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what's up guys the Panthers here and welcome back to a UCL pack opening because I don't necessarily want to spend too many points not points coins on these you cos I built 20 packs to start with hopefully we're gonna be able to build one or two packs with these any 84 and 85 s are gonna be very welcome to get the 83 into squads they're coming in right now about on Xbox almost a hundred thousand coins and for me it kind of makes it not really all that worth it and the reason being is is just typical with the way this game has been for this year the reason why I don't find it to be worth is because a the number of cards that are worth more than 100,000 coins anyway isn't really that much right and obviously along with that your whatever card you get is going to be untradable and so just you can either use it or you can't use it and that's pretty much here what a great pack number two even if you get a card that's worth more than a hundred thousand coins there are still very limited amounts of cards that are super usable and so when you look at who's available when and you know what you can really get out of this although in the earlier ons video or yesterday's video I don't it depends what time I upload this video I was like pretty pumped about this this this hack and these cards when we look at the cards available so there's the man of the match cards 98 messi would obviously be amazing to get that an 84 yes it is Felipe that's really nice eighty-eight Vertonghen is one of those cards that might be worth more than a hundred thousand coins no one cares about eighty eight Leroy Sano might be quite good eighty eight Manny also might be quite good but I also feel like at this stage in the game that's two cards that you kind of like if you're a even a semi hardcore player that's another 84 that's nice even if you were like a semi hardcore player you already have better options than these guys Maria de Maria and zan iolo obviously nobody's really interested in those then we go to the others of course the not the live items well this team in a group stage 95 Messi 94 Neymar obviously everyone would love those we're getting a walkout come on just the highest rated give me a goalkeeper giving a 90 rate goalkeeper or something like that it's Matic 87 I'll take it that's good for links as well with Juan Mata we're gonna be easily able to it be able to like farm or craft one of these pads now which is decent Lewandowski not really interested in him personally all Lovering as well but the hair is a good one to get Coulibaly again one of those ones were I'm personally like near whatever Hummels whatever reason would be quite nice Eriksson yeah whatever dibala would be quite nice that another 84 let's go we're getting Premier League 18 falls here Gareth Bale would be nice racket it yeah doggy Alba yeah there's so many quality left backs in the game then an untried way overrated Jordi Alba is probably not priority for a lot of people and danovich Vecchio and Jaco may be fakirs a decent guard but again there's just so many good alternatives so even out the even the group stage realistically I think Messi Neymar the hair Griezmann by baller bail there's like six there the odds are be like yeah give me those cards and then obviously for the live items now there's a few live items but are no longer in the Champions League Phillip Poulos hitch and chairs farman they're up they're pointless tagliafico they're still there Oh expert me back here another fakir called that's there but is that another 83 yes we're hitting up we're gonna be able to build at least one really easily with these cards which is nice but there are some nice cards in there that I would love to get Virgil van Dijk being one of those Suarez agüero Griezmann obviously bearing in mind that some of these live items are still live so Luis Suarez 94 picking him up as massive because he's potentially could go to a 95 96 or even a 97 so Suarez agüero Griezmann again the live version of Griezmann Vonnie no no longer live so I will really personally care about him Van Dyck nice sterling yes Oh Big Eight for farming in there let's go Davis and Sanchez would be nice Abbi Nia would be nice or ei would be okay you know whispers actually a strong right now with the one-nil wimp I'm sorry air could be quite good so there's there's like a few cards like a lot of cards that are nice to get but there are so many you know there were so many where I'm just like that if you get that either a he's never getting in your team or B he's worth less than 100k but you could have just bought him as a tradable card and you would have been fine Oh what I would say for this SBC whether you're a hardcore player or that's another 83 which is nice or whether you're a casual player whether you're a paid to win player or anything in between I would say do one or two of these packs and not much more than that because if you're gonna get lucky you're gonna get lucky but if you start throwing half a million into this trying to hit that Suarez just silly there's another Premier League there we're gonna women we have to put together a Premier League score quite comfortably here um with the 84 that we've got the 87 as well yeah we're gonna be in a good spot but yeah I wouldn't like like a sale on first glance it's this SBC was great and if EA gave us the fact that it's only there for three days right it's there till Saturday evening if EA gave us a way to really grind this brilliant if the you co upgrade for the two players that's another 84 very nice right now that's 8,000 coins for one of these packs now someone like Doki he's well over eight thousand coins so it is actually a pretty good bargain right what he's what he sees a Z man that's crazy he's 25k for an 84 bit you kidding me though I obviously made money but like an 84 card that's not that blue card isn't worth 25k it's just the blue cards because of how rare they're on the market if EA made the you co upgrade grind a little safer that's another 84 that's fine a little little safer like 