like a 45 second rest was two laps from the gym hit another set until and then repeat until we did four sets and then three sets of twenty superset it back and forth see the hamstring curl in leg extension so let me know in the comments below if you guys want more workouts like that full descriptions everything like that I'll make it happen please give the video a thumbs up right now what we're about to do is I'm gonna try and within 5 minutes make a ballin meal you guys wanted more meal prep stuff so this is already meal prep and I'm gonna take it in the five minutes into a fall five minutes ball on the meal like that so good we got a full tutorial on YouTube literally the video is like four minutes long this is a lot this is 500 grams try having 500 grams of regular pasta and see what that does for your carts what we got here is some protein pumpkin frosting on top of some rice cakes little whipped creams pumpkin spice on there super excited so good super good stuff so come on track I put the macros for all three with all toppings on the screen one thing I wanted to cover right now is okay how do we implement meat even more into our lives like how do we move more while not sacrificing time in order to do cardio like how do you take your life and then form it into more of an active lifestyle so always taking stairs never take the elevator like make it a point in your head that like people like me do things like this I am somebody who takes the stairs 100% but that's who you are that's what you do if you have groceries you take the stairs you have anything you take the stairs you always take the stairs and that adds up over time your needs gonna go through the roof and that's an easy way for you to not change your whole life around but you're just substituting things into your day and you're going about in you're burning more calories that way unless you can eat more food that's the chances of you not getting a crazy amount of body fat is that much lower if you happen to eat a little bit more calories so neat is such a huge thing so for example I want to got my hair cut I walk to get my hair done I want to come back I walked around whenever I was doing my workout I went on my morning walk this morning when I walked 5000 steps before I start my day I wake up a little bit earlier to do that the little things the little choices of how do I take my day that's already formulated and just add in activity that were substituted in activity that's the better point how do I substitute in activity that doesn't really change anything it's instead of you sitting or doing something sedentary you're doing something active like walking instead yeah that's how simple it is like and thus you'll be able to eat so much more calories it's like the studies have shown that it can vary up to a thousand to 2,000 extra calories a day if you just live in active lifestyle so it's huge it's a huge thing so my challenge to you guys is start to choose to substitute inactive things instead of being sedentary and you're gonna be amazed at how far you can come in and later on the video I'm gonna highlight something that I use on a daily basis that allows me to burn a little bit more extra calories and it's something that all of you guys should think about having what I'm gonna enjoy these that we're gonna have dinner like that but hope you guys are enjoying the video that's for remember thumbs up lets me know that you guys want more recipes like this more full day beatings and I mean it's work for us to be able to do this but we're gonna make it happen because we appreciate you guys dinner is now served you guys saw we have a whole bunch of veggie noodles zucchini cucumber and yellow squash on top of some lettuce and then we have some mushrooms so Racha yellow mustard in there and then we have three of these breakfast Hot Pockets egg whites guacamole some light shredded mozzarella and some low-fat case oh yes man and then using only one of the just love this bread cutting it into six pieces and yeah I mean literally you put anything inside of these but yeah is such a game-changer definitely give those ago right now we are currently 220 230 grams of carbs so I've about 100 grams of carbs left tonight a little bit of salt on our proteins solid amount of fat so one thing I love to do is use a standing work desk I use it throughout the whole day especially when I'm trying to stand so the beauty of this this is an anthro desk amazing company we will highlight them shows so they're amazing company that makes this technology to where you're able to go from sitting to standing just like that so we have these controls right over here that if I want to bring it down throw up right and then so I would bring over my chair I would sit right here and I would work and so I am able to program a setting that is perfect for me standing so what I do is press m1 no hands it's gonna go to 108 and so that is my perfect workstation right here so like I said I'm still working I'm just standing instead of sitting that increases my neat I'm living a more active lifestyle and does something able to burn more calories that way and that's the beauty of it guys just don't change your life around to move more how about you just keep the same life and just substitute movement instead of sitting and 7:00 p.m. and I've hit about almost 12,000 steps without even really trying that hard I just live an active lifestyle and I don't use an excuse oh oh I'm gonna sit oh I'm going to take my car when it's like a couple hundred yards away and I'm not scared to take the stairs I'm not scary move like move we're human beings and so after dinner I'm gonna go for a little bit of walk to help the digestion plan on my day tomorrow and I'll cap it out and I'll head around 15,000 steps look at your day and look at where can I substitute in more movement instead of sitting and what can I do while I'm walking or standing that I could do while I was sitting some people are tied to a desktop and they have to have that but a lot of people can work from their phone I mentioned earlier about how towards the later stages of my cut how I was able to get so much leaner without doing crazy amounts of cardio it was because what I was doing was light activity like walking that allowed my body to de-stress it was a de-stressor for my body when I was in the stress State which is a deficit when you're eating less calories new training hard so the Stairmaster and any type of running was so stressful on my body that had added another stressor my body just wanted to hold on to so much body fat what I did was I used low stress things like walking and I just up that a little bit even what happened my body just shedded it just like baths and it was amazing it's not something magical I was just listening to my body in giving it a different stimulus that let it know that it's okay to lose some body fat it's okay to not hold on to this it's okay to not hold on to this water and it lowered my stress and what happened I look the best that I really have ever looked so that's something to think about as well thank her dude well stop dude what's up what is that currently on that walk with my main man Steve so if you guys didn't know Steve is my right-hand man with FTO talking game playing with him recapping the dicks I haven't seen him much today you guys saw Baker dude his dog King Cavalier I'm looking to get one myself the one thing we're talking about right now is football season is back everybody on the west coast guys there's a football starting at 10:00 a.m. that is insane I used to live on the East Coast but we start at 1:00 p.m. but then Monday Night Football when it starts like 9:00 p.m. and to watch the little game you'd have to watch till midnight so I'm originally from New England but I've lived in Florida much most of my life in your Jacksonville I pulled for the Jaguars I'm a huge New England sports fan so guys don't hate me but I'm a New England and Jaguars what is your favorite hi my friends ending the night as you guys saw with the protein frosty now one of my most famous recipes because the beauty of it is this whole thing like you see the frosting here it only has 7 grams of carbs so what I can do is take three servings of my favorite cereal which is about 75 grams of carbs and then two servings of this pup cam it cereal and add that on top and just crush this like it's the best bowl of cereal and ice cream ever I'm gonna finish this that's gonna wrap things up hope you got enjoyed we went a little bit above on protein honey bit under on carbs a little bit alright right up we nailed the fat we picked three winners the last three full day beatings thank you everybody use enter now we're gonna do comment below what your favorite breakfast cereal is you want to know what my favorite is right now this right here this birthday cake remix is redonkulous so that's my favorite make sure to enter below let me know I'm gonna pick a winner by the time the next full day of eating comes out and so the winner of the contest is gonna be winning a copy of the FDA book of recipes 5.0 my best-selling recipe book with this frosty recipe in there so make sure to enter below please give the video a thumbs I'll be subscribe remember in the description below we have all the recipes for everything we've had today and yeah so thank you guys so much for watching god bless and I'll see you guys skin I care about you

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