5k or 4k instead of 8k you know how they did would be 81 to 86 rate a pack where it was seven golds and four bronzes they gave us that one of these packs seven rare golds of all bronzes now all of a sudden people whom grind and they can only grind for three days who cares if they're able to get two or three out of these from grinding that's fine but because they're so expensive you know eight to nine K a pack if you open ten of these you're gonna get twenty players if in that twenty players you don't get enough the craft one of the UCR premium upgrade packs you essentially would have been better off just buying the players for the you co upgrade pack and then just going from there you know so I think I love this kind of content personally I just wish it was a little more accessible and and I don't want them to make it so cheap to the point where everyone can just do unlimited of these for next to no cause that's not really what I'm looking for that's an 85 less gold man I'm not necessarily you know expecting a tuile at all well here it is a thousand coins a time happy days that's not one looking for just if this SBC and I no ei don't dictate the market and the market is dictated by the people that buy and sell off the market but this UCI premium upgrade was closer to sixty thousand coins and the the other upgrades was closer to four or five thousand coins I think the community would have been like wow EA this is amazing you know and the way they could have done that is for the use of your premium it could quite simply have just made you put in seven you CL common or rare cards and for gold cards and the reason why that would have been beneficial is because then you could buy the 84 85 86 is as common Gold's or gold cards in general and then got away with using the lower you know like an 80 rated you co upgrade it would have just been in my personal opinion a little bit of a better mix now as you can see the drop rate of these not great we have got a good amount of 84 and 85 in general one walk out from 20 of these packs and it wasn't a higher level walkout either in fact it was a very low level walkout it was in 87 it is however going to allow me to build one or two of these so I'm gonna go and build a couple and I will be right back all right I was so amazingly we did manage to build two packs from those 20 player packs so in essence I built 20 of them so I got 40 players so I spent about according to bin about 180,000 coins so as long as I get over 180,000 coins worth of players we're in the profit I hope we can hit something big and make this worthwhile vanish left back Jordi Alba now that's one of those ones I was talking about this it's a good card because it's a good card but that's all it is it's only a good card it's not the worst one we could have got he definitely has some value 120,000 coins excuse me so we're quite good in terms of going to make our money back we only need a 60k card for the second card to get money's worth in terms of if we were to buy these but of course if you buy them you can sell them again and he's untrainable for me now but that's not the worst it's just not what we're looking for here we go with another one the UCL premium player pack number two I might do another 20 upgrade packs and go for another cycle what do we get here French ham Beck here isn't it and again it's a tough one because not a bad card it's just not a great card like in today's current meta of how this game is played it cures Waveline in fact it's not even 60 K and that's the worry right this is a 40k card that we picked up we start we've put quite quite nice stats in in all fairness but not really enough so I'm gonna go and build 20 more of those other packs and I'll be right back alright guys so I've built 10 more of the two-player packs and I managed to squeeze one more of the upgrade the big packs out from what I had in the club so from these 20 players that we get here I kind of want to be able to build another one so that we could do for today so all 84 and 85 are very welcome that's not bad is that an 84 it does it takes it yeah that is delict is a good start I've also got I think I've got Lizano 83 as well so that's a really good start a nice eighty four eighty to kick things off of course at the time recording this video I acts are currently playing you've enter still no nil we're still in the early days eight minutes in the game but yeah any 83 84 and hopefully from similar leagues oh wait what Ashford's down another 83 okay that we've got right off about 184 and 183 we only need now with the 184 we only need like Devon more 83s but I need chemistry that chemistry is the killer though Premier League and Dutch league players are brilliant for me right now Brazilian Stentor back that's another 84 isn't it alright we're good for rating now yay I just need dumb links dumb links would be very good Rojo is a good start now with Manchester ISO we could put him at left back rash with it left mid and get some good some good links there next pack coming in once or more 83 84 85 some more Premier League a twos would be good as well German right wait what oh wait is that an 83 I think I'm I don't know it's an 81 isn't it he's dead to us we don't need him we don't want him unless we get like and now he's dead to us he's a judoka he's definitely he's not part of what we want so here we move on to the next one come on give me one walk our that's distended if we don't get a walk out from this 10 that's gonna be from these pads one walk out from 30 so we get ourselves amber everything I'm red hey I'm gonna now and if I don't get some more a threes and fours and specifically from Prem we're gonna struggle to build another pack here I need something I need something from you ei come on give me with the big 85 vanish good start right metric why matter again yes let's go because we can now put him a striker on seven chem we can convert him up that's good that's real old Devo Cory G as well another premier league player no he's not high rated but we've now got what 384 s and an 83 to put into this so that's all walk out come on this is gonna be all rain this is gonna be great for us come on be a big walk out nice and high rated Elgin then amid wait who dad quit cell alright 86 rave that's brilliant we could put him at cam or eg a striker that's some good chemistry for us already 86 rated allows us the luxury of using super low rated cards as well so we've got enough odds are that's our second walk out Malcolm see if these packs come on more Premier League players any prims will do vanish right back around Madrid is that cava hell oh no Sola although it's off links to wine matter we're starting to build something here guys I'm starting to put the chemistry together in my head here this isn't bad at all this isn't bad so two more picks to go I really hope I can build this team on these players I don't know I've got some more other cards in my club already that I can use fer for chem who's that hack oh he's so low rated Ola rated man I could put him at right midden and Witsell what right cam lessons okay and 82 rated in there as well that's not bad a last UCL 2 player pack then I'm gonna go fit together a team here could we end with a walkout no so to walk out from dirty Pat's there guys but as long as it gets us one more of the other packs I'm fine and we're gonna end with paused or not high enough rated so I'm gonna go and try and put these packs together my dudes and I will be right well how about that guys I managed to do it with everyone that we got and just one player that had in the club with this guy here so Joe Oliveira the lesson delict used vaat for used rocker and rash flow down the left-hand side whitson or eg Llorente and fine matter linking to audrey Azolla down in that right hand side that's really really good so here we go two more these packs let's hope for some good things I might end off today's video with six more and just going by them you know 90k apiece then six hundred thousand coins see what we think out of it maybe we get something amazing maybe we don't if we hit something big out of these I won't do six more if you don't hear big card or do six more so let's see what purple wait what the purple is just a live item French yeah this is life back here isn't it so this is the second fekir that we've got it is the live item but of course Leon are no longer in the Champions League and so even though he's worth a little bit more than the other fekir cards don't be untradable da man whatever dude whatever won't give me like you're gonna give me French like that give me like Griezmann or something or I'll come on the last one for now purple again so it's another live item this is great French in the back in Pemba a that's not bad I once again I know PSG arm in Champions League anymore so he's not gonna get upgraded but he's not a terrible cards it's actually a really nice card he's worth a lot of coins 140 kaor so for Kim Penn Bay a quality quality center back to put an anchor on him it's really really strong as a centre-back really really usable so I'm quite happy with Kim Penn Bay in there guys that's not enough for me though so I'm gonna go and build six more of those I will be right all right guys so I've got six more packs for the end of this video six UCR premium players I hope we can get mostly mostly the live item so the pink flare is the one that we want if we could hit one of the big ones see this is the blue flare it's this one kind of like doesn't really interest me too much elgyn yes it's Vertonghen it's literally one of the worst that we could possibly have got 88 rating Vertonghen it's not the one so we've obviously picked up already a couple of okay cards nothing major that Jordi Alba was nice we were five more here to end off this video another walk out I think there's one non walk out tagliafico but then he's 84 aid its again then is this is team in a group says Oh Spanish is truly Alber again I already discarded him once I'm gonna have to discard him again because I just don't care man I just don't care I can't be bothered to go by him just to have an 88 rated on the bench on the trade pole I don't have the time for that so we're gonna throw him how we got him twice and Felipe Luiz twice another blue I want the purple flare who's that what is that racket it's that's not bad that's an 88 that I might already have actually I might already have him I don't thank God for that so no duplicate here only like an 80 K card anyway but at least it's something we didn't already have we're getting the Barcelona guys in a lot so if we get luis suarez and Leonel messi to finish off the Barcelona players that would be amazing come on a hit with a purple flag yes live item come on be a good one oh come on man you know our principal our principal wait is he tradable the other one yes I was gonna discard him if it was a Jew pecarn tradable it's our principal but here we had a trade one so we're okay two to go give me the purple again come on give me a big live item yay give me a live item they're still in the game here we go another purple this is good Argentina oh it's tagliafico although they did well today is did well they won one with the Ventus after the first leg but that's not too bad I don't think Messi has a live item does he that's a good card man his team of the season is gonna be brilliant he's cheap man these have not been worth it guys we have we've taken massive massive losses so this is our 10th pack and we here on our last pack a massive player it's another purple come on show me the uruguay flag england am is that good that's not good is it because man united aren't gonna be barcelona if it was sterling I would have been quite happy with that but because it's Jessie Ling gods I mean he's worth a fair bit 180 or so not bad he's definitely the most expensive one we packed manly night aren't making it further man so that's the end for him and that guy is gonna be the end of the video if you did enjoy the shortening the right rate and comment and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and now guys I'm out booth

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